How to Use Bead Aligners with Large Hole Beads to Make Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to use TierraCast bead aligners with Austrian crystal BeCharmed beads to create holiday and Christmas earrings. Bead aligners create a smaller hole for stringing on large hole beads, making them easier to incorporate into designs and create a wide array of projects with. This video shows four different styles of earrings that you can easily make with BeCharmed beads and bead aligners.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with nation with lovely Sourav ski large hole beach armed beads to make some fun and festive holiday earrings so i've got quite a selection here i have pulled out a variety of bead aligners and there are actually more than this but i did want to show you a good range of finishes styles as well as sizes so they range from 5 millimeters to 7 millimeters in general and then we've got these lovely swarovski be charmed crystal beads and you'll see that they are pave set with that nice big large hole which is four point five millimeters across they come in different sizes with different styles like I said I pulled out the holiday ones because there's just so cheerful and festive I've pulled out also an assortment of four millimeter swarovski crystal bicones I have Siam light Siam emerald crystal and crystal golden shadow so those are gonna be my main components and then for my findings I have some earring hooks and some head pins and I just pulled whatever head pins I had around my work space anything 2 inches or above will work for this project for my tools I have a chain nose plier a cutter and a wire looping plier or you could use a round nose plier so let's first see why we need to use a bead aligner so I have a head pin here if I try to put a large hole bead on to it comes right off it doesn't stay so what we need to do is we need to go ahead and make it so it will not come off of our head pin and also be sandwiched and secure and that's why we have bead aligners you see this nice little core right here that's what actually goes into the core of the Swarovski bead or any large hole bead and then you have a smaller hole on the other side which lets you anchor your head pin so actually you can just put it on straight so you can go ahead put that be the liner on followed by your large hole bead and then another bead aligner and you see you've sandwiched it there it's nice and secure and you can make an earring just like that which is I think what I'm gonna do for this one because we're gonna make several show you a couple different options so right after the bead aligner I'm just going to take my wire looping pliers and make a wrapped wire loop and go around and around until it's nice and secure and then I'm going to trim it and tuck in my tail and then in this one I can either put it on a kidney earring hook I have this really long elegant one or any other type of earring hook that I want and I think I'll just slide it on to the kidney so it rests down here at the base and just like that we made a really pretty earring so that's one now I'm gonna do one with bicones and I think I'm gonna do a little mixed metal look I have a two-inch head pin and let's go ahead and do these little guys so I think I'm gonna start with a light Siam bicone come on and then I'm into a frillier bead bead aligner so this one with that little pretty beaded edge these are by tierracast so I'm gonna slip it on so that core is facing upward followed by my large hole bead then another one of these bead aligners with that core facing downward so again it's sandwiched and I'm gonna do one more bicone okay so now this is what we've got so really pretty very ornate looking little dangle that we're creating so now I'm just gonna do the same thing I'm gonna create a wrapped wire loop so grabbed with my wire looping pliers and now I'm just gonna do a couple wraps you can choose how many you want to do sometimes the space that's created by your wire looping pliers or your round nose pliers will dictate if you're doing two loops or three loops or four loops just tuck in that tail and on this one just do a little long elegant earring finding slide that guy on and what's nice is we're not using any jump rings we're using the loops at the base of our earring hooks to just open and close like jump rings and hang them so there's another earring so just like that we've done two I really want to do something with this very sparkly one so I think I'll do same thing I'll do a bicone and then hmm well let's see maybe I'll use you can play with it a lot no I like this just this very sleek one okay so we're gonna do that nice bead core that'd be the liner I should say and let's do another crystal whoops put my crystal on before my bead aligner and another crystal I'm super sparkly you see how quickly these are coming together these make wonderful gifts if you are wanting to make some gifts for the holiday or maybe you're watching this in its spring and you want to make something for Mother's Day or a birthday or wedding jewelry how great with these guys be for wedding jewelry or bridesmaid jewelry put this on the long elegant hook okay so there's another earring and I want to do one more I think with that pretty mixed metals look I'll take this guy here and I'm gonna do the one that's a little bit fancier as well do this yeah let's do the crystal golden shadow so you can mix and match you can use whatever beads you want you don't have to be using bicone beads I just picked them because I think they're really pretty and they do sparkle nicely but you can use round beads you can see whatever you want there we go and you see the look it really is a different look having that decorative edge on the bead aligners and I'm doing wrapped loops just because they're a bit more secure instead of a simple loop I think I wanna do this one from a kidney there we go close it back up and just like that we made four earrings and of course would go back and would make their pairs I really want to show you the different styles that you can make and how quick and easy it is to do with these really nice bead aligners by tierracast and then if you do want that ultimate sparkle these Swarovski be charmed beads are just lovely I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to use bead aligners and make large hole bead earrings that are holiday inspired and if you did enjoy this please check out all our other videos at and on YouTube don't 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