How to Make the Harper Bangle Bracelet using Miyuki Rectangle Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Harper Bangle Bracelet. The bracelet features Miyuki rectangle beads, Austrian crystal cup chain, and Nunn Design ball chain that have all been set down into Crystal Clay which has been laid into the channel of a wide Nunn Design bangle bracelet. Crystal Clay is a self-hardening 2-part epoxy clay. Once embedded into the clay, the beads and chains will be permanently set.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

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Hi, this is Julie with so it's kind of gold bronzy look here i'm gonna do the silver version i'm gonna make it a little sparkly with some a b-cup chain so let's go ahead and see what we're going to use to make this project the base of it is a nun design very wide bangle bracelet so this gives us a really great channel to set our clay down into our clay is going to be crystal clay it's a two-part epoxy clay and it cures without heat and it's really nice because it's self hardening and everything sticks to it which is wonderful for the center of the focal part of the bangle we're gonna be using this cup chain it's a Swarovski crystal 32 PP cup chain and you see it has the a B finish for the edging we're gonna use some Nunn design 1.2 millimeter ball chain and then for that wonderful look along the edge here we're gonna be using my yuki rectangle so these are beads if we look at their side view they have a single hole and they're a really nice size because they're 9 millimeters tall by 4 millimeters wide so a really great building block here and I'm going to be using this color here with this wonderful a B finish as well I did pull out a few extra colors of these rectangles because that's really gonna give you a lot of variety in your design and these are not full lot sizes you do actually get a lot more when you buy each one so we just have a great assortment of matte finishes metallic shine ease all these really wonderful colors to create this project with our different beading project as well and then for this project I'm going to be using two full Lots tools you get this little beeswax toothpick that comes with your crystal clay which is great we're gonna use that probably we're definitely going to be using a pair of cutters and we maybe are gonna use a chain nose I don't think so but I wanted it handy you're also gonna notice that my work surface is covered I just have some paper down and then I'm also going to be putting on some glue now what's nice is when you purchase this pack you actually get a pack of gloves but I'm going to show you a little something I have already used half my clay so I used up my gloves already but what was nice is I just divided my clay exactly in half and half was able to do this bangle the other half is going to be able to do this bangle so I was able to get two projects out of this one pack of clay which is really nice so let me show you how to mix your clay that's gonna be our first step because the clay is gonna be what we're gonna set everything down into and we're not using any glue all right so I just have a spare pair of gloves definitely wear gloves you're gonna see why in just a minute all right so with epoxy clay if you're not familiar with it it has a Part A and A Part B it's color it's the Part A so in this case black and then we have the hardener which is Part B so these came as a bigger block so twice the size of both of these and what I did was I pinched him off and I just measured him made two equal balls so I knew I had fifty-fifty and then I put the remaining back in their original baggies making sure they never touch so this is nice and soft and squishy and even though I'd opened my package and taken half off it did not start to cure because the curing hardening process doesn't begin until these two pieces meet so that was really handy so you can definitely just use whatever you need for your project and save the rest for later the keys to making sure that this hardens properly is that you have equal parts of a and B so that's easy to do if you're using the whole pack it's actually pretty easy too if you're using half a pack but if you are wanting to make smaller quantities just roll equal balls and then you'll make sure that you have the right ratio once you have it squish them together and you're gonna see why I have my gloves on so there's not really any odor to this I I don't really detect any I know that's a question we get a bit is does this have a lot of smell to it I really don't feel that it does it feels like a stickier version of polymer clay if you're familiar with polymer clay and it is something that you can mold which is nice and you see we're starting to get all the striations kind of that marbling effect our goal is to mix it so that there's none of that marbling effect I mean it does look really cool like if you could just keep that as a pendant it would be awesome but it would not cure for you because it's not thoroughly mixed all right if you look at what we have now we have a nice solid black clay and that's what we wanted we wanted it to not be striped or anything so for this particular project we're gonna roll it back into a ball and now we're gonna try to make it more like a snake so if you remember doing playdough and you were a kid and you rolled a snake shape you just basically thinning it out I do this with my son on a really regular basis the playdough that is and your goal is to try to have it a fairly