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Hi, this is Kat with and now if you're familiar with the stays on ink you're probably more familiar with this particular ink pad where it comes and the ink is already on the pad but with the opaque it's gonna be a little bit different so what you're going to receive is you're going to receive this two-part pack and it's gonna have your pad and your ink er so let me just go ahead and open this up and here is what its gonna look like you're gonna have that same protective cover and you're gonna have a little spreader just like this and it's gonna have that protective shield like I just said so what you're gonna do and you can see that I've actually already tested this one so you're just gonna take your ink and just place a little bit onto the pad probably just as much as you think you're gonna be using usually a couple of good drops is all you need and you can always add more so you don't want it to dry out so you just take your little spreader and you just kind of spread it over the pad and you'll start to see it absorb into the pad just like so I'm gonna set that aside so now I have a paper craft gift bag and just a little scrap of cardboard that I'm gonna slip inside there because I don't want it to seep through I have a really fun little stamp here and all I'm gonna do is get that ink on there and stamp away so you can make really fun craft gift bags just personalizing it with stamps and you'll see as long as you just keep checking you'll see when your ink has run out where you need to add a little bit more to your pad but if you are all set and done just go ahead and cover that back up with that protective shield place your little scraper in there and close it up and you'll have fresh ink every time you use it because you'll keep your ink ER and there's actually quite a lot of ink in here so you'll get a lot of use out of it so you can make really fun little gift bags here's one I did featuring the other color the teal blue so just really nice and fun and you can do the white ones and make all kinds of interesting little designs for yourself now before I leave you I just want to show you really really quick how did you use these stays on stamp cleaner and this is something that you're gonna want to do especially when you're using white I do recommend and this is just a personal thing this is not a manufacturer thing by any means I do recommend using one stamp for your whites and that's just so that you don't have any bleed and so that you don't ruin your stamp pad that should be all one color but if you get to that stamp cleaner right away you can see it comes right off so that's really nice so you can keep your stamps nice and fresh and just keep blotting that off it does take a couple minutes here so I'm gonna leave you but just keep blotting it off and you'll have a nice fresh stamp every time I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more at you

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