Show & Tell: New Styles of Expandable Charm Bangle Bracelets

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video see all the new styles of expandable charm bangle bracelets currently available at There are many styles and colors to choose from and each one has a unique look to it and way of attaching the charms and beads. Use these bracelets to create on-trend designs! For more, see our product guide: Design Tips for Embellishing Expandable Charm Bangles.
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you Hi, this is Julie with and that trend is adjustable bangle bracelets there's a bunch of different styles out there and we've collected all of them here in the video to show you the difference between the different styles and also just that you have a lot of choice so this here is one style and here's an example of use and the way it works and I show you how it works actually on one it's not decorated is you have these two loops and then they crisscross and you pull it apart to get it on and off your wrist and to adjust it and you can attach charms and baubles to the outside you can attach it to the middle bars or if you want to just take a chair chain nose pliers and just I'm going to show you actually really quickly how to do this just crimp that a little bit tighter close together you can then attach to the loop as well so a lot of different options and where you place your your beads and your charms it's really going to dictate how these bangles are worn and how they are move around so if you like in this example of use you'll see that the ones attached to the center stay in the center and then the ones on the outer side outside ring can move around and when you wear them gravity will usually cause them to go down towards the base but your as your wrist moves throughout the day they will of course shift and play and make this wonderful little tingly sound so this is one style of bracelet it comes in a couple different metal finishes as you can see here here's a sports themed one you can really put a lot of charms on these or you can put just a couple it's totally up to you but it's really fun to customize these and then what a lot of times you'll see happening is people wearing multiple of these at once and so I have this one here which is this yoga themed set and it's actually three different bracelets I'm going to put them all on you wear them together now they can match they don't have to that's part of the fun is you can have a whole collection of these some that match some that don't and you can just have them stacked on wrists so this is one style with the two loops another style is this here which has two balls and the center ring now this one you have a couple different options of where you want to hang your charms you can hang them from the ring which is right here which keeps those actually very steady and solid you can put them to the right or the left side of the ring now if I put it over here it would slide around which is great and that's one look but by putting it to the right of the loop that ball stops it and here is a really good example of how you can personalize this this is just a little charm with an initial on it so if you're giving this as a gift that might be something you want to think about so you add all the decorations but then you can add that little initial charm and it becomes a very nice personalized piece of jewelry this comes in a couple different colors you can see we've got the silver and the gold here's another style and this is by becky nunn this is a nun design adjustable bangle and you can see she's got multiple loops which really does expand the possibilities of where you want to hang things so you can hang them from the inside bars each of the loops or the outer ring and we have an example of use here as well so a antique silver plate antique gold plate and then a bright silver plate and you can see that we've got these great charms and baubles and they've been hung at the different loops so that keeps them permanently spaced you have some floating on the inside and then you have another one on one of the outer loops as well a lot of different options one thing you do want to keep in mind is don't load this so full that you can't stretch it that would be my one tip on these is you don't want to make that so tight and tightly packed with baubles and charms that you cannot open these and get them on your wrist and then another style is this one here this has one loop and then it has a little ball and you can then because here's a little 4 millimeter jump ring that's attached to this little dangle and that's not going to go anywhere so you actually do have the option of putting items on the bar here that single arm bar and then here's just a simple wire loop so you don't have to connect everything with a jump ring if you make your simple loop big enough you can put it right on to the wire itself you see that's adjustable comes in several different colors and you'd wear these stacked as well and actually it's fun to mix and match all these styles you don't have to just have three or five of one style you can mix and match and play around and then here's an older style adjustable bangle that we've had for a while and this is nice because the ball screws off and if you have a bead with a large enough hole such as these metal Stardust beads or this european-style large hole bead you can just slide it on and then replace that ball and then it just catches on that little hook and then you have your bracelet ready to go and then when you're opening it because of that ball is going to stop the beads from falling off so a lot of different options right now with these adjustable bangles have fun with them really play around it is fun to make a themed set but you don't have to you can definitely mix and match mix metals mix themes you're going to want to have a bunch of these and you know they are a great gift this is the holiday season coming up these are perfect to make as a very personal gift for someone who's into fashion is very fashion-forward so you can find these as well as all the accessories to go with them at you

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