How to Make the Champagne & Ice Earrings with Gita Settings for Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Champagne & Ice Earrings which feature Austrian crystal chatons, pear pendants, and a lovely Gita Jewelry earring setting. These earrings are very easy to make and the video will teach you how to set the crystal chaton into the prong setting using a popsicle stick and how to attach the pear pendant with a jump ring. The video also showcases other examples of earrings featuring Gita Jewelry settings and Austrian crystals. Everything in the video can be purchased at

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with Gold patina which I just love it so vintage and deco looking and then the main focal of this is this wonderful guida finding and this is specifically made to work with Swarovski crystals so it's wonderfully perfectly sized so if we look at the finding itself it has this nice graceful leather back to it opens very nicely and is a complete setting and this one has a little loop which is going to allow us to hang our pear Pandit from it so quickly before I show you how to make this I want to just show you a couple of these other wonderful settings by Gita findings with their crystals already attached so these ones do not have loops I want to show you that they are available and everything here is available at this one has a little ruefully in it and this one actually has two stones which is quite fun a cushion stone and then a little shit on and you can see how that looks again these beautiful lever backs and then this one actually has a crystal surround and this is a glue in and then we got a wonderful oval fancy stone here in this Montana blue so for the earring though that we're going to be making we want to use a setting that has a little loop at the base and so here you see it in silver again it's got these prongs I'm going to teach you how to set the prongs and to do that we're going to be using just a simple popsicle stick and then I'm going to show you how to attach the little pear pendant before we begin with our actual project I do want to just show you that this crystal gold patina looks really great in the rhodium plate so we have a rhodium plate as well as gold plate if you're not familiar with rhodium plate is this really nice silver tone here we go let's make this so the only other tools you're gonna need besides the popsicle stick are two chain nose pliers to open and close your jump ring let's start by setting our crystal so this is an SS 39 'shit on it comes in a whole host of colors but I love this patina so you're going to set it down in there and you can see how it just it's in there very nicely then you're just going to I like to just kind of press down on it I'm gonna take my popsicle stick and I'm going to push one of the prongs down and then I go to the diagonal prong I find that just helps me to set it nice and straight it might pop out the first time with the first prong but then you just pop it back in once you set the second prong it will not pop out okay there's the second prompt now I'm going to go over to the side and then again diagonal across and then what I like to do is once I have all of them set down I like to go back and really kind of make sure that they're very secure and what I do is I do like a nice little gentle rolling process just kind of start on the side and then push up and over and because this popsicle stick is made of wood you can really kind of do that without worrying about damaging your crystal okay we are set so that crystal is in there and now I just want to attach the pair so if you're familiar with a lot of our videos and our terminology we often say an open ring or a closed ring so this is a closed ring and what that means it's just that it doesn't have a slit in it like an open jump ring that you could open and close so if you want to attach something to it you're going to need to attempt use a jump ring or some type of wire wrapping jump ring is super easy though I have a six millimeter 19 gauge jump ring here I'm just going to grab it on either side of the opening with the opening up top and twist it open slide on my pair now I mean real quick back up a minute if you see this crystal gold patina it actually looks very different on the side so this one is clear with the patina on the back and then this one has a patina on the front facing forward I like to show it facing forward because I just love what to me almost looks like old mercury glass it's a very kind of vintage aged look so I just want that facing forward I'm gonna link it through that little ring that's already attached and just close my jump ring and it's that easy and then you have this really pretty earring which i think is perfect for parties or going out just a nice beautiful earring that just glistens but still looks all vintage II and interesting so again I'm calling these a champagne and ice earrings you can make them in a wide variety of colors and if you are interested in these earrings the ones you see here or other Ghita findings we've got bracelets and necklaces and rings as well as well as post earrings to please check out where you can find all the settings and all the crystals

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