How to Add Patina to a Wax Stamp Style Charm

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to easily add patina to the recessed area of a wax stamp style charm. With or without the patina, these are lovely initial charms that you can use to personalize your jewelry projects.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and you can see that they look like wax stamps which is so fun i really do like these quite a bit so the entire alphabet is available and you'll see that they have the impression on the front side and then they're flat on the back side and they do have a nice sized hole they measure just under 20 millimeters around so depending upon where you measure it might be eighteen point five millimeters or nineteen point five millimeters but think of them just under twenty millimeters and they're really a great item that you can use in a lot of different applications I want to show you two different ways to use them in this video and then of course a lot of other options too so I recently did a video showing how to decorate these jewelry gift boxes if you're selling jewelry or giving them away as gifts so here we use Tim Holtz ideology tags for the little personalization but you can definitely use these guys as well how cute would that be maybe the initial of the recipient or whatever it might be maybe you want to spell out something even with these that would be very fun so that's one way of using them another way would be to put them on a premade chain necklace or charm bracelet like I have here so I have this charm bracelet by Nunn design it comes like this and then it'd be very easy to put one of these on to the bracelet itself so I have one here that obviously looks a little bit different than the others and I'm going to show you how to do that at the end of this video I just added some vintage patina to it but let's say you wanted to go ahead add the vintage patina and then you want to add it to a charm bracelet let me show you all you need to do is just open a jump ring slip it onto the charm and then slip that near the ring you don't want to put it near the toggle bar cuz the toggle bar has to go through the ring so you don't anything obstructing it of course you can put it anywhere along the charm bracelet too but here it is up near the clasp and now you've just created a custom personalized piece of jewelry very very easy so how do we get this look so I love these charms in and of themselves I think they're just absolutely beautiful but I do want to also show you how you can just add a little pop of color so I have a vintage patina it's carnelian so it's a great orange and I am just going to add it to the flat part behind the letter so we're going to shake up the patina and we're going to put a little bit down on a piece of plastic so it doesn't seep through my paper and onto my nice cloth now I'm just gonna use a toothpick as a paintbrush you can use a scrap piece of wire as well you just want to be sure something with a really nice point so I'm just going to carefully go in there and paint around the letter and the key to this is really go very slowly and very carefully so here's what it looks like now with that pop of color you see how the B really stands out and then here's what it would look like with black as the background of course Ben Tosh betina's come in a whole host of colors you can pick your favorite and then it's also really pretty just the way it is without adding any patina to it as well you can find these lead-free pewter alphabet charms the bracelet hang on design the boxes the patinas and everything else you need for all your jewelry making at you

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