How to Use Eurotool's Two Hole Metal Punch Tool

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Designer: Julie Bean
This Two-Hole Metal Punch from Eurotool is precise and easy to use. Made of tool steel, each punch is tempered for making precision holes in soft metal up to 24 gauge. Can be used for plastic and other materials as well. Two different hole sizes, 1.6mm (1/16') and 2.30mm (3/32') can be made with this metal punch. Screw action makes holes without deforming metal.
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Thanks for joining us here at Today I wanna show you very handy tool when you're working with metal stamping blank or sheet metal. This is a metal two hole metal punch. You see it actually has two sides to it and two different sized hole. One is one sixteen millimeter thick which is the same as one-sixteenth of an inch and the second one is 2.3 millimeters which is three thirty seconds of an inch. Very simple mechanism. You're essentially just twisting the handle. Just rotating it and it's just going to punch right for your metal. It really doesn't take any pressure at all. So what I want to show you is how to do it. It's quite simple. You can take a metal stamping or a piece of sheet metal. This one has one hole in it already and I want a second hole where I can dangle something off of it. Figure out where I want my hole to be and make a mark with a sharpie pen. I'm going to want this to be a larger hole. So I'm going to line up this within my punch. I'm not going to be really use much pressure at all. I'm just going to twist it. Just as easy as that it punched right through. Here's a larger size hole and there is a smaller size hole. Another advantage to the metal two hole punch is that it easily cuts through an arte metal blank which if you've worked with arte metal before you know it's quite strong and durable because of it's high iron content and that can make it difficult to punch through with hand held punches. That's really all there is to it. Enjoy your new metal punch. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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