How to Use a Clasp Bail

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial see how to use a clasp bail. Clasp bails are great because they allow you to attach a bail after the necklace has already been created. They allow you to also easily remove the bail and change the design of the necklace. An Elegant Elements clasp bail is featured in this video.
Audio Transcript
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Hi! This is Julie with and I want to show you a handy finding and this is a clasp bail these two are by Elegant Elements, which is a lovely creator of luxury, nice bails and you can see a couple different styles and finishes and show you how to use it because it's a great addition to your jewelry making arsenal. It really allows you to expand your designs so I have a knotted pearl necklace kits. I did this some time ago a classic strand of pearls and sometimes you might want to dress this up a little bit by adding a pendant. I've made a couple here really quickly just with a Swarovski pearl and a Swarovski briolette pendant how would you go about attaching that and that is why these guys were made and they come in handy. Here's a gold one so it matches so unlike a traditional bail which you have to actually slide on to your cord or to your chain, this one allows you to work with a necklaces that has beads that are too thick for bail to slide on and basically what you do is you have this little lever and it works like a clasp hence the name clasp bail just find where you're going to want it slide it over over your string and you close it shut now what's also nice about this is it has this little loop at the base which has actually already open, you just open it up like a jump ring slide on your pendant close it back up we just added a decorative element to your jewelry and let's say you want to change it out just take it off opening it up slide it off open up that little that loop again see there's a little slit, so it's not solid twist it to the side. Say I want to change it and put on a pendant close it back up reattach it one more time slide it over the cord snap it shut see how that looks you can really change the look of the jewelry, makes it a lot more versatile and it's a great little finding to have around and to incorporate into your designs and that again is called a clasp bail. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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