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Hi, this is Kat with showing a I'm gonna do so I've added mine to my wine glass here and it's really easy to take on and off I'll actually kind of demonstrate that here for you just so you can see that this little wire piece kind of just comes apart and stays nice in its shape and I've added some 6o seed beads so let me just put that back on my wine glass and I've added little individual charms so for this one today I'm gonna finish it off by adding my little Buddha charm there and I have some more of my seed beads now one thing that I'm doing is I'm keeping all my seed beads the same color but what you could do is you could use a different sort of charm here and if you have a charm with a loop this way you're gonna need some jump rings but this is really neat because all you have to do is choose your favorite color or different colors of crystals to kind of place into that nice little setting there so that's one way to kind of color coordinate or if you're looking towards the holidays or want a theme we do have groups of charms here so this is a beautiful sort of Christmas and it's an beautiful antique brass we also do have some little charms here that are very sea themed so we have a lot I just want to kind of bring out a couple here also to show you that you do get a lot of memory wire this is the only memory wire that I've used is to make these other five little pieces here but you do get quite a bit and I wanted to bring out the silver to show you that we have the silver option as well if you want to do that this makes great gifts and it's really so fast and so fun to make so let's go ahead and get started for tools you're gonna need some proper memory wire cutters here glue on line some memory wire cutters you're not going to want to use flush cutters it will ruin the memory wire and your cutter so be sure to use special memory wire cutters we're also gonna need some round nose pliers there and I have a pair of chain nose pliers if I need some help closing any of those loops at all alright so like I said these are Chuck glass six odd CB it's here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna find the end there and I want to go around about one and a half times but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut off so that I have not one full loop but almost two full loops here so I'm coming into that second loop they're coming in with my cutters and just cutting that off alright so we have a nice full loop at the back so what's gonna happen is these two ends are gonna become my little loops and I'll probably end up trimming a little bit off but I wanted to make sure that I had enough space alright so let's go ahead and start and this is really tiny work here so we're just gonna kind of separate that a little bit with our fingers we're gonna come in with our round nose pliers and kind of grab the tip of that and now all we need to do is just gently sort of twist and just kind of work it into a nice little simple wire loop that is facing in towards your center of the memory wire so all we've done there is we've just created a nice little loop and that will serve as our little bead stopper as we pick up our beads now because I want my charm to be in the center I'm gonna add 16 beads and then add my charm and then add another 16 you might want to play around with how many beads you're adding or you know if you're using a different size B that could also be a factor as well so I have this beautiful little teal mix so I'm just kind of picking them up arbitrarily is sort of you know making sure that I have a nice little pattern going but you could also get one of these bead mixes and pull out certain beads to say oh I want all of this one to be that nice dark teal color and then choose another one to be a light teal color so you can also kind of color coordinate your charms that way as well so we're gonna just add 16 beads here and like I said it's a little hard to keep this guy open but we're gonna do our best here yeah let's see it's gonna slide them all the way around and you'll see that they're gonna bump up against our little bead here are a little kind of bead stopper here which is our little wire loop so how many do I have one two three four five six seven eight so halfway on the side so I'm going to add eight more see it's one two three for and it's really tight work so just be patient with it so yeah that's good some fun ones here I really like these brushed ones I think they're very pretty they remind me almost of seaglass all right that should be 16 we're just gonna slide those down and double-check real quick all right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 ok so now you can kind of see that what's gonna happen is we're gonna create a little loop here so it's gonna kind of come in sort of halfway there so what I want to do is now take my charm and just slide it all the way around here and until it bumps up against there and now we're just gonna add another 16 beads so I'm gonna do that and then I'm gonna come back and finish it off with a simple wire loop and I'll show you exactly how to do that in just a moment all right so we have a good extra bit here so what I'm looking to do is just scooch all those beads down and kind of just hold them back and what we want to do is we want to get about a half an inch or so left on our wire so I'm just gonna kind of come in and just sort of hold that with my pliers so you can just sort of see how much space we really need in comparison to the pliers so yeah I'd say about a half an inch or so and I'm gonna come in and just cut that off there we go holding it tightly come in with your round nose pliers and we're just gonna finish that off with that same technique of that simple wire loop that we did in the beginning and now our charms are finished so it's really that easy it's really fun it they make wonderful gifts if you know of anybody you know going through wedding you know there's lots of events where there's wine so this is a great opportunity to kind of give something personal you can also add we have these same terms we have letters and numbers and in Greek symbols so if you're you know doing a fraternity or sorority and there's a wine party it's always a great little gift so lots of fun things to do with these wine charms and the ring memory wire is really great to work with and it will keep its shape so you can take these on and off you are a wineglass with confidence I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and see even more videos and get more beautiful things to make your DIY jewelry by heading over to you

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