How to Make a Lark's Head Knot Tassel

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a lark's head knot tassel using a TierraCast round link connector and faux leather micro-suede. This project is very quick and easy to do and you can turn these tassels into earrings or a necklace. The video shows how to add a premade chain to the tassel.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with colors there's lots of colors of this microfiber suede I've pulled out just a couple here and what's nice is these come on three yard spools which means you're gonna get nine feet and with nine feet you're gonna be able to make four tassels using this method out of a whole spool now for the ring I'm using some tierracast pieces these are connector link rings and either come in a variety of styles I just pulled a couple and these are the 20 millimeter size and then to finish it we're just going to use a premade chain necklace and some big jump rings so this is a very easy technique and it goes quite quickly - which is nice so you're going to need a ruler I have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers here too for the jump rings but they're not actually used for the construction of the actual tassels but you will need a pair of scissors so I think I'm gonna use this really pretty turquoise color now I'm using an office pool but with these ones I actually just used some of my scraps from the design space and that's why I was able to even combine a couple colors so this is a good project for your leftovers - so we want three lengths that are 9 inches long each so we're just going to cut and measure or measure and cut they should say 3 9 inch strips now you can definitely make them longer or shorter that's up to you and you see that this is really soft and it looks very nice on both sides so there is no right or wrong side to this so you're gonna gather all three of your ends so if they're lined up like so pull it so that it's relatively straight and find the midway point and fold it in half so you want to make like a little loop right here now you're going to take this loop and you're gonna feed it through the center of your of your connector piece here so now put your finger through that loop that just went through and now you're going to grab your tails so you see I'm reaching into that loop I'm grabbing my tails now I'm gonna hold my ring and I'm gonna pull them through and this is actually going to be the back side so if we want to look at the front this is the front and pull tight I'm just keep pulling and that's all you need to do and this is actually going to stay secure if you pull this tight enough you're not going to need any glue that's actually a pretty good knot and just the texture of the suede actually just holds it in place and now you can just trim your tails to your desired length so just find what length you want them to be trim on and you just made a little tassel and now a really easy way to turn this into a finished piece of jewelry and like I mentioned is with a premade chain I have a 24 inch chain right here they do come in a variety of links so you can find all the supplies here that you see in this video at and I'm just going to take a jump ring open it up slide it around my focal piece and around my chain then just close that guy and we finished now what you can also do if you wanted to is you can add a couple more jump rings just to make that a little bit thicker and scale it's totally up to you or you could just leave it with one like you see here but there we have a finished piece of jewelry and I like how this way just lays pretty flat which is nice you see they come in came in these colors here there's black there's pink a whole bunch of other colors too so I hope you enjoyed this really quick video on how to make a larks head knot suede tassel again you can find everything you see here in other tutorial videos at you

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