How to Use Beading Chain and Beading Chain End Caps

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn how to use beading chain and beading chain end caps to make a necklace. The .7mm fine snake beading chain can easily be cut and then you simply slide each end into a beading chain end cap and crimp the end cap using chain nose pliers. Very easy to do and makes for a sleek necklace design. A complete necklace is made in this video, so you will also see how to attach a clasp.
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is Julie with I'm going to show you how to use beading chain and beading chain end caps which are these fancy crimp beads right here. I'm going to how to use these two items to make a necklace. So beading chain is very flexible. You can see here it's also very thin. So it goes through most beads. The one I'm using here is a very fine snake chain .7 millimeter. You want to check when you purchase it to make sure that it'll go through the bead you have in mind. It's not going to go through the hole of most pearls so you just going to want to check the diameter of your inner bead hole against against the diameter of the chain but it will go through most man made beads. So to begin let's go ahead and first cut the chain. I'm going to measure it. The necklace I'm going to make I want to have ride up a little bit high on the neck. So I want it to be sixteen inches. So you buy this by the foot so I've got two feet. Now I just use my flush cutters to snip it very easy. I'm going to then first put one of these fancy end caps, these crimp beads onto the end of my chain. All you do is you'll see there's a little hole in there. A little channel. And you just insert the chain and you actually see it will come out the other side. You want to have it so you're not seeing that chain in that hole but you do want to know that it's right up to the end. So once you've got it in there take a chain nose pliers and you're just going to crimp that area. You're just going to press. So compressing you're the beading chain and you're going to do it several times. Just to make sure that it's in there and it's not going anywhere. Tug on it. Make sure that it's staying put. So you're set on one end. Now all you have to do is go ahead and place your bead onto your chain. I've got a bunch of these wonderful Beadelle beads here. I'm going to chose the multi-colored one. I think it's very festive. Just go ahead and insert your chain into the hole. You'll see now how that's going to look like a necklace. Now on the other end we're going to do the same processes as before. Go ahead insert that chain push it all the way through first just to make sure you've got it up there and then pull it back a little so you're not seeing in the hole. There we go. Again compress. I like to do it a couple times just to make sure it's in there and that is not going anywhere. Now to attach the clasp I've just got a jump ring. Open my jump ring. Put it through the little loop on the end of that fancy crimp bead. Close the jump ring back up so that's gonna be half of my clasp. To do the other side same process. Open the up. Attach it to the little loop of the base of the clasp. Also attach it to the other end of your necklace. So there we go. We've got our necklace done and it was very easy to use the beading chain and the beading chain end caps fancy crimp beads. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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