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hi this is kat with now today I'm using some beautiful focus from Zola elements and I have brought out the lagoon color so this one really shows you just the beautiful blues greens and even that nice earthy Brown that makes up this Laguna color so what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna make a really nice pair of lightweight geometric earrings and to do that I'm going to be using the two little stick drops here I'm gonna be using a coin connector and a coin pendant and then I'm also going to be using this little half moon crescent shape here and this one has three holes in it we also do have a version that has two holes so you can see if some of the other shapes here and really when you're working with this stuff every piece is really unique which makes it kind of fun so I am gonna be using a nice little earring post here that has a loop at the bottom and I brought out a little bullet clutch to finish that and then over here I have some lovely little jump rings now these are nice large jump rings these are about seven point four millimeters and it's gonna add a little bit of something to the design I wanted to bring out a little bit more gold just to kind of bring up the brown that is gonna be in this earring so let's go ahead and I'm gonna kind of show you how I'm gonna assemble this here so I'm gonna take this piece and this again has those three little holes there I'm gonna put one stick on either side and these are just really cool they're gonna kind of just hang down and be really really fun and dangly let's make sure we line up our loops there because on these sticks they have holes at one end not both so then I'm gonna take the connector coin and I'm gonna actually kind of nestle it in the front there it just right in the center and then here I'm gonna connect that down there at the bottom and then we're gonna do a really neat little cool connection that's gonna have a nice little metal element at the top there okay so let's go ahead and make some of these connections first and to do that we're just gonna take a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and just twist open some jump rings here and I'm just gonna start assembling so this is just gonna be really really easy but the zola elements the acetate pieces are really fun to work with you can do a lot of really neat things with these guys I love working with them they're so geometric they are really lightweight which makes them perfect for summer jewelry so something to think about all right here we go and another thing is that all pieces are different from the front and from the back so you can sort of mix and match and see which one you want to put where like if I wanted this one to be on the other side as opposed to this side here so there's a lot of different things you can do and what I recommend is sort of putting the earring together and then putting that earring hook on very last which you're gonna see we're gonna do so that you can kind of take a look at both sides and see which one you want to be the front okay so we have that one ready to go and a little bit more here so I'm gonna connect these two pieces first hooking on that looking on that one there closing that up there we go all right the last thing I'm going to do here before we start adding that hook is to go through and I'm gonna add this I'm just sort of situating it in my pliers so I can scoop it through there we go cuz I'm gonna add this to that Center one right there so you might need to be a little creative so I'm gonna kind of set mine down there a little bit there we go my little pliers in there and close that up and make sure all of your jump rings have nice good and solid closures okay so you can see that we have our little earring here let me kind of flip it all around there we go so it's gonna hang and it's gonna have a really kind of cool geometric effect but what I want you to realize and the reason that we're gonna do this little technique here is that up here at the top that hole is too small to fit two jump rings so you can't just add another jump ring so we're gonna do a little workaround so I played around with this and I thought it was I thought it was kind of neat alright so what we're gonna do so I'm gonna take one jump ring open it just a little bit and attach it to this front part right here so we're just gonna let that hang for a second and then go ahead and flip your earring over to the back and we're gonna repeat that on this side so again take your jump ring give it a little twist sneak it in here and again we want to make sure we have a nice good closure no walky jump rings okay so now looking at it we're gonna kind of fold both of those jump rings up so they kind of make a little knot just like that so you can see right there okay so laying that down very carefully what we're gonna do is we're gonna open another jump ring slide it through so it catches both of those jump rings so you can see from the side we kind of have a little chain maille type thing happening here so catch it on both of those sides and now here's where you're going to want to decide whether you put your earring hook on this way or this way depending on which way you want your pieces to face so I'm going to go ahead and put mine on facing this direction and now I'm just gonna close that final jump ring up add on my little bullet clutch and that is my earring so you can just see and I'll let you see really nice and close how that looks it's got a nice little chainmail there to the side and those nice big jump rings really do add a little nice metallic element to these nice lightweight earrings so that is how to make the Hawaiian Lagoon earrings you can see even more tutorials and even more videos by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique you

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