How to Make a Glass Dome Paperweight

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to make a stunning paperweight using a glass dome and collage images. To add a polished, professional touch, the paperweights have a soft velour paper backing to prevent scratching. Very easy to make and a great gift idea.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to make a paperweight. So this is one of those projects that came about when I was doing something else. I was wandering around in our warehouse and I saw this really high magnifying dome and I thought that this would be the funnest paperweight. So I grabbed all the ingredients. I thought I'm going to do a video and show you how to do it because I thought they'll make great gift ideas so what I have here is a high magnifying dome it's fifty millimeters in size and I've also pulled out some papers. I have a collage sheet here and my image that I want to use is the butterfly you can see that just magnifies it like crazy it's a little small for my dome so I've also picked out another piece of paper which is just a pretty pattern that will accent the butterfly that I'm going to use as well and then I'm gonna back it in this velour paper It's a really soft velvet like paper that will prevent your paperweight from scratching whatever's underneath it so to do this you're going to need some Diamond Glaze I'm using Nunn design glue here. It's a great white glue and a pair of scissors so to start go ahead and cut out your butterfly rough cut it to begin with I'm going to carefully cut around the edge now if you have an image that you're using that's going to be large enough for the 50mm you won't have to do this backing technique but I actually really like doing it this way because it opens up more possibilities of the different images I can use by putting a backing on it that's my butterfly I've got a little piece of white on the edge. I'm going to trim that off there you go now to apply the white glue. You can definitely use a toothpick or some other type of applicator if you've watched my videos you know I'm a little lazy here. I like to use my my fingers and take some white glue spread it onto the back of my image I'm not over saturating but I'm going to the edge and covering every part of the back flip this over press them into place on top of my pretty backing paper I'm going to let that dry now for ten minutes. I didn't use that much glue so it's going to dry quickly and then I'll come back and show you how to apply the glass dome over your image now that this is dry I'm going to scoot my beading mat back because I want to be working on a completely flat surface of my beading table I'm going to use my Diamond Glaze and I'm going to be applying it to this flat side, so if there's any fingerprints on here which is really easy to to have happen go ahead and wipe that surface off I want it to be really nice and clean I'm going to apply the Diamond Glaze in the middle if you've worked with Diamond Glaze before you know that it spreads out so it's probably about the right amount flip it over and we're gonna center it with the butterfly in the middle and I'm going to let this spread out a little bit it's going to spread out on it's own flip it over and we don't want to move it around too much once we get it on there move it a little bit and and I am pressing firmly into place I'm going to hold it here for a little bit maybe about thirty seconds to make sure that bond is solid and I'm not going to wiggle it around as I'm pressing this one make sure that that Diamond Glaze spreads out goes to all the edges and this is forming a nice tight bond I'm going to release it, let it dry and you can tell that some of the Diamond Glaze spread out the side which is totally fine I'm going to try to clean it up a little bit right now and then I'll show you how to actually remove that Diamond Glaze from the top surface if any get onto your glass do try to wipe away some of it It's going to make it easier in the next step If you do get any Diamond glaze or glue on your fingers, just make sure to wash your hands with soap & water right away after you finish that step of your project we're going to let that dry for a good half an hour until that white kinda milky look is gone and completely cleared now that the Diamond Glaze is fully dried you can see that it turned clear, it's no longer like a milky white. It actually took longer than I thought to dry, it took about an hour and a half for mine just because it's very hot today where I'm working so keep that in mind, that drying times may vary I need to cut out my glass dome take my scissors cut right up to the edge of the dome and just follow that edge I'm cutting in a little tiny bit, you can see it's pretty much right up against that edge but I'm curving my scissors just a little so that I don't have any paper showing on the outside of the dome Now at points along the cutting line I did notice some parts are stiffer and that's where the Diamond Glaze spilled out which is totally fine cut right through it so that looks good and I promised to show you how to remove Diamond Glaze that got onto the top surface of your domes and I'll see if I got any on the top I can see right here there's a little bit of Diamond Glaze I probably wouldn't mind that too much but I actually want to show you how to remove it I have some nail polish remover and all you need to do is take a q-tip or I have a paper towel right here just put a little bit onto the surface find where your Diamond Glaze spilled over, rub it with the nail polish remover this is going to remove the Diamond Glaze from the glass very easy to do I'm sure you're familiar that nail polish remover has quite a strong scent do this in a well ventilated area and try not to get any of the nail polish onto your paper below all nice and smooth so now to finish up our paperweight I want to go ahead and apply velour paper to the back and to do this I'm going to use my fingers and just make sure you do you wash your hands right away after you do this. You don't want any glue drying on your fingers apply the glue directly onto the paper don't over saturate it just make sure you have enough to go to the edges in one nice even layer flip over the velour paper so that the soft side is down press on top of it and we do that and we'll let that dry for probably about twenty minutes. Again depending on how hot it is where you're working it might take a little bit longer or it could take a little bit less and then when that's dry come back and trim it and then we'll be done with the paperweight The paperweight is glued to the back of the velour paper trim it out I'm going to use the actual edge of the glass dome itself as our guide, just line up your scissor against it and trim So there we go. Our paperweight is all done and this is a great project especially around the holidays or if you want to make some gifts for friends or to sell. These are super easy and a lot of fun to make. 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