How to Make a Super Kheops Par Puca Memory Wire Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a memory wire bracelet using 2-hole Czech Glass Super Kheops Par Puca beads, Toho demi round beads, memory wire, and some little triangle dangles. The dangles are from a length of charm chain - a great tip if you want lots of tiny charms for not a lot of money! See how to make this bracelet project from start to finish.
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Hi, this is Julie with and go bracelet and you can find all the supplies and tools that you see here at so I like to do these in sets I think they're really fun to stack and layer so you see here I have a festive holiday green and red one with these little Tahoe Demi round beads in gold and then for the video I'm gonna make a set which is a little bit more Universal and able to wear year round so I'm going to do a silver and matte iris heel dummy round and pair it with a hematite one so the hematite one is the one I'm going to do in the video in terms of the supplies you're going to need is you're gonna need some bracelet memory wire which is available in both gold and silver some 5 millimeter jump rings Tahoe demi rounds now they do come in a wide range of colors and we're gonna be using size 11 o for each bangle you'll need almost a full pack of the super key opps part Puka beads and we're gonna be using haematite here and then if you look over here this is how many I had left over from the silver one I just did so doesn't use them all but does use quite a few of them now for tools you're gonna need a pair of memory wire cutters you definitely want to use memory wire cutters to cut memory wire it's very very strong it will damage your regular flush cutters for this particular one we're going to be using some charm chain to add as dangles of the ends of our memory wire so you'll need some cutters to cut that couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open your jump rings and then if you notice here at the end we have little simple loops so we're gonna need a pair of round nose pliers you can choose your color of super key ops part Puka beads you see they do come in a nice range of really pretty colors and I did want to just point out really quickly how these beads differ from a regular key off speed so here is a regular key ops part puka it is six millimeters as got those two holes a super key ops is the same general shape it also has the two holes and it is also six millimeters but it has a more of a triangular pyramid top so this is very flat and this goes up to a peak and that is how they differ but because they are the same measurements you can use regular key op spar polka beads for this project as well if you like so let's begin you are going to need for each bangle bracelet to cut loops of memory wire and you see here I have it where they overlap by just about an inch just a pretty generous inch and we're going to end up trimming it later but you want a full circle plus that little extra to cut that you've got your loops right here you're gonna find the end so here's the end pull it apart and then we're going to cut it right here so we get that little extra measurement don't worry if they're not exact at this point we are going to trim them alright so we've got our two loops now we need a way that our beads will not be falling off when we string them on here because we're gonna string them simultaneously we're taking advantage of both both holes so we're going to grip the very tip of the memory wire with our round nose pliers and bend it up and just grip it and bend it all the way over so you want a loop you want to try to make that loop as tight and close as you can and now you're going to do the same thing on your other section try to make the loops about the same size okay so there we've got two loops so now it's just a matter of stringing so I'm gonna pull these guys over here and I do have a tip for you you can't string them on just directly you can also anchor these two bracelets together in the beginning and and that is something that I actually do like to do so I'm going to take one of my jump rings and my two pairs of chain nose pliers if you have a bent nose plier you can also use a chain nose and a bent nose some people also just use the round nose as well you can do that that can be something that helps you to open and close your jump rings so we are just going to take this jump ring and put it through our two loops close it back up all right so now we essentially have a bead stopper and our bracelets together the first bead we're going to string on is a super key opps and we are going to string it on so it's flat side it's gonna rest against these loops so to do that start here at the base and just work your way around cuz you want your loops to not be twisted up okay in the beginning is the hardest so we see we got those two holes there kind of put a wire into each hole and now we're gonna slide it all the way down there we go and now for this particular pattern if you look at the one I've already created you look at the base here so we got that nice flat edge then we're gonna do three of the deme rounds on each strand of memory wire and then we're gonna do a super key opps pointing inwards so you almost have these like two darts coming in at each other you're gonna separate them with a single dummy round and then you're gonna do that flat side of the super key ops and make another segment so you can almost think of these as little