How to Use Eurotool's Power Punch Pliers

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Designer: Chris Bellomo
In this Beadaholique video we demonstrate how to use the Eurotool Power Punch pliers and how easily this amazingly powerful metal hole punch can be changed to different sizes. We also show how cast off 'holes' can be used as jewelry components.
Audio Transcript
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We're demonstrating the EuroTool Power Punch today. This is a heavy duty tool used to punch through all kinds of soft metals up to sixteen gauge. The tool kit comes with seven punches and seven corresponding dies in sizes from three thirty seconds through nine thirty seconds. This tool is set up and ready to demonstrate so let's do that now. I have a piece of copper sheeting here. Set it between the jaws of the tool and just draw down on it. Punches very easily and I remove the piece. And you can see we've been using this a little bit today. I'll now show you how to change the punches and the dies. It's very easy. Unscrew one piece here. Remove the punch. Exchange it for another size. Screw it back in. And then change the the di as well. Screws back in easily and you're ready to continue. And it has a depth gauge here as well and that's used and it's adjustable so you could punch anywhere accurately on your piece. We're been using this quite a bit in the workshop here at Here's your nine thirty second size. After you punch through your pendant or whatever material you want to use, these are the cast offs but you can actually use these as jewelry components. You can punch through here with the three thirty seconds size and use these as pilots. The idea is that you don't have to throw these pieces away. So that's it. Very easy to use. Great heavy duty tool. Really useful. The EuroTool Power Punch. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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