How to Mix and Match Vintage Style Acetate to Create Trendy Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the lovely variety of colors and how easy it is to use the acetate focals from Zola Elements. Thanks to their easy geometric shapes you can create endless combinations for lightweight vintage style jewelry.
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hi this is kat with a k-- fun lightweight geometric earrings so you can use these of course for all kinds of different things but I wanted to focus a little bit on the earrings today just because I always like to wear something that's really nice and lightweight for summer so this is perfect alright so let's start by talking about some of these beautiful colors that we have so over here all the way to the left we have a honeycomb it's a beautiful golden color and it's got nice little swirls in it very vintage style I love this one and I added just some gold chain swags there to the bottom just to kind of keep that nice silhouette happening in that chandelier finding over here we have the emerald marbled and again I paired this with gold you'll see that I paired many of these with gold but they could also look wonderful with silver we have the Lagoon here and this is a nice Brown blue and green combined so really nice and earthy I love that one and over here down at the bottom I have the tide pool and up here you can see more of that honeycomb so don't be afraid to mix and match a lot of these they're gonna look really beautiful together up here we have the moon dance and that is a pink green and blue sort of swirl and it looks almost kind of 80s style I love that one over here we have brown sugar and over here we have the abalone and you can see that it's got all kinds of different colors it almost looks like a planet and that's why I wanted to use this big coin here this coin pendant because I thought it would just be really really beautiful in a nice focal drop earring and then the main thing that I'm gonna be working with here today is the gold foil now you can see on my great abel here that it's actually a clear piece so when i pick a piece up you'll see that there's actually no color you know behind it so you really get to see all those beautiful little gold foil flecks in there and I just love this this is going to be really fun and truly a vintage style okay so what have I done here the you can kind of take away so I want to point out these two earrings here these are on posts and the reason I did that is just to sort of have a nice little vintage style a lot of things weren't on hooks you know back in the 70s and 80s so I just thought I'd kind of give a little nod to that by putting those on some posts also I used some larger jump rings here to really bring out that gold because I needed it to just pop just a little bit more you can see over here I used a different little style hook than what I'm gonna be using here today it's a little bit of a smaller hook but I thought that was okay because the chain down here is just a very fine Rolo chain so I thought it would still be nice and lightweight so it wouldn't really you know kind of bother the ear as you wear it throughout the day and then up here this is what i was talking with i thought these would look really nice with silver so I just did some simple wire loops here and just attach those to a ball hook earring hook there you go alright so these ones here they all use a very similar thing now you can see that this chain is actually the same that I used over here on the honeycomb but what I did was I just added it with a couple of jump rings and some earring hooks now one thing I want to say is that I designed these three earrings and I'm gonna design this same earring here today using the same jump rings and the same earring hooks and the reason I did that is because when you purchase a whole bunch of jump rings and a whole bunch of earring hooks I don't know about you guys but I like to use them and as much as I can so I made it really easy for you so basically all you need to do is purchase some earring hooks and some jump rings here now these are five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings but they're gonna work for most of the styles here now the reason I had to use some larger jump rings here is mostly for the style but you'll notice that some of the pieces the holes are a little bit different from the other so just be careful when you're purchasing that so you can also get some larger jump rings and some smaller jump rings so again these are five millimeter 20 gauge if you want to go a little bit bigger these are 7.4 if you want to kind of get a happy medium I would recommend a 6 millimeter 20 gauge jump ring that'll kind of get you through everything and really allow you to play with a lot of these different styles so you're gonna see how that comes to okay so let's talk about the geometry of this now I've been seeing a really fun trend in mix-and-match jewelry so I thought I would do something kind of fun with that today so what I've done here is I've sort of taken some of these pieces now this piece is a really unique piece because it has three holes but you'll notice that his little buddy over here has two holes so you can actually like put things together and make you know really fun kind of deconstructed pendants there so really a lot a lot of options you can do the same with this piece here you'll notice this one has three holes but this one only has two so if you wanted to you can put that together you can put something in the center there's a lot of fun options there so let's say you wanted to kind of put something like that together and then put that in there you can add chain in between kind of make it a deconstructed piece a lot