How to Use EasyMold and FastCast to Replicate Found Objects.

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will learn from start to finish how to create a blanket-type mold using EasyMold silicone paste. Additionally, you will see how to use FastCast resin with EasyMold to create duplicate images of natural objects. Once dry, these urethane pieces can be drilled, sanded, carved, stained, painted or otherwise incorporated into art and jewelry projects. For this type of project, you will also need a paint brush, popsicle sticks, drop sheet or newspaper, disposable measuring cups, gloves, packing tape, cotton balls, and your choice of found objects.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique I'll be showing you how to use Caston crafts easy mold silicone paste with fast cast urethane casting resin now I've chosen some found objects here while natural objects a sea urchin which is a great idea to cast because it's so fragile otherwise that this way once once it's hard and dry you can actually drill this stuff so what I did was put a piece of tape down in that hole and then stuffed cotton so the tape would stay and that's going to help with our casting I've also got shell rose quartz leaf and a natural quartz sphere here are a couple that we have experimented with for jewelry purposes making duplicates of some of our pieces here at the studio and this is this is how it ends up kind of looking and a real thin piece was an experiment it's a bit maybe a bit thin so I wanted to show you what the result would be if you try to do a very narrow cast like that alright so the product comes in two different sizes there's a half pound size of the easy mold and a one pound size of the easy mold then there's an 8 ounce size of the fast cast and a 16 ounce size of the fast cast so I'm going to start with the easy mold I have some that I've been working with here good to wear gloves although it is non-toxic you can actually use this with food products as well as this kind of project I'm pouring chocolate or making ice cubes but whatever you do with food you'll want to be sure not to mix with toxic sorts of resins and things the instructions which you'll want to read fully just for more accurate measurement of Part A to Part B is one to one that you can weigh this but we've had a couple of successful attempts just measuring into a cup that I've met marked with a sharpie to get half and half and I'm pushing the product all the way down to get the holes out of the bottom and I'm an ayat as best I can to get up to that first line so it's not it as an exact science as pouring clear resin but it's worked really well for us this is a very easy product to use pretty fast the mold dries in three hours and then when you pour the resin that's fast it dries in ten minutes so all things considered it's pretty quick all right so I've got my Part A there and I'm going to switch and get the second part just using a popsicle stick here once I get it measured I'm going to stir until there are no striations until it's a light blue and with a resin you'll definitely want to use the gloves because that is technically harmful to the skin just want to make sure you read the instructions and work in a ventilated area so I'm going to pack this in kind of like frosting I guess my second line is nearly to the top there so I'm filling it in pretty good and now I will stir until I get it all mixed up get down to that darker part on the bottom and I realize I need to lift out of the corners to really get that up in start in and you have 45 minutes to work with the mold so there's not a big rush on this end take your time making sure you get it all good and ready okay I think I've got that pretty well stirred take the excess off the stick there and and take my paintbrush and start small I'm gonna start with this one this is what I'm most curious about so I'm going to do gentle circular motions make sure I get the surface solidly covered with a thin coat first and once I get it completely smeared on tight against the surface then I'm going to build it up a little bit around the whole thing as evenly as I can and this mold material is best suited for a glove or blanket mold which is a fairly thin coat but I will want to build it up a bit I'm going to take my popsicle stick to give some support there while I get this on and the urchin is so light it kind of floats around a little bit at first but once I get the mold started down on the paper it begins to adhere and then it's a little easier to work with sticky stuff though definitely make sure I get all my edges corners and crevices to avoid air bubbles or breaks in the mold including where I've held it with the popsicle stick and I do find that circular motions tend to really help get it down in there take a bigger amount now start to build it up a bit and create enough of a border around the base that when I'm peeling it up after the three hours and it's dry that I'm not folding or ripping any portion of the actual mold where the cast is going to be poured it's pretty sturdy stuff very flexible strong all right so you'll see I've dabbed we can still see a little green so I'm going to keep going a little bit on this instructions