How to Use a Necklace Shortener

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how easy it is to take a long necklace and turn it into a short one using a necklace shortener. The simple spring action makes it easy and versatile to use. Great for long lengths of pearls and continuous necklaces with no clasps.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with Today I want to show a handy finding which is a necklace shortener. You might have seen them and not known what to do with them. So they open up just like this and you'll see there's a little locking mechanism in them so it snaps together. You'll here it snap shut when it's tight and it holds in place. What you do with these is let's say you have a long necklace such as a strand of pearls or another necklace which is perhaps thirty inches in length and you want to shorten it. You don't want to wear it as one long strand such as this but you want to wrap it a couple times around your neck and it might not have a clasp to it to make it easy to do that so what you can do is you'll fold your necklace in half like so you just take your necklace shortener slip it between the folds and clasp it shut and it works like that. So you can do it like this we've got two strands which you can see are separated but there's another way of doing this as well. You just open up that finding and I'm going to twist my strand of pearls. I'm going to give it a really nice lush, thick look. There we go so now it looks like a lovely twisted strand. You'll see I've slipped this though each half and now I'm just going to close it shut until it makes a clicking sound. It actually looks quite elegant from the back. Then when you turn it around you've got the secured necklace. I've also pulled a silver plated one. They come in gold as well. So a variety of finishes to match your necklace and opens up the possibilities of how you can wear your necklaces. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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