How to Make a Chic Eyeglass Holder Necklace

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn how to very easily make a chic eyeglass holder necklace using chain, several sizes of Czech glass beads, eye pins, jump rings, and a pretty brass loop pendant. You can complete this project in under 30 minutes and keep for yourself or give as a gift.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show a you really simple project but one that is very useful. I want to show you how to make and eye glass holder necklace. I have a sample here and this is actually a more complicated one but you have this single loop that's held down at the bottom. You have a long strand of beads and I just used beading wire and crimp beads. This is a easy way to make it but it takes a little bit more time because I'm using a lot of beads and the way that this particular finding works is if you're familiar with the eye glass holders they have the two loops and you attach one to each and this works a little bit differently. You hang it around your neck. You take your eyes glasses and you just feed the arm through and it hangs like that. So this is one way of making it with the beads. I want to show you another way which is a lot quicker So if you're making these as gifts or one for yourself. We're going to do this whole project together. So you need some chain I've cut myself three feet of chain. I think I'm only going to use two feet but I like to have a little bit more. So to begin with I'm going to cut my chain into four inch segments I just have a pair of flush cutters here There's a large loop and a little loop and a large loop. So I wanna make sure that I end in the large loops. That means I'm going to cutting small loops So I'll cut here through this link just a small one Make a snip. So I've got that four inch segment You're going to want this to be at least twenty four inches long to get it over your head and you probably want it a bit longer. Another four inch. Now I got my six pieces of chain, four inches long each. Six times four is twenty-four so I know it's going to be at least twenty four inches long. Make sure that they all are even. If you measured a little bit wrong just cut off one of the links. Looks like two of them ended up with an extra link. I'm just gonna cut that off. To connect them I'm going to put away my ruler. I want to make these little segments here which just have a simple loop at each end and these measure about three-quarters inch and then when I add a jump ring that'll make it about an inch long so that'll add an extra length too. That's gonna make my necklace ends up being more like thirty inches instead of twenty four inches. So to make this little segment here I'm going to take a eye pin. I've got a three millimeter czech bead a eight-millimeter czech bead a three millimeter Slide those down to the bottom. I'm holding it so that my bead is facing the direction I want it to. Because I want it to match. Hold this down take my wire looping pliers Go ahead crimp that. Does a lot of the work for me rotate Make sure my loops match. There we go I've got the perfect simple loop Cut right there Take my chain nose pliers flattened that out and I've got a segment. I did the calculations ahead of time I know I need seven of these little connector pieces for my six pieces of chain. So I'm gonna just go ahead and make them I'm going to make them identical. You can do whatever you like of course. This is such a quick an easy project I now got seven of these little segments. I'm going to connect them with four millimeters jump rings to my chains Two other options would be if you wanted to do it you could just open your simple wire loop the same way you would open a jump ring and connect it to the chain that way or if your particular chain consists of open links mine are all closed but if yours is open links you could always open the link of the chain and connect it to the simple wire loop of your little beaded segment. So those are a couple options I'm choosing to do jump rings for this particular project. So I'm just going to take a jump ring and open it connect one of the dangles to my beaded segment and connect that then to my eye glass ring close my jump ring Open another one again connect on the other side of my beaded segment and then the end link of one of my chain segment. A lot of people prefer bent nose pliers for doing jump rings I actually like the precision of these. They've got such a nice tip to them but do want ever you're comfortable with Then on the other end of the chain segment just attach another beaded segment. Add another jump ring and you get the idea you're going to go all the way around until you end up back at your starting point on the other side of your loop. Now down to our last little beaded segment. We're going to attach it the same way we've done all the others opening a jump ring putting it through the simple loop through the end chain link closing it back up one more jump ring and our necklace will be done Before I attach this one I actually I'm just going to hold up my chain let it spin because it's gotten a little bit tangled while doing this it's going to actually just let the kinks out Go ahead pick up that open jump ring again through that loop close it back up and we have a finished necklace. Before I sign off I want to measure this and show you the amount of length I gained. You remember we added segments that were four inches each which gives us a total length of twenty four inches. If we measure this we got up to fifteen inches so now our necklaces are thirty inches long which is about what you want for hanging around your neck you can actually even go a little bit longer and there's no clasp needed it's going to slide right over your head So in no time at all you'll have a finished necklace and you can see we've got very simple choice here Here we're got a more elaborate colorful choice. So you'll have a lot of different options when you're playing with these eye glass holders. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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