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Hi, this is Julie with as pendants charms embellishments and findings and i have the pieces laid out here and they're really quite lovely i want to show you the pieces but then i also want to show you how you can seal the raw brass if you want to keep this gold color or also how you can go ahead and colorize it with some of the vintaj patinas so a lot to cover in this video but first i want to show you some of the pieces i'm gonna start with my favorite there's a little bunny a little squirrel and a little bee these are my favorite the detailing is so great on these guys you can see that they are one-sided so they are hollow on the back but that works great for jewelry design and these are really wonderful to layer together so all of in Tasha's pieces of course look great together I'm going to quickly go over these I'm not going to necessarily pick up each one but I do want to show you that there are wonderful little drops and hoops insects big huge filigree pieces which are great a whole bunch of different pieces for you to choose from so you can imagine how easy and beautiful at a pair of earrings would be with that piece you can just hang this guy from a chain and have him done a key and arrow wonderful bird different sizes of jump rings some twisted some not of course these great earring hooks which are wonderful just a nice shape to them and then various leaf shapes and then a feather here and a flower so a lot to choose from and they're all very very pretty and of course they have the quality of vintage so these are raw brass and that's important to note because it's something different than what you'll often see which has been plated or coated so these are unplayed it and I'll show you that some of them are going to have some color variation to them so if you look at these maybe if I put them down on white so just in these pieces that I've pulled out here you can see there is slight color variation already happening and that's because some of the are starting to oxidize then this will oxidize it will turn a much darker color will have a wonderful rich patina so if you were to just hang this on an earring hook as is over time it's going to change color and become quite a bit darker which is a wonderful look in and of itself and if you are going to do that I strongly recommend you also use all raw brass findings so you would use the raw brass earring hooks with the raw brass component piece with raw brass jump rings so that six months a year from now as this does oxidize it will be a very similar color so you don't have a plated earring hook that stays gold and then a focal piece that oxidizes but if you do want to keep this color there is a way of doing that and that is going to be to use the vintage glaze which is a metal sealer as well as a patina extender and you're going to paint it on and I'm going to do that here with this piece so it's very easy to do so I have just a disposable paintbrush and I have my glaze and I'm going to be using a dry paintbrush I'm not going to get it wet to begin with I'm gonna put a little bit patina down on my work surface and I'm going to paint on a very light coat and it helps sometimes if you dab it on like this so the paint doesn't get or not paint but sealer doesn't end up getting in those holes to the point where it fills in the holes but by dabbing it you are also getting the edges of this filigree piece I just want to make sure you coat all of it because if you do miss a spot it will start to oxidize in that spot so you might want to go over it a couple times like I'm doing just from different directions especially if it's a piece with a lot of detail make sure you get the edges as well but you see it's not changing the look of the piece at all it still looks the way it did originally but now it's gonna be able to keep this nice rich gold color so you'll let that dry and then what I would recommend if you've done that is I would recommend using a gold plated earring hook like so so that it all again matches because this now will not oxidize and then of course your earring hook should stay nice and bright and gold will tarnish a little bit but you can just polish it back up so that would be if you want to keep the gold color so now I want to show you how to add some color to these pretty raw brass pieces I'm going to show you two different techniques one is a wash and one was a solid color so I have some vintage patinas and these are from our design space they're well-loved there are many more colors available I just want to show you a sampling to show you the variety I'm going to be using that jade green patina and I'm going to start with the solid color technique first so shake it on up and as you see it's well loved yours will come completely clean there we go and now I'm just going to take a paintbrush and paint it on and you can see that's a nice solid color and these are specifically formulated to work on metal so you don't then actually need to seal it after you've used it so that is a solid color technique now I want to show you how to do a wash actually let me just finish painting this will give you a better comparison now if you wanted to bring out some of the detailing again you could take the vintaj relief block and go ahead and sand over the surface of this pretty pendant and it would pull out some of that detailing again but there is a solid color paint job now let me show you a wash so for our wash we're going to do a lot of glaze and just a little bit of color and then we're going to paint over it but you can see that now we're seeing a lot more of the gold beneath it and a lot more the detailing and we're just going to do a real thin coat here I'm gonna take my paintbrush do that on my work surface and pull off some of this paint because I want it to be a real nice sheer cut and you're not going to then need to seal this one either because you do have the patina paint as well as the glaze sealer on it okay so I'm going to see if I can carefully move these guys so you can see a side-by-side comparison with all my paint mess all right of course you'd wait till these dried if you were doing this at home let me try to scoot these guys to the white there we go so there is the wash and then here is a solid very different looks like I said you could also take the relief block and pull off some of that paint so that the detailing comes through even more which is another technique and then here we just used the clays to keep that nice warm gold color so three different things you can do with these raw brass pieces and actually I should say four because you can definitely just keep them in their raw brass form I've made a lot of jewelry just using the raw brass and it's lovely it looks beautiful but it will darken so make sure you match the findings appropriately so if you're keeping it raw brass use raw brass findings if you're going to do something where you're sealing that gold color in go ahead and use gold plated findings so you can find all of these pieces the patinas the glaze and a lot of other products to coordinate with them at

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