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Hi, this is Kat with polier on my table and I just want to show you that what I've done is I've added the cork in between some beautiful gemstones but you can of course add the cork in however you like but I'm just going to show you how to do this little technique here and you can see that we're gonna be cutting that cord adding those little bead caps and I'll show you how to start and finish this memory wire bracelet so let me go ahead and show you what you're gonna need to complete such a project alright so I have some gemstones here and these are beautiful eight millimeter gemstones you can choose whichever color you like just make sure that your holes are going to be large enough to accommodate that memory wire I have some end caps here and these have a nice little sort of petal design you can use any end cap that will accommodate our six millimeter cork cord I also do have some metal beads here just to kind of give it a little glint I have my memory wire and then I have of course my cork cord and you can sort of see on the side vision right there but there's that little core on the inside and that's what's going to go into our wire so very cool and then for tools I'm gonna be using our Wrigley's cutter and this is really great for cutting that cork cord you don't want to try to do this with regular scissors because it does have that core in it so this is gonna be helpful for that and then I also have my special memory wire cutters again you don't want to use regular flush cutters with memory wire it will definitely hurt and destroy your pliers so you definitely want to use some good memory wire cutters and then I have a round nose tip plier to help me with those little wire loops at the ends I'm going to be using some e6000 and for that I had just have a little scrap of paper and some toothpicks there and then I also have my ruler so if you have all of your stuff ready to go we're going to go ahead and begin so to get started the first thing I want to do is to take my cork cord and separate it out into the little sections now I'm gonna be repeating the design I had so if you're not sure how long you want your sections to be you can leave this intact and sort of work as you want to now we do sell this by the inch so I always say buy an extra inch or two if you're not quite sure because as you can see the ends do start to unravel and that's why we're going to be using that glue here in just a little bit but what I want to do is go ahead and cut four pieces that are going to be three and a half inches long so what I'm going to do is I just kind of have it marked with my finger there and I'm gonna set it into my cutter and just making sure that I'm right where I want to be your cutter will then come down and slice through so you have a nice clean little end there so what all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna cut my other four little pieces here and to make sure that your fingers are out as you cut a little bit all right and one more cut here and yeah it looks like I have an extra little inch here which is fine I want to keep it consistent so I'm gonna go ahead and cut that off cut through my cord all right there we go all right so I'm just going to set that little extra piece aside we're done with our cutter there so I'm going to set that all right so now what we're gonna do is as you can see we start with a simple wire loop and I have my memory wire loops it comes with 12 loops so you can just leave them all intact if you want I've actually used part of this already but go ahead and leave it all together and then you can adjust the size you don't want to sort of pre-cut if you don't have to because that way you can sort of adjust given your sizes and whatnot so go ahead and you're gonna take that memory wire the end place it into your round nose plier there and just give it a nice little sort of gentle twist and just kind of work your pliers around to give you a nice little wire loop that faces in towards your memory wire and that's it so now we have our little anchor point so when we start adding beads here they won't fall off the end so now go ahead and string on one gemstone bead one of our metal beads here and I just love these little spacers they're really made and one gemstone bead one spacer and you can see that this orange agate here has a really nice color variation to it so I'm just kind of playing off of that as I pick which gemstone I'm gonna use next alright so we're going to add five gemstones okay so now I can slide all that down and sort of works a little bit like a slinky so you can just kind of wind it all the way down as it goes down there we go alright so now I have my five gemstones my four little beads just sitting there and all I need to do next is I'm going to take one of my little end caps and slide it on and then I'm gonna take one of my pieces of cord and thread it through there and start to kind of wiggle it down onto the memory wire and that cord should just go right through if you struggle with it this is another great opportunity to use your pliers to just kind of help you get that cord on there it's mostly because the cork the cord on rather the interior tube isn't bent the same way that the memory wire is so you kind of have to just keep keep going to get it on there all right there we go and once it comes out the other side it's much easier to kind of slide down so we're just going to kind of work that all the way down there and before I get it too far I'm gonna add another end cap and this time going this way so that it'll serve as the other end now we haven't done any gluing yet so don't worry we're gonna get it all the way down to where we want it to be and then I'll show you how to kind of add a little dab of glue and like I said it's you don't have to do that step actually I didn't on this one but then I realized you know it couldn't hurt to kind of add that little touch of glue before you really secure it to just make sure that it's not going to fray and it's not going to move on you so I'm gonna show you how to add the glue and of course I want to make sure that my end cap is getting down there too bad the cork doesn't work that way alright so now we're getting our beads there and we're getting our other end there alright sorry I just had to whip it around alright so you'll notice that it is starting to kick out the memory wire what you can do is memory wire is really stiff but you can kind of just play with it and just bend it a little bit very gently around that cork just to get that nice curvature happening there we go alright so now what I'm gonna do is just take a little bit out of that 6000 I'm gonna go ahead and place it on to you my little pad there and all I'm gonna do is just sort of let's start with our first side there and just kind of run it along the cork on the outside here just on the edges you don't need a lot and like I said it's just to kind of make sure it is secure alright so once I've done that I can then sort of slip it into my bead half there and while that's drying I'm just gonna move to the other side and you can just see that I just kind of adjusted to make sure that it's gonna fit nice and tightly there and now I'm just going to repeat that on this side just to get a little bit of that glue now you can also go inside the bead cap if you prefer or you can keep it on to the cork here so if you wanted to get it into the bead cap you just do kind of the same thing just kind of get some of that glue happening in there there we go and again you can see that I'm not using very much I don't want to do too much with this because I don't want it to kind of spill out everywhere alright and you just add your little bead cap there and we're just gonna kind of adjust it give it a nice little tug make sure that this is nice and stiff and slick and then we are ready to add another five gemstones to the end and that's the whole part you just repeat that so you're gonna add five gemstones and for the example that I have here we've added four pieces of cork and then ended with five extra gemstones and I'll be right back to show you how to just cut and finish off with that last little loop there alright so I have just added my last round of gemstone beads I'm just gonna hold it for a second just so you can kind of see how it really develops there all right so now all I need to do is trim off my memory wire and add a simple wire loop to the end so I just want to make sure that everybody is nice and together and strong we don't want any loose beads there so I'm just kind of giving it a little tug and then what I want to do with my memory wire cutters is come in and give about a half an inch or so to cut that memory wire alright and now still holding it I'm going to take that round nose plier up to the very tip there and bend it in so I can make that little simple wire loop and then I'm just going to come on the outside there and just close that loop up there we go so now my loop is closed all my beads are stripped strong on my memory wire there so now we are all finished so this is just a really fun way to incorporate that Cork into that memory wire now if yours is still a little not perfectly sort of stacked what you can do is just kind of take those areas where the cork is and just kind of bend it just ever so slightly in just to give it that nice little curve because that cork with that core is actually very strong so you won't be hurting your memory wire just give it a nice little little tug on the inside and then when you wear it it'll be nice and perfectly round for you so there is how to add our cork cord to memory wire and to complete a gemstone bracelet so that is how to make a memory wire bracelet and incorporate our braided cork cord so I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to and if you're new here be sure to hit that YouTube subscribe button below

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