say you can quick dry it with a hair dryer on low or even bake it in the oven at 300 degrees for faster results all right so I've got my a chin pretty well covered there I'm going to move on and do they'll try this crystal all right so we're back here now after at least three hours and I am looking forward to seeing what's inside we're going to unveil each of these carefully and to do that I'm just going to test it and it looks almost like it's still wet but I can tell you they're firm and so with my fingernail I'm going to start to carefully guide that silicone off of there mmm make sure I don't rip the edge there we go so see how this comes out fun experiment a lot of nooks and crannies on this one so in there a little deeper than the other ones we've tried this seems to be coming out really well just want to be gentle so I don't rip the inside it almost feels like it's going to turn inside out the silicones really flexible so waiting till I feel it let go in there great I don't know if you can see in there but it's got the full spiral shape of the shell so that'll be fun to pour resin in let's turn our next one it's like opening a surprise bag this is that crystal it slipped out of my hands a bit so I'm not sure looks like it didn't quite get covered on that and let's pull it out just see what we got yeah I don't know that that's going to pour because we missed the edge right there it's worth a try and now I know I think I know what to do differently next time is just apply more more pressure on there to keep it stabilized while I go slower with the the putty so that's that next oh the urchin get it start it up there okay some of this film over the top that's thin we can clip away if we need to but I think it'll still pop out just want to be real gentle with this one I'm excited to see how it turns out it's really grabbing on a little more than the others I think because some slipped under I'm going to go ahead and take take this off if I can because we won't need it for the casting that we're doing it's going to get in the way in fact so hopefully it'll help this pull out a little more easily long as we're not disrupting the shape inside see if that helped getting there I just want to be real careful because I know how fragile these are I'll work on it a little more here I'm going to go slowly get there eventually alright I feel it coming off they're nice okay last one rose quartz leaf this also has some that we're going to want to probably clip off before we pour the resin but it looks like this is going to come out nice and easy yeah all right so I'm going to trim that up a little bit and to get these set for pouring and put my gloves on and and then we'll start getting the urethane casting resin mixed together all right so now we're going to do the fast cast urethane casting resin and you can see I brought a box in here in order to stabilize each of the forms just by cutting a rudimentary hole in there and finding the balance spot for each of those so we're going to do equal parts of a and B of the resin this is Part A and I have once again measured half and half one tablespoon of each portion so I'm going to go ahead and pour up to the first line and unlike the mold this requires a pretty quick stir and pour where's my part to be so I stir for 30 seconds in the first cup and then I'm going to pour into that second cup for another 30 seconds I'll stir in that one to make sure we get a nice even mixture think I have enough resin for all these pieces will see that she'll was deeper than our other project so far I don't have a timer set but engaging the time here to be at about 30 seconds so use two hands and pour into my second cup make sure you have your gloves on at this point and a covered surface and just be sure also to read the instructions in the box and make sure you're in the ventilated area all right to 30-second stirs now once we pour the resin into the molds they should dry within about 10 minutes so let's give this a try I'm not concerned about spilling on my box I want to make sure there's nothing that's going to get resin on it and I can't clean looks like we're going to have just enough or all three pours so we'll let that sit for 10 minutes and then see what we have okay so we're back after about 15 minutes we decided to give a bit of extra time to our cast these have a little more bulk than the other ones we'd tried so seems to work let's see excited to see what we have here okay got the leaf I think and that can come off with maybe scissors or an exacto knife we'll let it let it dry a little more do this one next cool excellent that was just what I was hoping for I would love to work with that these can be painted and treated in different ways for color so I'm looking forward to exploring that see the shell here it's a bit of a deeper mold than we've tried before so I'll have to dig it out feel it coming out of there the silicone is nice and sturdy which is great it doesn't rip easily there you go very nice all right so that's our bit of experience with easy mold and fast cast looking forward to doing more needs are available at a totally calm thanks for watching you

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