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Hi, this is Kat with I table here I have some beautiful sterling silver chain and actually all of my findings today are sterling silver so you're gonna get that really great beautiful shining silver quality so I have a couple of little charms here that I'm gonna be working with and some different chains well actually this is all the same chain I'm gonna be using it in different ways but I have over here some of my findings and I have some four millimeter 22 gauge jump rings I have an Italian quality chain tag and this is a nice little link that I'm gonna be using and I know you may not be able to see it on the video here but it does have that nice little 0.92 v stamping on it to ensure the quality that this is sterling silver and then I have my adjustable slider clasp here now it has a nice little open ring at the bottom and that lovely little silicone in the middle so hopefully you can really kind of see that and you'll get to see how it works here in just a moment I have a spring ring clasp and again it has that lovely open jump ring on the side as well and my nice little drop charm I'll show you how we're gonna use that so let's go ahead and dive in with sort of the traditional sort of method to using these adjustable slider clasps so I have about 18 inches of chain here that I'm gonna be using and when you're creating one of these necklaces you really want to focus on the longest length of chain that you're going to want your necklace to be and then you can adjust it shorter for than that so let's say I wanted something that was more 22 inches but I wanted to make it 18 so I'd have to start with 22 so that I can slide it down to be 18 so just keep that in mind when you're building these necklaces you always need the longest length that you're going to possibly want here alright so I have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers that are gonna help me out I also have a little scrap of 26 gauge wire so I'll show you how we're gonna use that in a little bit but let's go ahead and get started here and I'm gonna take that silicon slider and you can see that I'm already opened it just a tad I'm just gonna kind of sneak my pliers in there to open it just a little bit more there we go so it's nice and easy to work with now the first thing I'm gonna do is slip on this Italian tag and I'm just gonna reach in and I'm just gonna use my fingers on the other side there cuz I have a little bit of leverage and just close up that jump ring so that it is nice and snug alright and now to the other side I'm going to attach my spring ring clasp and again you can see that I already sort of have it open so I'm just gonna slide that tag in there so now I have it on both sides and I'm just gonna close up that jump ring by just gently twisting and I'm gonna give it a little squeeze just to make sure it is nice and okay alright so there we go we have our lovely little chain started so what I'm gonna do for one side here is I'm going to take one of my four millimeter 22 gauge jump rings and giving it a little twist I'm just gonna open it like so and I'm gonna slip it on to the last link in one of my chain and I'm gonna go ahead and close this up because this is going to be the other side where my spring ring is going to attach so now I have a nice little attachment for that alright to get the chain through here on the other side what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my little scrap of wire and I'm gonna sort of just bend it in half and take one of my pieces of wire string it through the last link of my chain there and get it down to the center so this is going to create a little bit of a needle effect to try to get it through this little silicone slider so I'm going to put both ends of that wire through there and I'm gonna grab it with my pliers here and just kind of slide it over my chain something you see that it's nice and sort of stuck on that chain which is exactly where we want it to be alright so now I'm gonna go ahead and remove my little piece of wire this is not part of the finished design and I'm going to take another jump ring here and slip it onto my little dangle here in the back this is a nice little sterling silver teardrop and slip it onto that last link just to sort of finish that off there and I'm gonna close that up all right so now all we have left to do is just open our spring ring and attach it there and now we have our lovely little necklace here that you can just pull and I like to add the clasp just because it adds a little bit of extra stability also at 18 inches sometimes you might not be able to get that all the way around your head but you can have this nice adjustable clasp and this nice little slider so that it looks great for layering necklaces now of course to finish the look I want to add a little tiny charm and we have this lovely little sterling silver compass so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna go ahead and utilize this large jump ring that comes with it and I'm just gonna open it up and slide it onto my chain here and close up my jump ring now you can replace it with a smaller jump ring if you'd like but I sort of like the one that comes with this one in particular all right so that is one way to get that lovely little ending adjustable slider clasp all right now I'm gonna show you how you can do this in sort of a bracelet form so what I'm gonna start by doing here is I want to make a little link at the top of my bracelet there and I'm gonna wrap that chain around the sides so before you do anything else you're gonna want to measure a little bit now I have a foot of chain here so this should be more than enough but what I want to do is I want to kind of go from the center of my wrist to the top center of my wrist in fact just a little bit off because I want it to sort of lay really nicely right there and the beautiful thing is is that this is going to be adjustable so you can adjust it as needed alright I'm just going to take some flush cutters and just cut off that ring there all right and now I'm gonna take my jump rings here and I'm gonna open one up slip it onto the last link in the chain and slip it on to one of those loops of that beautiful little circle I love how delicate this is and you can just see even as I sort of place it on my wrist just how lovely that's going to look all right so we have our chain and it's going all the way around to the center so now what this piece is going to need is I'm going to attach one of those same silicon charms and this is sort of that slider piece that is going to be needed on this side all right just slip on my chain and just close up that jump ring there we go alright so now I'm ready to go to the other side to start measuring my chain so what I'm gonna do is this is probably longer than I want but I'm gonna go ahead and leave it intact that way you can always use your scraps later alright and I'm gonna just attach it the same way as I did on the other side with opening a jump ring attaching it to that loop and closing that jump ring alright so now we're gonna take our little scrap of wire again and we are going to thread this side through our silicone slider and again just take those pliers to help you out we're just gonna slide it down alright so now that it's on there what I'm gonna do is kind of slip it over my wrist here and just sort of slide it up to where I think I'll see here there we go so where I think it will fit over my wrist so that I know how big I need to make it there we go that's actually about out right so that will slip over my wrist nicely maybe a little bit bigger all right there we go and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in here with my flush cutters and I'm gonna cut off just a little south of where I was all right there we go and this is a really delicate little Lotus charm and the ring on this is just a little bit too big for my taste so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open it up and just simply remove that ring and I'm gonna use one of these smaller rings that I have here now you don't have to add a charm to the bottom you could add a crystal you could add a little tiny drop but you will need to add just a little bit of something just to make sure this doesn't pull through that's silicone all right there we go so now I have this lovely adjustable sliding bracelet with this cute little Lotus charm that will hang on the back so that is another way that you can use this is just take some jump rings a connector and you actually don't even need a connector in the center or you could hang a charm a lot of opportunity to really play around and personalize this and this makes really wonderful gifts so that you can use if you're unsure of someone's size or just kind of how big their hand might be so a great little tip to use for this and for the necklaces as well alright so my very last one that I want to show you here today it's gonna be very quick because we've kind of already have gone over this and you can see him on my table over here I'm just gonna pull it closer so this is gonna give you more of that sort of lariat style or almost like a bolero tie kind of style so this actually has two holes in the silicone here and I'm gonna go ahead and pull one out go so you can just see how it's gonna work on the center in there and it has its nice little ninety five stamping on the back to ensure this is sterling silver so that's always a nice little sort of quality mark but you're gonna do the same thing as you've done with the other ones here by creating a little needle with that wire slipping it through and pulling it out the other side there you go and the good thing about this is that the silicone is actually nice and stiff so it will feel stiff the first few times that you use it but you that's actually kind of good because you don't want it to actually wear so what's lovely is you can make either one shorter and one longer and again you can add crystals you can add charms you can add just big old pendants whatever you like sort of a dealer's choice kind of a necklace and again just the slider clasps are absolutely wonderful to use especially if you're going to be doing any gift giving for the holiday season or it's great for a wedding party or just a lot of other things I hope you enjoyed this video and these design inspirations you can find even more videos and all of these supplies at and be sure to hit the subscribe button below to get all the updates from beadaholique you

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