How to Layer Your Necklaces

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Designer: Kat Silvia
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In this video you will get our tips and tricks to layering necklaces. This guide will help you achieve the latest trend with ease. Try mixing metals and varying your chain lengths using adjustable chains. Add some color by combining the look with gemstones, tassels or even a beaded strand to complete the look.
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Hi, this is Kat with I table here I have different chains I have lots of charms and sort of some bigger pieces here tassels I also have several finished pieces I'm gonna be working with and just kind of showing you how you can stack and what some great rules of thumbs are to get this look alright so I'm gonna kind of start first by showing you some of the components that really go into a lot of these layering necklaces and I'm gonna start over here with some of these tiny little charms now when you're deciding how to layer your necklaces the big trend right now is to have a little teensy charm at the very top so these are all sterling silver actually the ones that I pulled out here just as examples we do have a lot of really beautiful gold ones as well so if that's more of your style be sure to check those out but just to kind of look at some of the silver ones that we have I have a little tiny heart even the anchor and the horseshoe here are still very nice and dainty you can just see how sort of small it is next to my hand there but we also have even smaller stuff we have a little tiny unicorn here and a little cross so it's a really nice little dainty type of necklace and this can sit nice and right on top of your ridiculous which is a really beautiful way to display that another option for that sort of top layer that you're working with is some smaller connectors now you can see on this cross here it has two little connectors there so you're gonna connect your chain right from the top and you can even go a little bit bigger and do one of the bars like you've seen here as your top tier now speaking of those bars I have a couple of other different pieces here I have the Scorpio necklace and this actually also brings to mind the fact that when you're layering necklaces don't be afraid of mixing the metals so in this piece I've actually mixed silver and gold but we also have the silver version of all of our zodiac scripts here and you can also do it with the coordinating chain if that is also more your style but it's a great little way to sort of get something to sit right nice at the top of your neck so I have the Scorpio here and here's another Chevron piece right here and you can actually see that I utilized this technique with this necklace that I created over here this is the Adela necklace and I'm gonna go ahead and shorten it up just so you can kind of see it a little bit more on the table there but I used that Chevron as the first layer there and then the second layer is some different chain you can see how different the chain is with some gemstone chain and this is comes pre-made so you just really just cut it and attach it with some jump rings it makes it really nice and quick and easy and then I had a little bit of a thinner chain here because I wanted to do a nice color focal here at the bottom so this is a beautiful gemstone pendant and this is just a really nice way to sort of bring a little interest you could keep it all silver or all gold however you like it but adding that little pop of color it draws a little interest now you can see when I kind of pull this down a little bit further I know it's getting towards the edge of my table here but what you're actually going to be able to see is how this is gonna wear so this is gonna be towards the top of your neck this is probably gonna hit just above or just below the neckline of the shirt that you're wearing and then this will draw the eye and just really lengthen the entire piece now this is sort of a way to cheat the idea of a layered necklace by sort of committing to it and you'll see that up here I used a strand reducer to not only keep those chains separated so that they lay properly but also that way this creates one necklace one clasp and that's it at the back of the neck this is another great example of this type of clasp and this is a tube clasp and we sell these in you can get them in two three four five I think all the way up to seven so you can really layer layer layer but this is a great option to sort of keep those strands separated if you want to commit to your design now let's say you don't want to commit and you want to try to explore some other options well here's a great example here and this I'm gonna sort of start to play around with here on my table so I have this beautiful little crystal here and it's just on the simple gold ball chain and this is 16 inches so your first layer is probably gonna be around 16 sometimes even 15 or 14 depending on your size and what you want to achieve but let's just say I wanted to add this nice long gemstone pendant with it and it has this nice little tassel at the very end now let's see if I can kind of lay this out on my table a little nicely I'm gonna move some pieces out of the way here all right so yeah so you can have something like this where this sits up close near the top and what's really lovely is the tassel here is going to mirror that lovely little crystal right here now you could just do two I always recommend usually three it helps sort of drive home the trend I've also seen it done with five seven you could do just a lot a lot with it but to maybe keep it simple let's say I wanted to just add and I don't have one on my table here but let's say I just wanted to add just a simple gold chain so assuming that that Chevron isn't there I was kind of flipping around like that you could add and sort of get that idea of having a gold chain in between these two pieces here so you have some gemstones you have just a plain gold chain but this has a little bit of interest with those little gold balls there and it ties in nicely to your third piece here that is going to have that crystal with this sort of ball chain so there's just a lot of options and you can really mix and match your pieces to sort of suit your style and again just suit your neckline if you're wearing a higher neckline you have a lot more option to wear some of the longer necklaces that will sort of fall in front of your outfit or your top order dress so again just kind of going back to mixing some of the metals here let's say I wanted to do something where it's truly truly mixed metals so let's start again with my crystal one here and I'm gonna add a gunmetal chain and you could add a pen there and then what's really cool is I'm gonna