How to Make Earrings with Gita Settings for Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to quickly and easily make a pair of lovely earrings featuring a Gita Jewelry earring setting and using Austrian crystals. In the video you will learn how to set the stones using a popsicle stick and will also be able to see other styles of Gita Jewelry earring settings. The earrings featured in the video are called the Cabo Stroll Earrings and can be found at

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and you see that got half of them divided into the gold-plated and this other half has rhodium plated so really a pretty finishes on these guys and they are specifically made to go with different Strasse ski crystal sizes so you'll see some of them have two crystals and they'll actually list on the beadaholique website which ones fit into these different ones but you see that there's some oval shapes some wonderful big rounds there's going to be ones for cushion stone settings pear-shaped a whole bunch of different ones and you'll notice if I pick one up and we look at it it has a prong setting now all of these are prong set I'm going to show you how to set your stones with a popsicle stick now there are some tools available as well you can check out other videos by which shows you how to use those tools but I want to show you a popsicle stick there is one exception this one here is a glue and setting and that's just a really pretty setting as well it also has the lever back and if we look at the lever back it's really a lovely graceful shape it's a good size as well and just very nice quality and this is very secure you see how that lines up nice into the back so comfortable to wear and these are all nicely attached as well so the gold is just beautiful and stunning and you see some have like a little wire not wire but a little metal bridge almost like cup chain which has a couple attached there we've got ones with a crystal surround there's other ones let me find it here this guy has a little crystal already attached so you just add whichever color you want this would be a beautiful birthstone piece so a lot of different options we also have them in rhodium plate as well which is this wonderful kind of silver tone and then nice big pair and I've done some finished examples here for you so here is one of the ones with the crystal surround and we put a lovely big shut on in there you see how that is set here's one with an oval shape and this is a Montana blue I love this color and I think it goes so pretty with that rhodium plate then over here we've added a lovely emerald crystal so this is a Rivoli you see that nice pointed top to it and then now I'm going to show you how to do it with this to set one so this has two different stones and so the top stone is gonna be an SS 39 and we're going to be using this crystal azure blue and then we're gonna be using light coral so this is a crystal like coral in the cushion stone setting and this is a 12 millimeter cushion and again don't worry about guessing which crystals go with these you're gonna find that all listed on the website okay so I am going to go ahead and hold this in my hand and I want to set this little guy first so I just plop him in there so you see how he is really perfectly sized for that and now I'm gonna take my popsicle stick and I've already used this you can see a little bit of like dents in there but you keep reusing the same popsicle stick over and over and I'm just going to push down that prong over the crystal and that's nice because this is wood so it's not going to damage your crystal now I'm gonna rotate it and I want to go diagonal I want to be setting diagonal and that just keeps the stone from kind of ending up at an angle just bend that one in and now we're gonna go over to this side so keep rotating it I've been that one over and now I'm gonna bend this last one over as well and then I always like to do one final pass through once it's set just to kind of make sure it's set nicely okay so that one is done you look at the side profile in the back really pretty okay now we have the cushion stone and I'm gonna pop that guy in there as well and I'm gonna hold him in place and I'm gonna do the same thing so I'm gonna go one corner and the first one it will still come out like you can see right here that's why you're going to be going diagonal push that one in place and then the next one rotate push that guy in place and then go back again and do one final pass over and you can even do a slightly rolling motion if you want so you can start from the edge and roll up and over and that's always handy too okay so we have it all set now I want to show you the difference in these two because I actually did do something a little different and this is just a design choice on this one I set this crystal first and so this one in this particular case sits slightly on top of the one that you set first so let me put this one down now in this case I set this guy first and then if you can kind of see this one it's just ever so slightly on top of it so when you are setting these if you do have a setting let's find another one that's got let me see where may you be that has multiple stones together just keep in mind that whichever one you set last will sit slightly on top of the other one in some cases not every case but some cases it will do that so just keep that in mind when you're designing but these are so easy to do and you just see how they Sparkle and they look great from the side and those are not gonna come out you don't need to use any glue so that's really nice as well and all we did was use the popsicle stick so you've got a really pretty little pair of earrings right here I'll show you these other ones again real quick it's so pretty and sparkly and all of these are available at both the settings as well as a whole host of crystals in a wonderful array of color these are all Sourav ski crystals as well so I hope you enjoyed this overview video and learned how to set them popsicle stick do check out our other videos because there are also rings bracelets and necklaces by Gita findings and we show you how to use them and also how to use some of the specific tools that work well with these

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