How to Use Eurotool's Europunch Pliers

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Designer: Chris Bellomo
In this Beadaholique video we demonstrate how to use the EuroPunch Pliers developed by EUROTOOL&8482;. These newly designed hole punch pliers will punch copper or silver as thick as 18 gauge. Exactly what you need to easily add a hole to that stamping, metal blank or sheet stock. The pliers have ergonomic handles and are made of thick carbon steel. One (1) replacement pin included. When worn, the pin can easily be changed for a clean cut every time.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
I'd like to introduce the Eurotool EuroPunch Punch Pliers for sheet metal and for metal blanks that we've gotten in. We have four new tools. This is the 1.25 millimeter round hole tool. We have a 1.8 millimeter round hole, a 1.7 millimeter oval hole and 1.5 millimeter square hole. All can be used for decorative work. These come with a replacement punch. Comes right in the packaging. We also sell replacement punches in sets of five as you need. Very easy to replace these by the way, they just screw off at the top. Very durable tool, ergonomic handle. Very smooth to operate and a carbon steel base. Let me demonstrate how this is used. Before I do though let me just mention. It's a good idea always to wear protective eye wear when you're doing anything with especially punch tools but when you're making jewelry generally but because you're using a punch tool in this case and the blanks tend to fly out of the bottom. A very good idea to guard your eyes and to where something like eye glasses or some kind of protective wear, always a good idea. So let me just take this punch right here. I got a copper blank that's a actually in this case this is sixteen gauge. A little heavier than that is recommended but I just wanted you to see that these work really very well. I'll hold it with a nylon pliers and just punch through here like so. See that blank just popped out of the bottom there and just remove the tool. Punches really quite easily. Makes a nice smooth punch. No burrs and it's very easy to use. Great for making all kinds of connectors. You can make your own this way, you can put your jump rings through it. You can certainly make a all kinds of pendants and dangle things from the bottom as well by using this tool. So very handy tool to use. We use it quite a bit here at and we hope you enjoy using the Eurotool EuroPunch Punch Pliers Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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