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Hi this Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use this antique brass flower adjustable ring and some crystal chatons to make this pretty crystal flower ring. It's very quick and easy and all you're gonna need is your ring base, a chaton and a pair of pliers the ring base has an opening for a bead or a crystal whatever you wanna put in there that's about six-and-a-half millimeters but since we can bend these out what I'm using here is a size ss39 chaton which is about 8.92mm First thing you'll notice is that your flower petals are kind of bunched up it's pretty easy to fix. You can usually just slide them get them moved and separated you're gonna take a pair of chain nose pliers and very gently open out the petals on the top part of the flower where the setting is and this metal is really pretty soft so you want to be very gentle don't open it too wide, just kind of see how much room you need then you're gonna take a chaton and put the pointed side into the center all the way down and nice and straight. You don't want it to be crooked on an angle and your going to just hold that crystal in place with your thumb all I did was take my pair of pliers and pulled them closed and use the edge to just push the top of the petal onto the surface of the crystal. Just be careful you don't slip and scratch your crystal finish if you have a finish on there just be gentle don't hurry and just move around the flower and just push down and then you want to just adjust the petal parts down here. Make sure that they're pretty and even and that's all there is to it You want to be a bit careful because the metal is so soft wouldn't be too hard to bend that again That's how you're gonna make a crystal ring using this adjustable flower ring finding

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