How to Use Eurotool's Parallel Hole Punch Pliers

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Designer: Chris Bellomo
In this Beadaholique video, Chris demonstrate how to use the Parallel Hole Punch Pliers developed by EUROTOOL™. Exactly what you need to easily add a hole to a stamping, metal blank or sheet stock. These hole punch pliers will give the user leverage and assurance that the pin goes straight through the hole every time for a clean shearing action. Will create a clean 1.5mm hole without rough edges or burs in sheet metal stock up to 18 gauge. Pins are replaceable, so when worn, they can be easily changed for a clean cut every time. Replacement pins are sold separately.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
I'd like to introduce the EuroTool Parallel Hole Punch Pliers for sheet metal and metal blanks today. This tool has a 1.5 millimeter punch and it is replaceable. It screws in. They do wear out over time so you'll need to do that. As you can see it's a durable tool and the idea behind it is that the punch comes down exactly ninety degrees to the punch surface so you get a very accurate hole punch. No burrs or rough edges at all as you punch through. I'll demonstrate this but before I just want to mention very briefly to always wear protective eye wear when you're punching. These blanks tend to fly out of the bottom of the punch and it's a good idea to guard your eyes as you're punching. I wear glasses. Either way something over your eyes is a good idea. Now this is an eighteen-inch copper blank and recommended two eighteen gauge. I'll hold this with the nylon tip plier, so you can see a little bit better. You just bring the tool into exactly where you want the hole punch and punch down on it. It really punches easily. And there you have it. The EuroTool Parallel Hole Punch Pliers for sheet metal and metal blanks. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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