of fun options there okay so let's see here so I'm gonna move this one outside because what I want to do is I actually want to take this one and I kind of pre-planned this out so I'm gonna attach these ones here and then I'm gonna add this little teardrop right down here because I kind of like that this one is bottom-heavy just because you see a lot of that gold down there so I thought that was really kind of cool and then for my second earring I'm gonna actually pair it with a nice long gated shape and then this coin here so what I'm trying to achieve is I know I won't get it perfectly even across but at least the same weight that's sort of what I was going for now you could absolutely do something like this with something like this where it's like you have a big drop and a chain and then this one on the other side you know get really funky with it so there's a lot of options to play with so really simply all you're gonna need for a lot of these projects is just a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and what I want to point out to you is that the only ones that needed some flush cutters are the ones with the chain and the simple wire loop so you can use these guys here so let's go ahead and let's kind of put this together real quick and you're gonna see how easy it is and it actually is really fun to work with these geometric shapes so all I'm gonna be doing is just opening and closing jump rings that's it so this is a great little beginner project and now you'll get a chance to see what I mean about these are going to be really tight and close the five millimeter 20 gauge jumper but I like it because they kind of then have a chance to get a little hidden there so we're just gonna hide that there so you can see there's not a lot of space and kind of put my finger behind it there's not a lot of space in between these two but it is enough to allow it to swing a little bit and that's really what I'm going after okay so let's add this jump ring to the top now and this would be really cool you can add in some crystals I've actually seen some great bead weaving off of these especially those teardrops you can hang some fringe or some chain there's a lot of great great fun things to do okay so we added one jump ring up there to the top and here I have some kind of pre jump ring pre open jump rings for me I'm gonna hook one jump ring on there and then slide on my little hook and because a lot of these acetate pieces are very unique you can decide from the front or the back which side you want to show especially with the more colorful pieces so that's always something to consider as well all right now let's move on to this guy over here and I would totally wear these together and another neat little thing about the zola elements that we sell at beadaholique in pairs so let's say you wanted to make a true mix-and-match pair like I'm doing here by purchasing the supplies you'll actually get to make two pairs of these earrings because you'll have the others sort of left over so that's also something to just kind of consider as well sorry I'm just fixing my plier there all right let me just get that there all righty and we're gonna slide this one onto this side slide it up here now again you can see how this is really nice and tight it's the way I prefer it however if you have kind of a mixed bag of jump rings you can sort of see what you want to do I just want it to be really nice and close on this one and I'll show you the difference here a little bit more up close in just a moment there we go mm-hmm and I just love this because this is kind of great if you're sort of in a pinch and you're like oh I need some earrings or I need a quick present for someone these are gonna be great because they're again they're lightweight so they're not really gonna bother the ear and that's always something that I'm looking for especially in the summer you know I I have really long hair so I'm always looking to put my hair up and wear a really fun pair of stunning earrings but I don't want to be aching by the end of the day with my ears you know so go for something lightweight I mean it's summer it's hot enough let's not make it worse on ourselves girls alright so one more up at the top there and now I'm going to add my final jump ring which will attach my earring hook and I know this might be a little too funky for some of you and some of you might go oh I can go even further go for it if you're feeling it go for it that is what I love about all of this stuff alright so there is my pair of earrings you can see that they're pretty evenly matched you know in terms of length up and down so that's just really really fun and this is the other earring that I wanted to kind of pull in and show you side by side so you can see that in this one there's a little bit more of a gap and it's because I use those larger jump rings so that is an option for you as well it is entirely up to you entirely up to your style but I just thought it would be kind of neat to create several pairs of earrings and it's these four here all using the same jump rings and the same earring hooks so that if you wanted to you can just buy a whole bunch of acetate in your favorite colors and then mix and match whatever you want and everything you want I even think these two would look really great together because you can pull out some of that gold so lots of really fun options with this and it's wonderful it's affordable perfect for summer alright I hope you've enjoyed this video thanks so much for watching and if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from betta Holly and of course you can see even more tutorial videos and shop this entire collection by heading over to you

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