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Hi. This is Julie with and I want to talk to you about toggle clasps We get a lot of requests for videos here and this is a request that we got so I thought I'd go ahead and put it together I have five bracelets here and they all use a toggle clasp so I have this one here which is bead woven. It's just a bar with a notch on the other end and then I have one with more a more traditional toggle clasp which is going to have a toggle ring rain which is also referred to sometimes as the female part and then the toggle bar which is also referred to as the male part. You'll see it both ways in instructions and so what you do to make this work is you just take the bar slip one end first through the ring pull it through and then it locks in place and so when you have this on your wrist or on your neck you have the tension pulling in either direction and that's not going to come undone until you wanted to and then simply take the bar that back through the ring and do it so one tip though if you are making sure using toggle clasps is that you want to make sure that that bar can very easily and freely go through the through the ring side in this case here actually had to add extra jump rings, so instead of just attaching at right to the end of my chain I had to create a little smaller chain of jump rings so that when I do go to put it through my toggle ring, there's enough leeway before it hits the thicker chain which is too wide to go through the ring it can pull through and latch like so. You see in the examples such as this one here that wasn't a problem because the chain itself is narrow enough to go through the actual toggle ring as I didn't have to allow any extra space between the chain and the toggle bar itself so that's one quick tip if you are making jewelry yourself using toggle clasps. They are a great option for a lot of different jewelry design and they're really easy to use as you can see from these examples they come in really a lot of fun shapes and designs and one more thing before I sign off here for if you're doing bead weaving, the same type process even though you don't have a ring your going through, you still take the toggle bar put it through the notch and then latch it and you can see here this is a bracelet created by Megan you can see she made sure that she left at gap is well to allow a very easily go through that notch so those are toggle clasps and how to use them. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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