segments on repeats oh I do like to always just work my way around and again don't worry if your ends aren't matching it's quite alright as you do this they'll they'll twist a little bit and they'll jiggle a little bit and I would not recommend trimming them to be even at this point because what you'll end up doing is about every inch you'll think oh I need to even them up and you'll trim them a little bit more and suddenly they're gonna be really short at the end so we're doing three on each one is we want one of the super key ops pointing inward so you just look at where its holes are go through it okay now we need a single key opps I'm sorry a single dummy around excuse me all these names all right so that's gonna be you essentially one full segment let me scoot that down so you can see what it looks like alright so we have them pointing inwards separated by three and then just really a buffer bead until we start the next segment so the next one you need another super key opps flat side first and so the flat side is going to have the two holes lined up right next to each other versus the point slide that guy on and separate it by three so just one two three and on the other memory wire loop one two three and now a super key ops pointing inward so point first and then we're gonna add that little buffer bead which is just a single Demi round on each strand and scoot it all down until its resting against the other ones so that was just two segments I do recommend scooting them down as you go per segment just to make sure you didn't accidentally put one on backwards and the point is on the inside because you want it nice and smooth against your wrist on the inside but now I'm just gonna continue and do all the way around until I get to about a quarter of an inch from the shortest memory wire loop end I'm just gonna continue making these exact same same segments alright we've put almost all of our beads on actually this might be all of our beads and if you notice all the beads are fully positioned down at the base so we don't have any big gaps so definitely make sure all your beads are scooted and we have a little over 1/4 of an inch now I have not trimmed my ends at all but you'll notice now they look more even so before when they were uneven it was just a matter of the wires kind of moving around a little bit that's why we didn't want to trim them so this is maybe just a little bit too long to make our loop but it's not long enough to put another Cheops I'd rather not end with a demi around I really like the key ops being the last bead so I'm just gonna trim my wire ever so slightly cuz I do want really more of a fourth of an inch now wear safety goggles or definitely position this away from you because when you cut this this little end can shoot out so just be aware of your surroundings and what's going on ok so we're going to trim that down and now we're gonna make our little loop on this end same way as before and trim this one down now to a little bit trickier just because you've got the bang bracelet in the way now just end it and there we go we've done our beadwork and now we're gonna add another jump ring to connect your two ends now I do want to note on this one here I added the little charms right to the jump ring you can definitely do that I'm also gonna try a different way on this bracelet because I wanted to see if I could get a little bit more of a dangling effect so close that jump ring and now we're going to take our charm chain now this is a triangle dangle charm chain and it's an inch of it so you get quite a few of these little dangles for one inch I'm going to cut the jump rings that are connecting them and separate out the little triangle dangles and I want four on each side of my bracelet so I'm going to need two each one here has two dangles on it so I need to cut four of these interior jump rings on this charm chain we have a lot of different charm chains at so you can actually find other little designs that you might want to hang ok so now I'm just gonna simply take another jump ring open it up and hang these by their little loop like I said I thought four would be nice but you can do more you can do less you can have a couple jump rings connected to each other really whatever you want and then I'm just gonna hang that jump ring from the jump ring connecting my two pieces of memory wire yeah and I think I actually personally like that look a little bit better because it hangs a little bit further out compared to so close up but that is up to you always have fun with your designs feel free to you know feel free to make the project exactly like you see in this video but also feel free to go off on your own and you know whatever feels right looks right and let your creativity flow definitely use these as a guide to help you learn techniques but feel free to experiment and do you really whatever you wanted that's the joy of jewelry making alright there we go you're done so now we've got this little set which is more of a evening wear with anything new you're set and then here's of course your more classic Christmas holiday set again these are super key ops part Puka beads used in combination with memory wire and little Toho Demi rounds in size 11 oh and then just some charm chain or little tiny charms everything you see here is available at and we have many many more videos showing different types of memory wire bracelets but also all other sorts of jewelry designs

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