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Hi, this is Kat with a bracelet using only three strands now the reason this is a really helpful idea is that sometimes you'll end up with a bead where the hole is just too small to fit two strands through so what this will end up doing is it'll make it a little bit easier to string on your beads and it will allow you to use some of those beads that you may have wanted to use in the past but couldn't get those two strands through so today I'm going to be using s long size 18 I have Czech glass tooth beads here I have a couple of wood beads as well and then I also have a pair of snips so what I'm gonna be showing you today is how to begin by doing this simple technique so that you can string on your single leads okay so go ahead and take your S LAN size 18 and for my purposes here I'm just gonna cut just one longer length and then a shorter length now depending on the bracelet that you're making your links will be obviously much different than this but just for the purposes of this video this is just what I'm going to show you so I have my longer lengths here I'm going to match up my ends and find that center point and then I'm going to take my shorter lengths and add that into the center just like so so now I have my three strands that I'm going to be using for my braid what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to just do a simple overhand knot make sure all three pieces get through there and now I'm just going to pull that up tight and this will be the formation of my loop so go ahead and make sure that all three strands kind of go through nice and evenly and just squeeze that up there there we go and that is my first knot and as you can see I have that single strand coming through and my loop just like so so now I'm going to take one of my wood beads and string it on to all three strands I'll get my first two going through and then I have the third one now these beads have a big enough hole that I can have three strands going through so that's definitely what you'll need to look for when you're using the beads for this portion of the bracelet and I'm going to go ahead and make sure that's nice and tight up against that knot right there so now I'm going to take my three strands again making another overhand knot now this one you're going to want to kind of scooch and make sure with your finger that it's going to be up nice and close to that wood bead there so just kind of keep pulling it through with your hand and making sure it's nice and tight so what this does is kind of creates a double knot effect but without adding any extra bulk there so because I've kind of hidden that with the wood bead now what you can do is go ahead and Bend this loop down take your snips or scissors and just snip off that little tail and then it kind of goes away so it looks like you just have a nice clean loop now you could add a dab of gs hypo cement or super new glue to that not just for a little extra security if you like but now as you'll notice I have my two long strands and my single short strand so now as I can do my square knots and string on my beads to this Center one and it'll look just like one of those macrame bracelets that has the four strands so it's really nice and easy so I hope you enjoyed this video for more videos and to find all of these supplies and the full project tutorial you'll go to you

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