How to Use Circle Charm Chain and Crystal Clay to Make Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to use a cut length of circle charm chain, Crystal Clay, and Austrian crystal chatons to make a festive pair of dangling earrings. The epoxy clay keeps the chatons inside the circles and adds a pop of color to the design.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to make a pair of earrings. I'm going to show you the technique involved and this is what the final finished pair will look like I have two here and you can see that they are very fun and festive sparkly and are actually very easy to make and what you're going to need is some of this chain. This is circle chain. It already has these wonderful uniformed circles already attached you need some earring hooks some chatons, any color will do and actually you could do whatever size you want as long as it will fit in within the little five millimeter circle I'm using crystal clay again it could be whatever color you like. You could do one color or in the case of these earrings I've got two so those are the supplies you need. Now the tools you need are a pair of wire cutters a pair of chain nose pliers and some applicator to pick up your chatons, you can use the toothpick which is has a wax tip that comes with the crystal clay kits or I have a magic pick here as well so actually I did this project with some leftover chain. I love this chain and I have some scraps I cut myself a length, you can do it as long or as short as you want so I'm just going to cut one of the actual soldered jump ring so I don't want to cut the actual circles, the five-millimeter uniform circles you see that they have like a harder edge I want to cut one of the jump rings that's linking the chain together separate that out you will lose a couple of those circles, it's totally fine to show you this I'm going to use this shorter piece of chain and I'm going use some fuschia crystal clay it's recommended that you use gloves for this process I'm going to do it without gloves here just so it's easier to see. Wash your hands right away with soap and water It's not going to take much crystal clay to all for this project, pinch off a little bit of part A which is the color part B which is the hardener make sure I have equal amounts and doing that buy just rolling each one in a ball looks like I need just a tad bit more of B looks perfectly even to me squish them together and I'm going to just mix them the goal is to mix them so that all the striations are gone. So you can see that we've got quite of bit of modeling here you want to wait until we have a uniform color before we stop the mixing of them and that looks pretty good to me so now we want to get little bits of clay into the circles pinch off just a little bit roll it into a ball look at our chain this is why I like having a chain nose pliers so when I actually am finished here this part here is going to connect to the earring hook so this is how my chain will hang. I'm going to look and see where I wanna put a crystal, so I like this circle right here grab it I find it easiest to separate it out like so take my circle of crystal clay put it inside of the circle It's sticky so it does take a little bit of work and just squish it down so that it's touching the interior edges and that's going to be what it adheres to so once I filled that I'm going to take my magic pick and pick up a chaton it can be a little bit harder with some of these heavier chatons If it gets to be where you need a little bit more stickiness and it has some tape on one side you just roll your pick over the tape that get some more stickiness on the end place a chaton into the crystal clay press it from this side too because I wanna make sure that it's in there so there is one I'm going to find another one I want to do I'm not going to do all of these. I'm going to make sure I kept track of what was going to be the front of my earrings so I don't do any in the back so maybe I'll do this one over here pinch off a little bit of clay filled my circle pick up another chaton try to center it press down give it a press from the back side as well and then you go onto the next one keep double-checking where your at in terms of the orientation of your earring what's going to be the front side I've got one that's the straight on front so I've got one in the front one to side maybe I want to do one over here you'll get a feel for how much clay you need each time stick that sometimes you need an extra hand press that down do a little clean up if you need to do it you see that there's a little gap right there that's going to be fine as long as you have the crystal clay touching most of the sides it's going to stay in there go back see how my earrings are looking so there's three I would probly keep it with this length. I would just keep the three in the fuchsia color and then I would do a darker purple maybe three or four so you get the idea of how to do that and when they're all done go ahead and keep them in an upright position so somehow anchor it what I actually ended up doing was I just took my pliers like so and I rested it over an edge of the table, such as hanging so it cures overnight and they will cure in the right direction because the crystal clay is going to harden if it's touching anything it's probably gonna stick to that as well and cure attached to that so you don't want to have this laying flat and have them stiff and sticking out in all different directions. You want them to hang in a vertical direction and then when they are all cured all you need to do to finish your earring is take your earring hook open it it's a bit tough because these are still wet I want to show you how to attach an earring hook and don't attach the earring hook until these are cured because you could smudge them or cause them to loose their shape and that is the technique involved in making this fun pair of earrings using a nice circle charm chain, crystal clay and crystal chatons. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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