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Hi, this is Kat with and i just want to take a moment here at the beginning to kind of showcase these a little bit so what you're going to get with these is if you can kind of see on camera here there are little guide lines here and we have two three four five six seven and eight and these help gauge a millimeter so the reason I brought the packaging out today is to kind of show you the different sizes that you can make and the loop rate will give you a nice circular loop and this is great for creating your own head pins or let's say you wanted to create just some jump rings this is great so I did a little I pin here so you can do that kind of thing or actually if you wanted to and I'll show you here how I'm gonna do it with the squares you can make a really nice decorative head pin so that'll kind of work the same way if you didn't want to hang something off of that but I would still consider this an eye pin because it does have that lovely little loop there so that's the loop right pliers now the square right pliers are going to do a very similar thing and if I can just sort of flip that over I hope this is showing up on camera there for you you're gonna get two three four five six seven and eight and again if I just want to show you the packaging you'll be able to create those nice little little squares there so I've created a couple little examples here using my pliers just to show you some of the differences in sizes so you could create something that is a little diamond and all that is is one of these little squares just sort of bent up you could create little ones here but what I wanted to do is I kind of wanted to use both these pliers to make one quick and easy project using just two ingredients so today I'm going to show you how to make these lovely little geometric earrings and I added a little Swarovski crystal there so you can see that I created that sort of head pin eye pin type decorative geometric style with the square right and then I did a little loop at the top with my loop right and then I actually also created these ear wires using the loop right so lots of fun things you can do with this and you can really just have a lot of fun but I love the guides on the pliers because it makes everything so nice and consistent to make this project I'm going to be using the artistic wire and this is a 20 gauge craft wire I need my wire rounding tool here I have a pair of round nose pliers and you'll see that when I hold them up against the loop right the difference that you're gonna get is you're just gonna get a nice fine tip so this is always good to just kind of have on hand I have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers as well I have a pair of flush cutters and I have a pair of my wire straightening nylon jaw pliers here as well so if you have all of your ingredients ready to go we will start to begin all right so let's go ahead and take off some of our wire and what I like to do is just a little tip is I like to keep my wire on the spool while I straighten it it just gives me something to kind of hold on to alright so I want to get that nice and straight because we're gonna start bending it and there we go alright so I have about I'd say about three or four inches they're probably closer to three I'm just gonna snip that off with my flush cutters and now what I want to do is I'm gonna take my square right pliers and I'm going to be making these earrings using the four millimeter so what I want to do is I'm actually gonna lay my wire right in the center there and I'm lining it up with that four millimeter and I'm lining it up let's see if I can open my jaws wide enough there there you go I'm lining it up so it's it's just a hair over at the edge of that plier and now I'm just going to close it making sure again that it's right at that notch at that four and I'm just gonna bend it down against my plier just like so so now I have a nice little knot now what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna rotate that little piece over so you can see that it's coming on the other side of my plier there watching my measurement there and I'm just gonna do the same thing I'm just gonna bend it down against that four open up my pliers and I'm gonna rotate it one more time here to complete my little square or what is for me gonna be a little diamond all right so now I have my little square and I'm just gonna kind of tuck that in there well I have it nicely measured just like so all right so I'm gonna remove that and now what I want to do is I just kind of want to adjust it a little bit there we go just gonna give it a nice little squeeze here with my pliers just rotating that and making sure those corners are nice and sharp there we go all right very nice there we go so now I have my nice little diamond shape there so what I want to do is I'm gonna take my chain nose pliers and I'm just gonna bend that going vertical just like so so now I have my nice little sort of geometric decorative head pin now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my nylon jaw pliers and I'm just gonna work harden in that a little bit so I just want to kind of just I'm just going around just kind of squeezing on that little part because I want to make sure it's gonna be nice and secure for me and I have a little gap so I'm just gonna kind of bend that together there we go all right so there is my lovely decorative head pin and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna slip on my little Swarovski crystal and this is a six millimeter crystal so just something fun and sparkly and sort of colorful on this so now I can set aside my square pliers and I'm gonna pick up my round pliers now I want to focus my energy on getting a two millimeter loop at the top but before I do with these pliers all I'm going to take is my chain nose pliers here and I'm gonna kick it out a little bit to the side give it a nice little bend just to secure that so you see how that works all right so now I'm gonna take it and I'm gonna line it up with my two millimeter little little gauge there it's probably about a quarter of an inch or so maybe even less from the tip so it's not very far down so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take my wire and I'm gonna bend it around that loop right there holding my pliers nice and secure I'm gonna rotate my pliers and I'm gonna bring that little tail all the way across just like so I'm gonna remove my pliers here I'm gonna take my flush cutters and I'm gonna cut off that little wire there all right and now I'm just gonna take my chain nose pliers and just kind of close that loop up and I'm gonna work hard in that just a little bit just to make sure he's nice and solid just giving him a little couple little squeezes there all right so I have my little dangle all set and ready to go so I'm gonna set that down and now we're gonna make our ear wire so I'm gonna choose a brand new piece of wire here just because I like to work with a little extra just in case and this won't take too much wire but what's really nice is that I can kind of just make sure that this piece is nice nice and straight because sometimes when you're working with stuff in your hands it tends to kind of kink a little bit but this will give you a little bit more leverage as you're working all right so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna take and we're gonna make a two millimeter loop at the bottom of one of these and what I want to do is instead of pinking it back like I've done here I just want that loop to kind of come in so I'm gonna show you the difference here all right so I have my wire flush up against the edge there if you can just kind of see that now what I want to do is I want to curl my wire coming in and making sure that I stay at that two millimeter mark so I'm nice and consistent and so it comes in at an edge so now you can see what I mean by instead of having my loop kicked back like in this one it kind of goes up and around so that's what I want from right your wire all right so now I'm gonna move about a half an inch or so up to the top and I'm gonna start to use this edge of the plier and I'm gonna actually use that six millimeter line that's right there right next to my nail right there so what I want to do is sort of set my wire down like I said I'm about a half an inch from that loop or so and I'm gonna bend my wire around making sure to guide it along that six meter line and just sort of bringing it down just like so and now I want to create a nice little loop in the back so I'm gonna reverse my pliers and I'm gonna hold it just like so where you can see that that little loop there if you want to kind of line it up it's on the outer edge of that large loop and I'm gonna go and make this a little back loop at that three millimeter mark so all I'm gonna do is just kick it back just a little bit and that's it so there is my little ear wire and all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of trim that so I get a nice fun little look here nice little elongated look and because this part is going to go through your ear what I want to do before I attach it to my earring here is I'm gonna take my wire rounding tool and I'm just gonna adjust and I'm gonna just sort of file off that wire that's what this is doing it's getting rid of all those little burrs that happen when you have your wire cut with flush cutters so this will make it nice and easy to wear all right that's much smoother it's not catching my skin at all so I've gotten rid of a lot of those little birds so now it'll slip through your earring I'm sorry through the hole in your ear much easier so the very last step here is simply we're gonna open that loop up just the same as you would a jump ring and I'm gonna slip on my little dangle here and I'm gonna close my loop so that is it that's how you can make a fun little pair of geometric earrings using the loop right pliers and these square right pliers now this is just one example of all the fun things that you can do with this you can create links you can make wonderful findings clasps more ear wires you can make a square ear wire and that could be really really fun so just a lot of fun things so be sure to find these at and of course you'll find even more tools tutorials and lots of fun things I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below you

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