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Hi this is Megan with Today at one show you how to use a ribbon crimp. It's kind of like a crimp bead except it goes on ribbon like you would expect from the title. They come in different sizes to match the width of ribbon. Most of the ribbon that we sell on is three-eighths of an inch wide. Our Grosgrain and our velvet. So we carry three-eigths inch ribbon crimps to match the ribbons. You can see it gives a nice finished look to the end of the ribbon and the little loop on there gives you something to attach a clasp or a charm to. So to attach the crimp it's very simple you just take the crimp put it on the edge of the ribbon. You'll notice one of the sides has a little teeth on it to help grab. Just make sure that the ribbon is all the way to the back of the crimp. Then you're just gonna take a pair of chain nose pliers and bend it down. And if you feel like it's not gonna hold very secure you could always stick a little dab of glue like E6000 glue inside there but in my experience they actually hold pretty well. That as all there is to it. Then you can use the loop to attach your ribbon to something else. So not only does it give you a nice finished look and give you a way to attach stuff easily it also keeps the edges from fraying. They're really handy if you like to work with ribbon. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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