How to Use Bead and Pearl Reamers

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will learn about the different types of bead and pearl reamers and how to use them. Reamers are primarily used to make the holes on your beads larger, clear bead holes of any debris, and to bevel the edge of the hole to prevent your thread from being cut by sharp edges.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with these are to be dreamers one is fine as you can see they kind of imprint it here so once you take it out of the package you'll be able to remember and the other is very fine these are recommended for pearls specifically because as you can see there's a drill on the tip here that is a little bit more precise for pearls so just show you quickly how that is used I have a pearl here and if I want to clean out the center or make my hole just a little bit bigger you just place your ram in there and you just twist it from side to side it'll help clear out any debris that's in there and you'll want to do this before you do your pearl knotting and you can see some of it came off on my fingers a little bit but that will make your hole a little bit bigger it also makes your hole a little bit cleaner so that's how you do the pearl reamer from beadalon now I did want to show you some other Reimers that we have here and these are the beadsmith tools now these we can definitely recommend for use with ceramic glass stone and you can also use it with your pearls as well this is a four piece bead reamer set so it's just separate tools and then this we have this is the beadsmith tool that has the set of the three rumors inside and I'm going to show you that in a minute we also have a few electric ones and we also have a few other videos to show you how to use those as well so if you're interested in doing the electric bee dreamers if you end up doing a lot of it those are definitely a very good investment now the reason I want to show you this one is because I know that we have other videos showing you all about the beadsmith tool sets and this is actually very similar to the piece that you're going to get in those this one is just silver as opposed to the other finishes that they offer so you're going to open up the bottom here and you're going to get your three tips and you'll also get these in the toolkit like I said so get your three tips and you can go ahead and screw the bottom back on while you're not using them and now up here you'll have to loosen the Colette and you'll see the inside is a brass Chuck and this is where you'll put your specific reamer that you'd like to use I'm going to use the small one so you just place it in the top and just press it down just a little bit and then you'll put back on the Colette and just screw that back on until it's nice and tight so that's how it will look so now you're ready to do your be dreaming so again we'll take a pearl and like I said you can do this with various beads and you know for whatever your purpose is but you just go ahead and put the reamer inside now this one doesn't go all the way through and that's just because the hole is really small but we're going to try to fix that here and you just rotate it back and forth again like I said we do have electric versions of these which can sometimes be very helpful if you're doing pearl knotting and you're doing a lot of pearls so you just keep going so you get the desired thing you want now you'll notice there's a lot of debris here and I have a bowl of water here that I'm just going to kind of rinse that off in let's try going from the other side of the pearl now and you just rotate back and forth as you can see there's some debris coming out the other side there and I can rinse the tip off in the water now so you can go ahead and rinse your pearl off it'll come out there for you so the hole is a little bit bigger not very much I didn't want it to make it too big but I did want to clear out some of that debris in there and I wanted to show you just really quick some of the the other tip that is I find very useful and that is this guy you'll use this tip to widen the mouth of any bead that you want to prevent your thread from cutting and this is really good if you do anything with stone or glass or gemstone because you'll want to just widen that tip so that it won't cut your thread so we're going to get just go ahead and same thing just put it in the hole and this pearl might not be the best to show you but actually I think it will work nicely so as you can see just rotating back and forth I get my debris there so try to clear that out of the hole for you and you'll you'll see ever so slightly that there's a little bit of a beveled edge and that will allow your thread to kind of slip through and be rounded on the edge and not cut which is really important especially if you are doing a few different passes so there is how to use our be dreamers again like I said we do have electric versions as well which I find very helpful and worth the investment if you do a lot of this be dreamers are used to clear the hole make it larger you can also bevel your holes so just to review again we have the wooden tools here from beadalon that are really good for to use with pearls and then we have these tools from beadsmith as well that we can use on glass ceramic stone pearls whatever you're working with and all of these tools are available at you

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