How to Paint Vintaj Patina on Chain and Make a Necklace

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn how to easily paint on Vintaj patina to the tips of fishbone chain. This technique can easily be adapted to a wide variety of chain styles. At the end of the video learn how to take a finished chain necklace, cut it, and attach it to the painted fishbone chain segment. The result is a striking customized jewelry design.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and this really creates a nice customized look so vintage a patina I have a couple colors right here but it comes in a whole host of colors it is a permanent fast drying ink so it's really a paint that you can put on two different pieces of metal whether it's a vintage piece or a piece of chain and it just adds a whole different element and a whole different look so I've got two samples here that have already started so I have a fishbone chain I've added this pretty deep turquoise to the edges and then I have a triangle pendant chain that I've added a really pretty jade green to the tips of so I want to my thought is is I want to make a necklace using six inches of the fishbone chain painted on both sides and the back side too and then I want to cut a premade chain necklace and hang that six inch focal from the center so I'm going to show you how to go about doing all of that so to paint your chain what I found is most helpful is to take a scrap piece of wire or in my case here I have a bent head pin that happens I always keep them because they're very useful for different applications and I'm gonna thread it through the end chain link of my fishbone chain and I'm just gonna bend it up and I'm gonna take a little piece of tape and tape it to my work surface I was just some paper down which is protecting my table and what this does is it allows me to hold the chain away from the painted area so I'm not trying to go like this to secure it and I have just a little cup of water you can see I've actually already been doing a little bit of painting I have just a paintbrush it doesn't have to be anything fancy you always want to shake up your patina before you use it and this is so easy to do so we're just gonna put a little bit of paint down dip our paintbrush in it and I'm holding my chain steady and I'm just going over the tips and it creates almost an enamelled effect it's real pretty it has a nice little shine to it and you see how easy this is I'm able to go real fast and you could paint just the very tip or you could go further in totally up to you and I'm gonna do enough that will give me a good clean six inches of fully patina and I have my ruler here to help guide me so I'm gonna go down to about here and I did not pre-cut my chain and I did that so I had extra lengths to hold on to again just not wanting to have to worry about touching an area with wet paint so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna let this dry and it is pretty fast drying so I'm not gonna have to wait more than about 15 minutes or so and then I'm gonna paint the other side I'm gonna wait 15 minutes flip it over and repeat and at that point I'm gonna come back I'm gonna show you how to cut this fishbone chain and then how to make it really quickly and easily into a very pretty necklace with a beautiful focal I finished painting both sides of the fishbone chain for the length that I wanted so you can see we have one side with all the little spikes painted and we have the other side and I did that just in case your necklace flips over I thought it'd be nice to do that so now I'm gonna examine my work and see where it really starts to look perfect or not perfect but at least consistent so if you look at this side it's looking pretty good I did notice though I missed a few at the start of this side so I'm just gonna trim those off so I have a nice clean area to be the end of my necklace so I'm just gonna trim these Center links and take that away okay so now is painted on both sides at the beginning and originally I said six inches I think I ended up painting a little bit more than six inches no to here so I'm gonna go with that it's about seven and a half inches a little bit more than that this is really up to you how long you want your length to be it's just so pretty I want to use a lot of it okay and so the remaining links are all connected so even though I cut off the end ones or connected through their Center core and it is like I said about seven and a half inches so the way to really quickly and easily make a necklace out of this is to take a pre-made chain so I have a silver plated pre-made finished chain it already has the clasp attached to it and this was an 18 inch necklace I really do like this length I'd like to keep my necklace length at 18 inches so if this was an 8 inch length I would just need 10 inches of chain so I need just a little bit more than 10 inches because this was just a little under 8 inches so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna put this my ruler so there's five inches and then of course the other side is five inches so that will give me ten inches I'm just gonna scoot it up a little bit to make it ever so slightly longer and then I'm just gonna cut it and I want to make sure that my links are lined up so I have an equal length on each side that looks good to me can I cut through these two links so why there's two okay a little bit of cut chain left always save your scraps you never know when you're gonna need to do them maybe you're gonna do a layering necklace sometime you just need a little swag maybe you're gonna make a pair of earrings you're gonna cut this in half and have two dangles never toss chain links are always something you're gonna be able to do with them so I've got that clasp in the middle and now I just need to attach a jump ring to either side and my end chain links I'm gonna do this where you can see it a little bit better for my necklace the end chain links so here we go we've got a jump ring and we're gonna open it up by gripping it on either side with a pair of chain nose pliers and I've got a pair of bent nose as well twist it we're gonna connect this to the end chain link as well as the end chain link of your cut chain necklace close it back up and we're just gonna repeat on the other side making sure that our fishbone chain is not twisted bent nose pliers are really great if you do a lot of opening and closing of jump rings they're very handy they allow you to really see what you're doing I like to have a pair of bent nose and a pair of chain nose and close it back up and just like that we have a finished necklace so I want to put it on this little white bust that I pulled cuz I think I'm really helped to show how pretty that finished patina is so there is our finished design and really it looks like a lot more complicated than it actually was we had the finished chain necklace that we cut two jump rings and just a length a fishbone chain and we just patina those tips so it really pops and stands out and looks very customized and original but it was so simple to make so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to add vintage patina chain and if you liked it you can check out other videos at you

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