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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com and the sort of nylon little cord here at the top so what I'm gonna show you here is that you can really choose your own charms to tell your own story so I did an example here so let's say you have a friend who's a photographer and maybe they love dogs you can kind of create a little personal charm just for them just by using a little bit of chain and of course if you didn't want to use three charms you can of course just use one so let's say you wanted to do something where you were gonna give a gift for a holiday or something we have some beautiful holiday charms here so you could just add one of those to these little guys and then add it to let's say a gift box or a bag or just you know by giving that little something extra it can go a long way so let's first talk about some of the charms that I have on my table here all right so kind of starting over here to the left we have lots of really fun animal charms and I love this little bear we have a panda a little acorns we have this really cool gold and silver and that's nice that's a nice little piece to tie in if you wanted to do a silver charm and then a gold charm and then you'd have this in the center very cool we have a little tiny giraffe here we have some bees and a beehive and then we get into some of the more seasonal stuff up here we have a pumpkin and we have a couple of turkeys there which are really fun let's say you're giving a little gift and you're bringing it over for Thanksgiving you can of course attach one of these and then we have some great Halloween charms up here Christmas of course this is really fun and this is where I'm talking about some of that gift wrapping and then what's cool is that we do have some of these charms that face one way and then face the other and they actually come together as a pair so that's a really nice little thing there so I have my little angels here and then I have some menorahs and a dreidel here so really cool stuff and then we see the popularity of unicorns growing so we wanted to bring in some unicorns some rainbow pretty Pegasus and then this one's actually kind of coolest so this is a little heart and on one side it says naughty and on the other side it says nice so just a cute little thing to add as well and of course let's say you're a mom or you're a sports fan or your dad and you want to you know give out some sports charms this is a really great thing and then you can choose some great coordinating colors so let's say your kid is on the football team and you know you want to do the little helmet with a little football and then your colors are you know blue and white so you can add some blue and white crystals there or you know put them on the blue charm so speaking of the colors here I have them up here so we have a cool yellow a blue black pink red purple and green and the reason I have all these piled here is you actually get a lot of twenty so it's this is why I say it's good for gifts because you're gonna get a whole bunch in each little lot there all right so then over here just to round out my charms I have some of those three-dimensional charms and these are just so cute I love the little puppy dog and our little Halloween Kitty with his little hat super adorable and really really fun and I have this guy so this is what it looks like when you just have just one charm on there and I have my little zebra alright so let's talk really quick before I make one about how to actually attach these so I have just an example keyring here but you can attach these to a zipper a keyring ribbon on a box anything so really easily all you're gonna do is you're going to tie a larks head knot so you're gonna take your loop here and string it through and then through this loop that's here you're gonna take that charm and sort of feed it through there and when you pull it down you're gonna see that little larks head knot happen so now you've attached it right just like so and you're gonna have this little lobster clasp so you can actually change out your charm if you wanted to if you decide to do it this way now there's nothing saying that you can't attach your charms to the actual sort of fabric here the nylon here so you can actually have all of your charms here let's say I'll show you on this one so you know all of your terms down here let's say you wanted to really stack them up and then you use this little lobster clasp to attach to your zipper or whatever it is so lots of options here alright so I'm going to make one now and I think I want to do something seasonal I'm gonna kind of use this design as as my test here but I think I'm gonna pull together let's say I really love this one here and let's do a cute little Santa face there and I think I'm gonna do the candy cane I want mine to be really really pretty and colorful and I think for this one I'm gonna pick out that red one I think it's just gonna go really really nicely alright so I have just some very simple Rolo chain and this is a great use if you just have some scraps of chain hanging around to utilize for this and then I have some 5 millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and then for tools I just have some chain nose pliers that are gonna help me with those jump rings and some flush cutters to help me with that chain alright so let's see here so the first thing I want to do is let's go ahead and kind of open one of my jump rings and I think I want to have it sit like that so I want my tree to be the one on the bottom so I think this is going to be my shortest one here so let's go ahead and loop that on and I have an extra little scrap here this is only a few links so I'm just gonna add that on and close that up alright so let's say that's my first one there so now I want to do at least a length of chain that's gonna kind of make that sit a little a little high there there we go so just kind of eyeballing it so I'm gonna come in and I'm actually gonna kind of cheat so I'm gonna actually pick this up with my flush cutters there and I'm just gonna trim my chain alright and again just take and open your jump ring this uses very simple tools very basic techniques and there's no real wrong way to do it because you're just creating something really fun alright and close that up making sure we have a nice good closure alright now let see here so now I'm just kind of eyeballing where the top of that's gonna be all right so now for my third one to make sure that it lands where I want it to I'm gonna slip it on to the edge of the chain there slip on my charm close it up and now what I want to do is I just want to kind of eyeball that just to make sure that it's gonna have a nice little tiered effect all right and I'm gonna come in and kind of find the link that I want to cut cut straight across there sorry just protecting my eyes all right so now I have my three little chains there so all I want to do is take one more jump ring twist it to open and now here's one trick that I like to do I like to put my longest one in the center and then stagger the other two on the outside just like so so when I go to pick it up I'm gonna pick up my little candy cane here and then I'm gonna pick up my little tree and then I'm gonna pick up my Santa all on my jump ring there and now go ahead and close that jump ring up there you go so now I have my little charm here and all I need to do is just take my little lobster clasp open it and hook on my little charms and there you go so now you have just a fun little dangling and this is great let's say you know you go into a party and you want to jazz something up this is wonderful and again it's just it's a great use of kind of extra little scraps of chain and get me a link my links out of the way this is a really easy project to personalize just choose your favorite charms and you're good to go thanks for joining me guys today you can subscribe by hitting that subscribe button below and you can find all of these supplies and even more by heading over to beadaholique.com

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