How to Make Your Own Aromatherapy Bracelet with Lava Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to create a strung bracelet featuring lava beads, howlite gemstone beads, and TierraCast pewter beads. Once the bracelet is finished, you can add essential oils to the lava beads to create your very own aromatherapy bracelet. In the course of the video you will learn how to string the beads, use the magical crimp forming tool, and how to add essential oils to your beads. SAFETY WARNING: Essential oils for external use only. Other than aromatherapy, dilute with a carrier oil. For topical use, rub a very small diluted amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of the reach of pets. Essential oils can be potentially toxic to pets at certain concentrations. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beads into the design because they're very porous and they absorb the essential oils so what you're going to need for this project is some beading wire I'm using Flex right I'm using Flex right because I want to be using the magical crimp forming tool which is gonna make really nice neat little ball crimps versus once which looks squashed if you're familiar with crimp beads and usually have to put a crimp bead cover over them but in this case you're not going to so I'm gonna be using the Flex right I'm also going to be using the crimp beads which are the magical crimps which work really great with this tool as well as nice because you can use a plated crimp with a magical crimping tool now I'm also gonna be using a magnetic clasp because it's just nice to have a magnetic clasp on a bracelet makes it easier to get on and off for my lava bead selection we do have quite a few different sizes at buta Halik and i'm gonna be using the 4 millimeter i'm gonna pair that with some 6 millimeter howlite and then I'm gonna be using these tierracast beads which are a seven point five millimeter I'm going to be using five of them I just thought be fun to have graduated sizes here now for my essential oils I'm using jewel drops these are exclusive to beadaholique and we have ten millimeter two bottles of them and they are 100% pure essential oil with no additives which means they're really strong so one to two drops goes are really long ways there's lavender sweet orange peppermint eucalyptus lemongrass and tea tree so I think I'm going to use the peppermint this my favorite scent in terms of the tools you're going to need a bead stopper a magical crimp forming tool and a pair of cutters so not a lot of tools needed so to begin since this is a traditional strong bracelet I'm going to cut off enough beading wire not only for the length of my bracelet but to accommodate the crimping process so if you want a seven inch bracelet you'll want to allow at least three to four extra inches on each side so I'm gonna eyeball this but I'm gonna cut off about 15 inches here and put my wire aside and then to one end of it I'm gonna apply my bead stopper if you're not familiar with the bead stopper they're really cool and easy to use you just pinch it and it fans out like an accordion and you just place your wire into one of the little rungs and then let go and it pinches it but doesn't harm your wire which is nice so as my bead stopper I'll keep my beads from falling off and I have it about three inches from the end now to make this bracelet I think the pattern I want to do is 12 of these lava beads on one side so there's three six seven eight nine would be hard to see their holes because they're so porous ten double check three four five six seven eight nine ten and twelve so if you're not familiar with beading wire is this really great wire that you don't need to apply a needle to it's stiff enough to use as the needle now I'm gonna go ahead and add three of these beautiful howlite gemstone beads so one two three followed by five of these tierracast beads two three four five so this is the beginning of my bracelet and now I'm just going to mirror it on this side and you can make this design as large or as small as you like because you're going to get plenty of beads so I'm gonna do three more so one two three of the highlight and then twelve more on this side alright so we've got all of our beads strung and you know what the beauty of a bead stopper is that if you say you want to add some extra beads to this end you just take off the bead stopper and add your beads so then you don't have to start over which is really nice or take all these off just to add some to the beginning so for instance right now I can add the crimp bead that I know I'm gonna need to this end and then reapply the bead stopper and then I'll do the same on this end I'll add one crimp bead so a good tip if you're making this for yourself is before you add the clasp and actually crimp your crimp beads try on your bracelet and make sure it's the size you want now this would be a little bit large for my wrist but I have a little bit of a smaller than average wrist but you could also just be like okay maybe I just want ten of those lava beads on each side you could just take off but I do want to actually keep it that original size so just ring these guys back on okay so now we're ready to add our clasp if you're working with a magnetic clasp separate it out so you just have one half and then we're going to take our beading wire feed it through that little loop and then loop it back around and go back down through the crimp bead so you're making a nice little loop and you want to pull it up towards your clasp so you've got enough room for the clasp to move that's not too tight but that it's not a huge loop there either because you don't want to see a big loop okay so that's about right and now we're going to use our magical crimp forming tool this is a really cool crimping plier so you'll notice it doesn't have two notches like a traditional crimping plier it's got one notch and in it is almost like a circular round divot on both sides and so what you're going to do is you're gonna take your crimp bead and you're gonna place it in that round divot but what you're gonna make sure is that it's not sticking out any one side you want it evenly placed in the center and that used to be the mistake I would make I would look at it from this angle and be like oh it's in there but it would actually only be half in that divot and half just at the edge of my pliers and it wouldn't work right so just double-check and then just squeeze it give it a light squeeze and then rotate it make sure again is in that center you'll kind of feel it rest in there squeeze it and we're just turning it ever so slightly always checking its placement and we're just compressing it you see what we're getting here is this almost like a little mini bead and now I'm just going to trim off the long tail and I sometimes do feed it back through my beads but the hole on the lava beads is not quite large enough to feed it back through so there we go we have one end and now we're going to do the same to the other side so we've already got that crimp bead on there we're gonna string on our clasp okay and now we're gonna go back through that crimp bead and in this case you're going to check to make sure that you don't leave too much of a gap between your beads here that have been strung on and your that crimp bead so you're going to pull it down and pull and what I like to do to make sure it's not too stiff is at this point I do like to make sure that it will make a nice circle that's not too stiff and kinks so once you have it how you want it I mean you can sometimes leave a little bit of a gap because when your beads curve around your wrist that gap gets filled so yeah you definitely don't want it too tight okay so we're going to expose the crimp bead as best as we can we're going to put it in the magical crimp forming tool I was just going to carefully go around and this is magnetic so you might have it sticking to your pliers a little bit if you're using a magnetic clasp like I am can be a little easier in this instance since it is magnetic to just keep it in there as you rotate and then trim your tail no it's gonna stick to my cutters as well okay there we go so we've got the clasp we've got our beads and now what we need to do is turn this into an aromatherapy bracelet so grab some paper towels to cover your work surface and choose your favorite essential oil so like I said I really love peppermint so I'm going to be using peppermint and the reason you'd be creating essential oil aromatherapy jewelry is to be able to take this scent with you on the go so if you go throughout the day and you're out and about you're not home you're your own diffuser this acts as a little like essentially like a little diffuser it's with you as you go and you'll use one to two drops and that will last you one to two days and then you can always reapply more later or if you like it a stronger scent you can add more than two drops so what I like to do is I like to hold my bracelet like this so my fingers are away from the oil and I'm holding it over the paper towel and I'm just going to a couple little drops right there and two came out very nicely very quickly now if you wanted to sometimes you could even take like the little lip of the bottle right here and spread that out so it goes over more than just one bead but that is all you need to do and then I would rest it on your paper towel for about ten minutes now that did not look like a lot of oil coming out but this is a hundred percent pure essential oil this is very concentrated there's no additives or carriers so a little does go a long way and I would always recommend experimenting if you think you're gonna want a stronger scent try just the one to two drops for an hour too and then if you do want more add more than but start out slowly because this is wonderful it's very lovely smelling but a little does go a long way and that is how you make your very own aromatherapy bracelet using lava beads

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