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Hi, this is Kat with to show you guys how you can get this look by using an already half-finished chain so we're going to be using this chain here to create the look now it comes just like this so a lot of the work of those simple wire loops are done for you but what I wanted to do is I wanted to personalize it a little bit add a little pop of color and finish it with some tassels so you can see my example here and this would be beautiful for a bridal because I wanted to add in a little touch of blue with those little pearls there so this is the sort of style of the necklace and as you can see there is no clasp so it's really just a long strand of simple wire loops and a nice little beaded kind of finished look so again you can sort of add in as many crystals as you want or other pearls or beads this is really really wonderful and it doesn't have a clasp so you would sort of wear it and sort of loop it around to give yourself a little choker and then two long ends on the other side and I've also seen people where they'll tie it in a knot here so that you can kind of get that offset little lariat style so a really fun little thing to do and so I'm going to show you how you can create that look in this video here alright so I'm gonna go ahead and lay that out of the way there there we go alright so what we want to do is we're gonna be using like I said this finished chain and this is Czech glass and those little beads there they are four millimeters so a really nice lovely little size so we're going to be adding in some six millimeter and I have this beautiful olivine here so we have six millimeter and four millimeter that we're gonna be using I have a pair of tassels to finish it off and then the other thing that we're gonna need is we're gonna need some eye pins here and these are one and a half inches and they are 22 gauge so that's all the supplies for tools what you're going to need is you're gonna need a pair around nose pliers a pair of chain nose pliers and today I'm using some bent nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters because basically today we're gonna be making a lot of simple wire loops and then putting it all together to create that style all right so if you have everything ready to go we're ready to get started all right so the first thing we're gonna do is I'm gonna take an eye pin here and I'm gonna string on one of my six millimeter beads now normally I would want to take and focus on the size of that little loop down at the bottom and repeat that on the top but for two beads what we're gonna want to do is make a little bit larger of a loop because we're gonna accommodate the caps of our tassels so it's the same way you just want to move a little bit further down so normally you'd probably be about a quarter of an inch or so in to make that simple wire loop depending on the width of your round nose pliers but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move a little bit more towards the center because I want a larger loop so all I'm gonna do is just again just sort of kick my wire back so it sort of comes back at an angle and then I'm gonna wrap it around my round nose plier and bring it across to create a loop now you can see that the loop is larger than the one on the bottom and that's exactly what we want so I'm just gonna take my flush cutters and come in there and snip off that wire and I'm just gonna set my little scrap aside so we're gonna need two pieces that are just like that and go ahead and leave that loop open because we are going to be attaching our tassels to it alright so just to show you one more time here and again like I said this is the same for when you are making even smaller loops so we're gonna do that in just a moment alright my large loop there remove my pliers and come in with my flush cutters and set these two aside because those two are gonna be special in fact I'll I'll put them right up by my tassel alright so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take again another eye pin here and I'm just gonna straighten that with my fingers and we're gonna string on one more and now we want to start to make loops that are the same size as our little loop down there at the bottom so again we're going about just a quarter of an inch in making sure we're staying nice and parallel there and we're gonna wrap it around bring it across and come in with our flush cutters and snip it off there we go so now you can see that those loops are a little bit closer in size here I'll put it down and it's okay to leave your loops open because don't worry we're gonna start attaching them a little bit later here but now what you want to do is you want to create eight total of these six millimeter beads here so there we go alright so seven more there so I'm gonna repeat this and then I'll be right back to show you the next step alright so I've gone ahead and created eight of the regular-sized loops here and then I have my two with my large loop so I'm just gonna kind of set that all aside and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of repeat that process here with the four millimeters now for the four millimeter beads here it's gonna be the same we don't need those large loops so we're just gonna make little small loops just to kind of match the size of our other side of the eye pin here so again you can just see that I'm trying to just eyeball the size there don't worry if it's not totally exact it will still work just fine just the same all right so for our little guys there we're gonna need a 38 in total so I'm gonna go ahead and do that and then I'll be right back so I have made all of the components now so of the six millimeter beads I have eight here and then two with the larger loops and then of the four millimeter beads I have 38 and just to kind of show you guys you're gonna get extra of the six millimeter beads and you're gonna have a couple extra of the four millimeter beads so if you wanted to add in from this but just to let you know if you did want to add more of the four millimeter beads you're gonna need to just purchase an additional a lot alright and the last thing I want to point out is I've been using the 1.5 inch of the eye pins there but you can see from my scraps that you do a lot left over so what you could do is you could also use a one inch I personally just like the one and a half it gives my hand a little bit more to grip to make those simple wire loops just to kind of bring it around but it's entirely your choice and whatever you're comfortable with all right so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna construct half of the necklace here so I'm going to show you exactly the pattern I used for half and then it's just repeated for the rest of it alright so let's go ahead and I have one end pulled out here so we're gonna start here and I'm gonna start with one of my tassels here so I'm gonna take my bent nose pliers here and my loop is already open a little bit but we're gonna open him just gently just by twisting I'm gonna slip on our tassel and now what I want to do is I want to close that loop up nice and tight so that is closed up near the bead there I'm actually gonna go there we go there we go much happier all right so now I'm gonna move to the other side and I'm gonna gently twist open this end and I'm gonna slip on my chain there we go and then just kind of come in and this is why I like using the bent chain nose because I really want to make my loops as small as possible and just nice and closed properly so I'm just kind of twisting it just to close it and now I'm just gonna give it a little tight little squeeze there alright so we have our first part done there and now you can see why you need that larger loop at the bottom alright so next what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to start to separate some of this chain here so I'm going to move to the other side of that first black bead and I'm going to let's see there we go open the loop here of the bottom one and gently give that a little twist alright so we're going to separate that and now what I want to do is I want to add on one of my six millimeter beads I'm gonna gently twist it open and I'm going to slip that on and give it a nice little gentle twist to all right so I'm gonna move to the other side now and I'm gonna make sure that this loop is nice and closed there we go and