even thickness all the way around so the more you roll it the longer it gets and the skinnier it gets so look for places and kind of roll them out and what we want to do is our eventual goal is to make sure this goes all the way around our bangle it's not quite there yet almost there and it's sticky this sticks right to it all right so I'm just gonna look for any thick spots just roll them a little bit cuz I know I'm pretty close okay I think that's gonna do it alright so lay it down in the center of your bangle and then all the way around there we go alright so now while you still have your gloves on just try to make sure that guy is in the center and press him down now we're gonna keep walking around pressing it down so one thing that you'll notice as you work with the epoxy clay is the longer you work with it the less sticky it gets which can be good in some respects because it is quite sticky to begin with and it actually has begun the curing process right now so I say try to get all your work done within a half an hour you'll want to work fast you're not going to want to start this project and then put it down and go have a cup of coffee and come back a half hour later so I'm just going around and around pressing it down and I'm going to take off my gloves at some part point here and work with it with my fingers I just want to get the majority of this done with the gloves on because you see it is rubbing off black on me here okay so now that's good and on there I'm gonna take off my gloves don't reuse them just throw them away use some disposable gloves and I always feel like I have a little more control with my hands so now I'm gonna start pressing it out towards the edge don't worry about fingerprints and I'm rotating the cuff or not the cuff excuse me the bangle as I'm going if you notice every round I go I get a little bit closer to that edge and I'm trying to not go over this little lip it's okay if I you do like that you're just gonna be able to push it back and we're gonna do a clean-up on this piece before we add anything to it so your goal right now is just to fill the channel all the way to the edge with the epoxy clay all right when you think you've got it all to the edge do a just quick once-over and make sure make sure there's no gaps so just check both sides because we're gonna get to the stage here where we're gonna really clean up our work before we add all our pretties to it okay so this is what we've got thus far it's all the way to the edge my fingers are a little bit sticky I think like this all right so now we want to try to clean it up so we don't have that hanging out over the it that little lip so we're just gonna go through we're gonna push it back we're gonna go one side at a time we're just punishing that back I just have my hand underneath and I'm just using the pressure of my thumb to kind of try to make it look like it's all within the channel and I'm holding it like this so that I'm not touching the clay with my other hand and causing it to become displaced okay so we can see the difference between the side we've done and the side we haven't so we're just going to rotate it flip it over and do the exact same thing on this side we've got both sides done and now what we want to do is you see that some of the clay got a little squished here and there so now just go through you want to make that clay as even as possible but because we're gonna add so much on top of it it's pretty forgiving it does not have to be perfect you just want it within its boundaries and you just want to make sure it's not anything glaring like you don't want to have like a big gap where you're seeing the center of the cuff or there's a big bulge there can be little bulges cuz it's all gonna get covered for the most part okay so now I'm just takin my finger and I'm just kind of smoothing it out a little bit okay so this is what yours is gonna look like it almost looks like um an aged leather at this point kind of cool-looking not perfectly smooth don't worry yours doesn't need to be you just want to kind of call you check it at this point make sure it looks pretty even and uniform but it will be a little lumpy alright let's set down our rhinestone chain first so this is cup chain if you're not familiar with rhinestone cup chain this is Swarovski crystal it has these little metal bridges that connects all your little pieces and you can make it really tight together or you can make it really spread out for this project we want to spread out because we're going - then place a little rectangle that happens to be almost the exact size of each of these little set crystals on the edges so we're going to take this you're gonna gently set it into the center of our bangle thank you doing that till we get to where it overlaps and then we're just gonna cut with that little metal bridge okay and now we're not gonna really press this into place at this stage you want it in there so it's sticking in there it's not coming off on you but we're not really pushing it deep now we're gonna take a my yuki rectangle and we're gonna set it next to it alright press it in a little bit we're gonna do one on the other side so our first couple ones that we set are really gonna be more of an anchoring line just to make sure that this is centered so I'm gonna skip over a bunch of them and now I'm gonna put another one on each side and I want them to rest up against the Rhinestone chain and we're just gonna skip over a few more and this is just making it so that you don't just start here do