take this silver chain now these ones are very cool they are actually adjustable sliders so it has a little button that you're just gonna press and then you can slide it to the desired length that you want so really nice and you can actually discover the longest size here which I'm gonna use here but also just kind of seeing how they could come together in a different style with adding different colors of chain so again this is kind of just sort of laying it out just a little bit but imagine you wanted to take a really beautiful bright pendant put it there at the bottom you could add a gunmetal pendant or you could add something else to this you know if you wanted to you could try to add like a tassel there's just a lot of sort of rules of thumb that I think you can explore and a lot of rules to break with this stuff so it's really really fun to work with so we do have some brass chain here as well and this is great for a lot of those yoga type symbols and we have a lot of that available at beadaholique and speaking of sort of yoga and crystals it's a still a very very big trend and we recently received these beautiful pendants here and what I did is I created a very long necklace with one of our amethyst pendants and a chakra symbol so this is going to be a really long necklace you can kind of just see how long it is on my table here but it got a the same kind of thing or if you have one long focal piece you'll be able to add the shorter pieces in as well so let me just kind of bring it over my bust that I have in my table here sort of move some items out of the way there we go so I have here I have again this is sort of one of those links that I was talking about and this is where you could utilize that small little link up top there which would be very nice or if you wanted to a bar link and then I have a little palm tree here on another finished necklace and then imagine if you had this necklace sort of over top but it laid a lot further down on you you sort of create this beautiful wide that continues down your outfit you bring in a little bit of color and you sort of tie it all together with the circles and with your little pendant there so just lots of fun options to do with that and you'll notice on a lot of these long necklaces there is no clasp and I particularly like to do that because I can either you know just slip it over my neck but then when you get to the back of the necklace here you're not left with all of these different clasps and you're trying to take them off and then you get a little tangled so you know that at least one will come off nice and easily because there is no clasp in the back so just sort of a preference thing however you'd like to to do that but you can also adjust many of the necklaces also aside from the adjustable necklaces themselves the ones here that we have in sterling silver that are those nice little adjusters now this one is a little silicone slider so you don't even need to depress a button but the cool thing is that let's say you wanted to have a necklace that didn't have one of these adjustable sliders on it you can actually add a chain extender so that let's say you wanted to have this one as your top one for one of your styles but then let's say you're wearing something else and then you want this to be the middle one well you can sort of pull it down and you can add chain extenders to the back and that makes all of your pieces versatile and usable for many many outfits so that's just another kind of little tip so when I talk about a lot of the things that you can do the idea is to continually draw your eye down now this one is a perfect example of it because it utilizes that sort of Y shape here I have another example over here on my table and again this chain is a little bit heavier so you're gonna want to maybe pair it with something to help balance it so perhaps some dainty chains but what I did here is this is a nice little tassel made of that gemstone chain so you can see it has three little sort of swags of chain but you pull it up and again it's just another way to sort of draw the eye down what you can do is you can also utilize tassels as seen our gemstone one here and I know I'm going over a lot here but it's really just it's about playing with it and it's about playing with color trying to draw in different items to help really accentuate whatever outfit you're wearing but also to help balance outfits which i think is a really important thing when you are trying to style yourself all right so you can also use some beautiful crystals and jerseys I have here on the table this is a beautiful drusy piece right here but again nice and elongated and again here's just something else it's a little more focal so you wouldn't want to put this too close to the top of your neck this might be more of a middle layer or slightly something a little bit a little bit lower on the body but we do have some other items here and this utilizes some leather cord with some noodle beads and this is actually a choker so you could start with this at the very top of your neck and then add in some pieces below it so lots and lots and lots of options another option is that long beaded necklace here so you could do a beaded necklace again this has a metal component to it those are metal seed beads at the top they're in a gold and these are lapis gemstones at the bottom so it brings in the color it brings in the weight to help weigh one of your necklaces down and you could even just sort of add in just one piece at the top if you wanted or you could bring in let's say you wanted a crystal at the top as well so I know it's a little difficult to see cuz I can't show it on a on a mannequin or anything but you kind of get the idea of how it's just it's really just about balancing those pieces and those colors and I love playing with color especially when you have the option to bring it in or make it pop against your outfit I mean just imagine how beautiful that gold and blue set would look on a white dress or a white top just very classic and clean and I think that's sort of the idea to drive home with this style is that you know you can really show your personality with the terms that you choose let's say you want to go with a little Claddagh or cross or a dove or even a heart to commemorate something but then you can also wear it and jazz it up with some pieces that you may have found you know a really fun focal gemstone or a Swarovski crystal or your zodiac sign so there's a lot you can play with with this type of trend I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more videos and of course all of these supplies at and if you enjoyed this be sure to hit the subscribe button below to stay updated on all of our latest findings at beadaholique you

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