now I can take the loop that I opened from my previous step here and add that on close my loop all right so now we're just moving all the way up here so I'm just going to repeat that again and the reason it's sort of a little floppy in my hands here is I'm just trying to make sure that I'm getting it on the right side of each loop to make sure that I am getting the that I'm opening the loop on the right side all right and just closing that up and I'm just using my finger here but you can absolutely use another plier to kind of help you with some of those loops as well in fact you can use your round nose pliers all right it's just slipping that back on there so it's just kind of working your way up the chain and adding in the little beads where you want to all right so you can see how this is developing I just kind of wanted to show you next to my example here that you can have those nice big beads there at the bottom and you can actually see because the green ones I think are showing up a little bit larger than the sort of blue ones here so I just kind of wanted to show you against my example alright so we're gonna keep going here and this is a really great little thing because it's just it's just really repetitive so the next part we're going to do is we're going to count off seven of the black beads here so we have one two three four five six seven and on that eightth one let me just double check one two three four five six seven yeah on that eighth one we're just gonna come to the end here and we're just gonna open that little loop just the same as we've been doing alright so now we're gonna add on one more of our large beads here and again these are the 6mm your beads so we're just gonna open that loop slip it on close it up and open the other side oops oh you know I'll leave that one closed because I know that I opened the loop on the side just scooch that bead down if it falls when you open that loop all right and close that up there we go all right so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do one of the black beads they're just skip over and open that loop and now what I'm gonna need to do is I'm gonna need to take three of our little olive beads and I'm gonna create a little train just like this so this is how you would do it if you didn't want to use a premade chain you could just do it this way and just create all the little individual dangles yourself so if you wanted a very specific color or you know if you wanted to add a lot of colors and do various patterns you know you could do like an hombre one that would be very pretty with it just graduated color so this is how you would do that and you're just kind of moving from loop to loop and just adding it all together in a little strand okay so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add this to our loop there at the top string that close it up move to the other side they're open and nope I did it again keep that loop closed yeah just hook it on there move to the other side close it up all right so now just to kind of mirror that large one there so we're gonna do it again and we're just gonna skip over that first black bead open up the loop remove that grab one of our six millimeter beads here and that loop is already open a little bit so I'm just gonna twist it a little bit more move to that side close it up and I remembered that I left my other lip open now pick up this chain and slide it on there we go close up okay so here's what we have going on so far so I'm going to bring you back up to my example here so again we're just gonna kind of repeat that and we're gonna do seven and then three and then here let me bring this down here because I'm gonna do a little bit of this off-camera here for you so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to do seven and then three and then seven and then three and then once more seven three and then seven and three and then I'll show you how to do the last little part there okay so I'm gonna do that off-camera and I will be right back to show you how to finish off to get to the middle and then I'll come back again and show you what the whole finished product looks like so stay tuned alright so just to reiterate the pattern one more time I have a six a black a six a black six and then seven and then I have a six a black and then I have three of the fours I have one black a six and then seven and then three of the four millimeter greens and then seven the blacks three of the four millimeter greens seven of the blacks three of the four millimeter greens and seven of the blacks and then I finished off with three of the green four millimeters all right whoo okay so we've gotten this far there's only one more little step to do and then we're gonna start to turn it around okay so I've actually already separated four of the little pieces here from the black chain so we're gonna set that aside for the moment so now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna alternate one in one for just a few beads here because what I want to achieve is as you can kind of notice and once you start to to make these and really try to test the size what we're getting to is the section that will probably sit in front of the neck as we are wearing it so what I want to do is I want to sort of alternate it because I want to get some more of those crystals in there and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna add a nice long length of the black in the center because that could be a really nice little focal piece but again feel free to do it however you want so all we're doing is we're just alternating here let me just find the loop I want to use there we go and we're just like I said we're alternating for four pieces here as you work you just want to make sure that all those loops are getting closed nice and tight for you you can actually do a whole necklace where they're alternated like this it actually does look really nice all right okay so now we have it where we've alternated one two three and four I'm actually going to add one more of my four millimeter bead here and my green and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna count off 29 of the black beads here alright so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 I don't want to charge on the 30th one we're gonna separate so we have a length of 29 beads and I'm going to add this whole length here to the other side of that last one that I just added and this length of 29 will serve as our midpoint so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go off-camera and I'm gonna finish the whole piece so that you can see the final result but all you need to do now is just kind of reverse the whole pattern alright so I finally finished adding all of my simple wire loops together to create this beautiful chain now it just looks really deluxe and gorgeous especially when you add in a beautiful color so you remember how we started with just that plain black and gold chain well we've added in just a little bit of green with flashes of gold and add it on some tassels to the end so this is just again it's really really simple it can be tedious to create but again it just is a beautiful little design here so I'm going to go ahead and just one last time reiterate the pattern for any of what any one of you who is looking to create this so we started off so you can kind of see I've added the two tassels there at the bottom and we had our six our four six four seven of the black added a large one we had our black we had our three there one of the black another large one just to kind of add some interest to the bottom and then we get into 7 + 3 + 7 + 3 7 + 3 7 and our final three up here and then there we go tangle that so once we get to our last trio there we just alternate four four of the beads and then we finish it off with 29 of the black in the back there alright and again just to show you from the project bundle that you'll receive when you purchase this at you'll have leftover beads a few of the eye pins you might want to purchase some more if you want to add more and you're also going to get a little bit extra of that chain all right so I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you love making these absolutely it's a great design to personalize for yourself you can find all of these supplies and the tools and even more instructional videos by heading over to

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