How to Make Personalized Jewelry Tags

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to make personalized jewelry/artist tags with your name, initials, a symbol, etc. These tags add that extra special, professional touch to your jewelry designs. They mark your designs as yours, showcase that they are handmade and original.
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you Hi, this is Julie with pieces of jewelry that you design here's a couple finished examples since my name is Julie beam I just did my initials JB so you can see I've got a couple different styles here and actually on one I just did a little like icon I just did a little bird flying so in terms of the tags themselves there's a wide variety of sizes and shapes and finishes I've just pulled a few there's actually quite a number more available and when deciding on the tag that you want you're going to also want to look at the size and how much you actually want to fit on the tag itself you can see you do have a quite a big choice now if you don't want to do a personalized tag and actually stamp it there are pre-made jewelry tags like this and on both sides they say made with a love and then there's also these ones here that say handmade it's the shape of a little hand and it's always nice to use a tag on jewelry one to put your mark on it to let people know that it was made by you and also let them know that it is handmade and it is something which is really unique when deciding what to put on your tag you'll want to think about you want to put the name of your company on the tag if it's short enough or some abbreviation of your company do you want to put your initials you just want to put your first name if you want to put a symbol with symbols in the middle punches there's a wide choice of them I've got a little clover and a bird right here but there's smiley faces heart stars sailboats a whole host of different designs you might find one which calls to you or says something about your company and then once you've decided what you want to put on it you'll want to also decide the size I have a couple different metal punch sets here here's 1.5 mil which looks like this is really a tiny lettering which will fit on a smaller tags if you want to use a larger letter set such as the one I have right here you'll want a large your tag so take all those things in mind when you're deciding what you're going to do and then I'm going to show you how to make one so again based upon what size tag you want and what you're going to put on it it's going to determine what supplies you actually need chances are good though you're going to need a steel bench block which I have right here with a rubber pad below it to absorb some of the blow and you're going to need a brass mallet you might also need a rubber mallet the rubber mallet would be if say you've got a little tag sometimes the smaller ones get a little curved and all it takes is a couple swipes of the rubber mallet to go ahead and flatten them before you punch them and you might also need a chasing hammer I actually on this little tag right here I texturized it so I used the ball end of the chasing hammer to texturize it a little bit and then on this tag where I did the little symbol I rubbed a little bit of African bronze Gilders paste into it so I'm going to show you all those different techniques but let me begin by making a tag so I've got my artist tag right here I like the size I'm going to make the one that you see here if you want have a piece of brass available where you can do a couple little trial punches trials striking to make sure you have the right pressure alright so I've got my J because I'm going to do JB for this one and on this particular set the marking of the number is actually what needs to face me in order for the punch to line up correctly all sets are a little bit different though so I'm just going to put this onto my stamping I'm going to hold it and I'm going to do one swift strike you can see I got the J now imprinted now I'm going to do a B again one swift strike it could be a little hard to but I did get the B as well I'm going to pull that detail out here in a second and then I'm going to do the clover now you can see these all are there but they're kind of faint so I'm going to take my vintaj relief block I'm going to rub it using the gray side and if you need to you might need to flatten this if it got a little curved again the rubber mallet is going to come in handy and then I'm going to use a polishing side right here to take off any scratch marks you don't have to use the relief block when you're making an artisan tag I just want to show you a couple different techniques for finishing them but you could definitely just make your stamping and call it good at that you'll see now I have my artist tag and it's got my JB on it and to attach it to a piece of jewelry the most common way to attach it to a piece of jewelry is to just use a jump ring open up my jump ring put it through the little loop I have a necklace I made here I'm gonna put it up towards the back is where these commonly are found close my chocolate vodka you can see that now I've marked this jewelry as a piece that I created I just want to show you a couple more quick techniques I'm going to do the little bird one here so this just had a symbol on it so I'm going to hammer this one with the rubber mallet just to make sure it's flat they do come flat but I know it's just when I store them or something might happen where they get a little curved and I let them completely flat so I've got my little bird I'm just gonna Center him now he looks pretty faint on here you can see the before and the after so all I need to do take my Gilders paste I chose green just going to rub it into the actual lines of the stamping and rub it off now you can see that he shows up a lot better so that's one thing you can do and now I just want to show you one more quick technique you can do this these techniques with any of the different blanks I'm going to do just my initials on this little copper blank so I'm positioning it on there you can kind of try to tell where you're putting it so you get it even now this particular set does not have any marking on the side so you just have to look at it and make sure you're going to line it up correctly so I've got my J it might be now I'm going to texturize this one I'm just going to go over the entire surface lightly with the ball end of the chasing hammer and that's just going to give it a little bit more detail so you can see there I've got my two JB's and I had my original tags right there so those are just a couple choices on how you can make artist tags and personalize your jewelry

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