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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to bring your attention to a product that is available on the market called Anti-Tarnish Pads and we get a lot of questions here at about jewelry tarnishing particularly silver jewelry and why it happens and what you can do about it jewelry tarnishes for a lot of different reasons it can depend upon the different lotions you have on, body oils, perfumes, the amount of time you're wearing a piece, its exposure to the air. There's a whole different factors but there is something that can help to slow down the tarnishing process as these paper tabs so what they do is they absorb moisture and other atmospheric dangers which are gonna lead to your jewelry becoming tarnished they come in a couple different sizes. We have these long sheets. We have these little one inch squares and with the one inch squares you get twenty of them and what you'll do is you'll take one and you're going to put it into a sealed container. I have a zip lock bag here it It could be a box, it could be any type of sealed airtight container and you just drop your piece of silver jewelry in with it get rid of the air and seal it up and one little tab is going to last for about six months and cover approximately thirty cubic inches of air which is about a three inch box so once you've done this you're just gonna go ahead put it in your drawer or some dark safe place not exposed to the light and just when you wanna wear it you just pull it out and then when you're done you put it back in. When you're not using you tabs make sure you put them in an air tight until you're ready to use them and one final important quick note is that these paper tabs are non-toxic and they do not have any chemical residues so they're safe to use A little product here if you're having a lot of troubles with your jewelry tarnishing just keep this in mind and that there is something out there for you to use that's quick and easy and inexpensive. That really does help to prevent the tarnishing

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