How to Use Beadelle Crystal Pave Magnetic Clasps

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Designer: Julie Bean
Beadelle has come out with a great line of crystal pave magnetic clasps which have a lobster clasp attached to one side of the clasp and a jump ring attached to the other. In this video, see how to attach this clasp to an existing finished necklace, no tools are required! Adding this type of clasp works as a slight necklace extender and can provide an easier clasp for you to undo. You can also remove the lobster clasp and use this as a standard magnetic clasp.
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Hi. This is Julie with I'm going to show you how to use these Beadelle Pave set magnetic clasps. I've pulled a couple down here. You can see they come in different sizes and shapes. They are magnetic. They are going to be attracted to each other. You're probably with a magnetic clasp and how it works if you're used to making jewelry. There's a little magnet on each side and together they form a clasp and they're going to hold your jewelry together. What's really unique about these is that they have a little lobster clasp on one end and a little jump ring on the other. So these clasps in particular you can use a couple different ways. You can either take off the lobster clasp and then just go ahead and put it onto your necklace. So you would attach it like any other clasp. But I want to show you how you can use these as a necklace extender and then also keep your original clasp intact. So all you need to do, I'm going to use this one because it matches my necklace more, I'm going to undo my little spring ring clasp. Now I'm going to attach the magnetic clasp which is going to be a lot easier if you're someone who has difficulty with these little clasps, it's going to make taking your jewelry on and off a lot easier. So I'm going to take the lobster clasp, attach it to the ring portion of the original clasp. That's on secure. I'm going to take my little spring ring and I've got an oval jump ring on the end of my Beadelle clasp. I'm going to open this up. So now that it is attached You can see it's going to work just the way it's supposed to as a magnetic clasp. What we've also done is actually extended our necklace by a full inch and there were no tools required. This is a very handy clasp if you want to use it as a necklace extender or if you just want to replace a more difficult to open clasp with an easy magnetic clasp. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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