all of them all of them and then realize your chain is off-center whoops then you want them to be as straight up and down as possible so try to work at whatever angle is going to help you to produce that result and if you want you can take this little pick and press them in all right so now that we've got them spaced out I'm pretty confident that this chain is placed correctly so I'm going to just make sure I don't have any real clay on my fingers and then just press this in a little bit more doesn't need to be a lot and I'm also going to press in the rectangles that I've already placed and you're going to go back and press them in even more at the end but this is just a really good starting point okay leave that's where I started so now we're gonna go fill it in and you can either do this a couple different ways you can just start here and do them all along press them in and then do the other side I love this a B finish on here so you can do that so you can do chunks at a time and then just press them like that or you can just do an entire side and then go back into the other entire side don't forget you are working on a bit of a time limit here because of the epoxy clay so make sure that you try to get this finished well you'll need to finish it in one sitting you're not going to be able to leave this and come back to it but you can choose how you want to place these now that you've got these great little markers letting you know that you're on track and everything is even I don't know why I personally like doing it this way I think I feel like actually get a whole section done which is nice I'm just gonna keep doing this and once you've set a section or a couple inches feel free to press it into the clay same with that chain there's one make sure it's all really secure so in the beginning part you're more worried about placement you want to make it so it's not pressed so tightly so if you did want to change it you still had that ability without having to redo a lot of work but once you know what you you know what's kind of happening and you like how it looks then you can definitely go ahead and feel free to press it into the clay more alright we are almost last couple beads and then we're gonna help press these into place and we're gonna add one little finishing touch that I think helps to really make it look polished and finished it was a good experiment I had at least at least I think so sometimes you try something like I don't know if this is gonna look right and you're like oh that actually does look pretty good alright so we've got them all in there go ahead and press them into place without just lodging them like you don't want to press like this cuz that's gonna push them off of there nice Center so you just press down and they don't need to be fully submerged they're gonna stick in there all right so here's what we've got thus far if we pull our example back you'll notice one extra touch that's this little ball chain and what that basically does is if you look at it from here you're seeing all of those bead holes which is fine these are beads that's great but I think it's fun if someone looks at this and you say you made it and they have no clue how you made this they don't even know those are beads so we're gonna just do a little edging that is going to help to just kind of obscure those holes a little bit so you can even press that edge down into the clay a little bit more same with over here all right all right finishing touch so I have this little faceted ball chain and it's faceted and sparkly and it doesn't actually even look like ball chain to me we're gonna take it and we are going to run it along the edge I'm just gonna lay it down along the edge and just press it into place working it along and so you can still see the holes a little bit but now there's so much happening here that that's not at all what you concentrate on and I have two feet of this chain that's what I'm working with okay get back to your center point our starting point I should say snip it off you want to you can use this little guy to help guide it maybe have one ball chain too much there that's gonna be okay okay and then just press it into place okay and if you notice because of the size of the my Yuki rectangles you do have this little gap here so that's what we're laying it into I don't know if I showed you that before I started the other one but there is just a little gap a little edge all right so we've got that and now we're gonna do the other side if you want to find where you started on this side right here you could just do the same there we go and I'm not pre measuring or pre cutting I just know I had two feet which was gonna be plenty and I'm just working it along that way you don't accidentally cut it too short we're back to our starting point there we go and again just press it into place and we're done so there is the silver version of our bangle bracelet and we're calling this the Harper bangle bracelet and we have the gold and again we use the 32 pp Swarovski crystal rhinestone cup chain then my Yuki rectangle beads the Nunn design ball chain the 1.2 millimeter and the Nunn design nice wide bangle bracelets and then it was the black epoxy clay so if you would like to create this yourself you can find all the supplies for it at and if you just thought this was really neat and I want to see other videos using epoxy clay please check out our other videos on YouTube as well as our website thanks for watching you

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