How to Metal Stamp a 3D Bar Pendant and Make a Necklace

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll learn how to hand stamp an ImpressArt pewter bar pendant on three sides with inspirational words, and create a personalized necklace. You'll also see a selection of metal stamping tools and blanks, and find out how to patina your stamping to add contrast. Full of tips for beginners!
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique to show you how to metal stamp a three sided pendant and make a necklace so I have an impress art stamping blank here in soft strike pewter and this rectangular bar style lets you metal stamp on three sides so you can stamp on the front and the two sides and you can actually stamp on the back but on the back there's a little eye a for impress art so that would be hidden against you and this shape is really great for a meaningful phrase or a series of names or whatever you'd like to stamp on it stamping blanks come in a lot of different shapes sizes and materials so I have a couple here here is another impress art blank this is also in pewter in a teardrop shape and I just put a phrase on it and the letters are patinaed with impress arts stamp enamel which I'll get to in a little bit and right next door I have a couple of Nunn design stamping blanks these are plated in antique gold and I just put these pieces on some Nunn design earring wires and added some Yuki delicacy beads for color and you can also use silver filled stamping blanks this is a guitar pick shape it doesn't have a hole but you can punch a hole in it and we also have sterling silver here are some great plates you can actually bend these using our bracelet bender to make a cool bracelet tag and finally we also have a couple of blanks in gold filled these are very itty bitty they're really great for just adding a little initial tag to a piece of jewelry to personalize it so as you can see lots of materials I wouldn't recommend starting with the sterling or the gold filled if you've never stamped before I would recommend starting with a slightly more affordable material and then working up to the precious metals for this project I'm going to be using some impress art alphabet metal stamps and I'm using the newsprint font in lowercase and these are four millimeter stamps and I just really like this font and this set actually comes as part of a metal stamping kit that I'll just show you real fast this is an impress our kit that comes with the alphabet punches and a hammer and a miniature stamping block so it's really great for somebody just getting started in metal stamping but today I'm just going to be using the letters from that set and I'm going to be using my favorite and press art hammer which is nice and hefty and my favorite bench block so this piece actually comes out it has a rubber base and I just find it really nice and solid and I'm also going to be using this impress our stamp enamel to patina the letters and make it really stand out in the metal blank and to complete this project and make it a necklace I have a gunmetal finish chain necklace right here and some head pins and some sort of ski crystal bicones so I'll show you what to do with that when we're done with our stamping so let's start with the stamping now I would recommend starting from whichever end you want to align your word to and I think I want to have my word aligned to the bottom so I'm gonna do a little inspirational message I'm gonna say grow on the front so I'll just take out my stamps and I'm gonna start from the bottom which means I'm going to be stamping the word backwards so I'll start with the W and what you want to do is if you can see on one side of the metal stamp it says impress art with the letter and that's the side that you want facing you to make sure your letter is oriented the right way so I'm just going to turn this upside down and I'm going to place it near the bottom of this pendant I'll get my hammer ready and I'm just aligning this stamp with the bottom of the front of the pendant and I'm somebody who just does one whack with metal stamping I don't do a serious here goes all right so there's my W aligned to the bottom of the piece and now comes my O and when you're stepping vertically you just want to get your spacing right so basically I'm just going to align the bottom edge of the stamp with the top of the previous letter if I was stamping horizontally I would worry about having my letters in a straight line and for that I would use some stamped straight tape which as you can see gets your letter is nice and aligned but I'm going vertically so I'm just worrying about my up-and-down spacing so I'm just going to align my next letter make sure it's nice and straight and give it a good whack alright moving right along I'm gonna do my R now so now I finished my first word and I'm just gonna flip the pen and over on the side and do my second word and OneNote is when you start your second word as if you're working from the bottom up like on the first side make sure you align your bottom letter with the bottom letter on the first side to make sure the words are nice and even on all sides of your pendant so now I finished my pendant I have words on the front and both sides of the pendant and actually one neat tip about this pendant is if you want you can actually practice stamping on the back because no one will see the back so just to make sure your pressure is right and get going you can use the back of this piece but if you're going to give it as a gift I recommend starting clean and just having your phrase on the three sides that are visible so anyway now that the letters are here you can see that they're not really contrasty from the metal so the way we achieve that contrasting look is by patina the letters and for that I'm going to use this impress our stamp enamel to darken the letters so I'm gonna set up my workspace here and just clear out my hammer and my metal stamps and my bench block and you'll need some paper towels for this because this is ink and it sets rather quickly so you'll want to make sure your workspace is nice and protected so I have this stamp enamel here I'm just gonna take off the top and as you can see it has a really nice fine applicator tip so that's great for really getting the ink into the recesses and the grooves of your punched letters so I'm just going to squeeze a little bit of paint out and really use that applicator tip to push it into the grooves of the letters making sure all parts of the letters are covered and it only takes a couple of seconds to set so now I'm just going to take a paper towel and I'm just going to wipe away the extra pay okay I think that looks good so I'm going to do the second side now same process just push that patina into the grooves of the letters make sure it gets nice and coated and then after a few seconds just wipe away the extra and I will do the third side okay I think my piece is done now make sure you got all the paint off from the places that you don't want it oops I made a little bit of a smear it's gonna take care of that alright so now that my pendant is done I'm gonna go ahead and put it on the finish chain necklace so what I'm gonna do is actually I'm gonna open it and as you can see this pendant has a nice wide hole so it'll actually fit on to 1.5 millimeter chord or leather and it will fit directly on to this chain so all I'm gonna do is just remove part of the clasp to slip it on to the chain and I'm using my favorite wubbers pliers so I'm just opening up the jump ring that holds on the tag closure and I'm just going to slip the chain through the hole of the pendant and now I'll replace that jump ring with the tag I actually love using gunmetal findings with this impress art pewter because the pewter is kind of a deeper metal color than straight silver and it has kind of an antique look so I just think it looks really great with gunmetal and the gun metal plating really draws out the darkened patina of the letters so I think it makes a nice cohesive design so I'm gonna add a little embellishment to my necklace by taking a head pin and adding a little bicone I don't need such a big head pin but I like these because they have these decorative balls on the end so I'm just going to put on one Saurav Sookie crystal bicone and take my pliers I'm using my favorite Webber's pliers and I'm just going to make a simple wire loop I'll make a loop a little bit larger because it's going to sit directly on this chain alright and I'm just gonna cut off the excess wire with my flush cutters and I'll just open that loop the same way you open a jump ring just twisting it open and I will place that over the chain and just close that loop up alright and now the necklace is finished so now I have an inspirational three-sided pendant necklace with a little crystal embellishment and you can embellish this any way you want with charms birthstones gemstones and of course hand stamp whatever words are meaningful to you on your charm you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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