How to Make Wine Charms

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make wine charms using craft wire, beads, and holiday themed charms. These charms are easy and inexpensive to make, you will enjoy making them for every season and to give as gifts. The possibilities are limitless!
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you a fun holiday project and that is making wine charms. These are great to put around the stim of your wine goblet during a party so people can identify the wine glass. We're going to actually make the entire structure so that you can make as many of these as you like. Give them as gifts and do them for every holiday season. what you're going to need is a ruler to measure out your wire. You need some twenty gauge craft wire. You can see it comes in a variety of different colors. We've got gold, copper, brass and silver. We're going to use silver for this project. You're going to need approximately a one-inch cylindrical object. I've got a wood dowel. You can use a medicine bottle anything you have that's approximately one inch in diameter. You need a pair of wire cutters and a round nose pliers. You need some charms. I've got some holiday charms here. You're going to want your charms to vary. You're going to want each person to have a different charm so they can identify their wine glass. So I've got them in silver, I've got them in gold. There's a whole host of other ones available. You're also going to need some four millimeter jump rings and some beads. You can see here I just got a selection of holiday colored beads. These are just remnants from old projects. This a great way to use up some of your extra beads. I don't really have enough to do a complete project with but are too pretty to even think of giving away or not using so it's a great project for some excess scrap leftover beads. So to begin you can take your wire and we're going to measure four inches. So lay it against your ruler and snip at the four inch point. Go ahead try to use your fingers to flatten it out. Then we're going to take it press our thumb in the middle of our wire and hold it firmly against the dowel or whatever object you're using. Curve both sides around you're cylinder. You're going to have the wires cross each other. Just like that we have a nice even round shape. So on one end take our round nose pliers grab the tip rotate it back and that's half of our hook. We're going to stretch out our wire just a little bit so we can put some beads on. We're going to pick which beads we'll use. You might want to vary the beads that you use as well in addition to the charms so that people can easily identify their goblet. You're also are going to want to go ahead and open up a jump ring. We're going to place a charm onto a jump ring. We'll use a little nutcracker here. Place a jump ring onto a charm. I've got another pair of pliers here. These are not the best pliers to do this with but they do work. Close up the jump ring. Put your charm aside for right now. Now we're gonna go ahead and just put our beads onto our round form. now one quick tip is you wanna make sure that the beads you're using are going to go around the round without distorting it. I say go up to about a six millimeters size. I did use an eight-millimeter here and it worked. But I tried another eight millimeter and it didn't work so be a little cautious of that. If you are just using leftover beads you can just play around. Then you also don't want to have a bead such as this which is too long. You'll see because of it's length on the wire it won't scoot down. So be cautious of that as well. Slip on as many beads as you want. Scoot them down. When you have half done just go ahead put your charm on. Do the other half identical to the first side. Now we just have to make it so this is going to stay closed around your goblet. To do that we're going to take our round nose pliers again. Grab that tip and just turn it back. Just like that now these two ends will come together and close. There you have a wine charm. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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