How to Use the EuroTool Center Locator Tool

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to quickly and easily be able to find the center of a stamping blank using the EuroTool Center Locator Tool. Fast and easy to use, this tool is great for anyone who likes to work with stamping blanks.
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Hi, this is Julie with to so this is what it looks like it's a piece of acrylic and it's got two sides to it one which has a 90 degree angle marker right here and one that has a 60 degree it's a little harder to show but it goes right here like so and what this tool allows you to do is really quickly and easily find the exact center of various size stamping blanks in round square hexagon and octagon so I have a round one here and a square one here I'm going to show you how to use it so for the square one you're gonna want to use the 90-degree flange and you're gonna place your stamping blank right into the corner so is snug against the edge you're going to turn it over and you're going to draw a line right from one side to the next right on the stamping blank now I'm using a mechanical pencil I actually really preferred for this for a couple of reasons one it's got a really sharp narrow tip so that's going to allow me to draw that line really close against the edge I wouldn't want to use something like you wouldn't use a like a sharpie marker but let's just use that as an example it has a really thick tip what that's going to do is when you put that against the line here this plastic piece is going to push your line outward a little bit whereas I want a line to be drawn right up against the edge also I find when I do this type of work and I'm drawing a line on the blank that I'm going to want to eventually get rid of I find it really easy to remove the mark I leave with a mechanical pencil because it's very light I can just rub it off with my fingers so we drew one line now we want to find the center so we're going to take that same piece and rotate it so you can see my original line and now we're just going to draw a second line and this again is snug against the edge so in this instance X truly does mark the spot and that there is our exact center so now I want to show you how to do it on a round so on the round you have an option of using either than 90 degree angle slot or the 60 degree angle so I'm going to do it in the 60 degree just so you can see how it works now if you're looking just for the center it doesn't matter where your hole is because we're just looking for that Center mark go ahead make your line now we're going to rotate it make another line and we have found our Center in this case too now I want to go one more step here and punch this just so you can see that we did find our Center so I have a little metal punch kit here this is by impress art we have it available on as well and it's a nice little set that comes with the block the hammer and the punches so I'm just gonna use this little asterisks punch and I'm going to do it right in the center there we go so that is the center of our stamping blank now you might want to find the Center for a variety of reasons you might want to just put one little punch in the center you might want to hold punch the Center for a different project maybe your riveting items together you may also be wanting to do a saying where you want to find the center of your blank and then be able to Center your lettering on your blank so that might be another reason why you're going to want to use this tool it's very easy to use it's very quick again the tip of the mechanical pencil is something you might want to keep in mind if you're going to be doing a lot of these you can use a regular pencil and then let me just show you real quick - I can just remove this line by rubbing it and it's just going to disappear there you go so that is the eurotool Center locator tool you

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