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Hi, this is Kat with metal so what I have here is I have one of my finished pieces and this is actually a beautiful Nunn design earring and what's really lovely is that it sort of comes finished for you so I wanted to add something that would just be a little fun and a little pop of color so I've just added that patina down here at the bottom but what I'm gonna be showing you today is really how to get that sort of 360 look and to make it look like it's just sort of been dipped in like a cool lacquer alright so I'm gonna kind of set that up there and I'm gonna move on so this is what it looks like before the lacquer you can actually see or I'm sorry before the patina so what you can see is it actually has a little flat edge there towards the bottom but it's still rounded on the other sides so this is a really cool almost kind of flattened hammered piece so what we're gonna be using today is we're gonna be using the patina in the opal light color and then I just have my work surface covered here I have my paint brush I also have a pad of sticky notes and a plastic bag so if you have all of your stuff ready we are good to go alright so to begin I'm just gonna shake up my patina it's very much like a nail polish so you'll hear it click around just kind of mix up that patina all right and now I'm gonna pour it out just a little bit onto my plastic bag here alright and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna line up where I want my lacquer to end on my tip there and just kind of hold it on the other side let me try to get a good view for you guys there you go so I'm kind of ending it where the flat section sort of stops so what I want to do is just sort of mix up that patina make sure there are no striations in my color there I want to make sure it's all nice and mixed on my surface and get a good kind of dollop on your paintbrush and then we're going to bring it over here and we're gonna start to just sort of dab it on there you don't want to paint it on because we don't want those brushstrokes so what you're gonna do is you're just gonna kind of DAB it onto the surface there now we're getting a little bit of surface tension because it is flattened and that is what makes this work so nicely alright I want to keep my line ya know you can just see I'm just kind of dabbing it and almost letting it pool up there just letting it get nice and sort of saturated a little bit further up this side alright okay now I'm just gonna slide it forward so it can rest at level so now this is step one so I'm gonna be back in a few minutes patina dries fairly quickly so what we're gonna do is we're gonna let this sit for about five to ten minutes and then I'm gonna come back we're gonna flip it over we're gonna do the back side and then I'm going to show you how to do the inner curve and the outer curve there this is a few steps but a very simple technique so in between I'm gonna go wash my brush and I'll be back here in about five to ten minutes to finish up the other side alright so it's been about ten minutes so I'm just gonna kind of just check and see if we're still tacky here and we're actually pretty good so we're good to go and move on so one thing I do want to warn you of is with your brush just make sure that it's not wet at all because that will it affect the patina so now we're all fresh and dry which is perfect so we're just gonna add a little bit more patina now you can see that I'm gonna add it in a different space because the patina does dry so what I want to do is I just want to make sure that I have a few fresh little dollops there alright so now what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna flip this guy over and I want to make sure that I am noticing where those little lines are because we want to make sure that it's all even all the way around alright so what I'm gonna do same technique so you'll get to see it again here I'm just gonna add that patina just by dabbing it there keeping it that nice lacquer effect and I just love this OPA light purple it's just so striking against the gold now these earrings do come in silver as well and they also come in an antique silver so you can do a nice bright silver or an antique silver so in case that is more to your style be sure to do that and we do have over 20 colors of patina for you to choose from so this is just a really fun project that you can make your own alright just a little bit more here and again I'm really trying to get as much on there as I possibly can without it sort of spilling over just because you want it to have a nice sort of shiny look all right and that looks great so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna move it forward again so it can dry level wash my paint brush one more time and then I will be back and we're gonna I'm gonna show you how to do the sides in the center there and that's all gonna be in one more step all right so I'll meet you back here in about five to ten minutes all right so for the last step here we're gonna again put a little bit more patina onto our plastic baggie here and this is great because it makes for really easy cleanup which is just fantastic all right make sure we close that nice and tight we don't have a patina to dry up and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick up our earring here and getting a little bit more of that patina and I'm gonna go for the inside first here so I'm just gonna sort of follow along and just again with that same sort of dabbing technique just adding on that patina just on that inner rim there and you just want to make sure that you're getting it all the way up the sides to where your line was followed there and just making sure that you are being really diligent to cover all of that gold there we go just gonna kind of twist it around in my hand makes it a little easier for me to see and again I'm just dabbing that patina there because you wanted to have a nice sort of thick coating again we don't want to see any of that metal coming through this is a great time just kind of go through and touch up some of those edges that might be poking through there and I'm just kind of you can see I'm brushing a little bit just to kind of smooth that out all right so now we're gonna kind of let me fix it in my hammock there we go so now we're gonna focus on that outer edge going up and over the top and again just sort of to having that patina making sure to get it on all corners there now once this is all dried if you do notice any extra little spots feel free to do this again to just sort of fill them in sometimes when the patina settles it can sort of let some of that metal poke through but if you like that look go for it you can kind of let them look a little for lack of a better phrase patina'd in the little weathered so okay very nice alright so that is some good coverage and I'm happy with that I see a little tiny ton of gold right there here we go all right so we are all nice and coated and covered and I'm just gonna use my little earring stand here to just sort of let that dry nice and upright not touching anything else so this is my dried piece here and I just kind of want to show you one more time just how nice and sleek that is and it just looks like a beautiful little dipped piece of jewelry so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial you can find all of these supplies and even more at you

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