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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to the Ruby wreath set for our prototype we have the olivine version that's done with a pretty necklace and earrings great for the holidays and this version is with the ruby colored Swarovski crystals that are about 12 millimeter and some beautiful faux pearls 4 millimeter some silver-plated cable chain and an unfinished ear wire that will make a really nice complement to the necklace so I wanted to show you also that we're using some twisted craft wire which if I hold this one up you can see it's a really nice effect of added decorative kind of flare to that so that's what we'll use for this in the silver version so you can see I've done most of the prep work here I'm going to go ahead and cut some of this craft wire now the twisted craft wire about you'd say four inches and this will start our wreath wrap so I'm going to go ahead and put the briolettes on all five together and one there near the center of the wire I'm gonna go ahead and loop the two sides together but bring a larger portion off to one side and twist I'm just locking those two wires together so that one will come straight off the top for our wire wrap and the other is going to rotate in and out around the Braille it's and they're quite flush together so it takes a little working to tuck them in tuck the wire in between each and when I've come back to the top and met my other wire I bring it around the base and loop my tail end twice around the base of that longer end there and clip Wow tuck that little leftover portion tight inside and I'm ready to put on my decorative pull it's got the Pearl on I'm gonna go ahead and do my wire wrap and this is a style choice for me I like to create a double wrap over the top it gives it a little more of a feel about a bail and shows off a twisted wire nicely so twice around and then twice around the base here again I'm actually gonna double back over my first wrap just give it a bit of a more substantial look and I'll tuck the remainder straighten it up inside little breathe and now we'll slip it onto a jump ring and I have the same four millimeter 20 gauge jump ring that's good for three different connections here the front with the focal piece and also the back to attach the clasp and the back for the clasp to latch on to so all three are good good size for that but latch my gene on here close up the jump ring I'll go ahead and put my pearl on to my unfinished ear wire these findings are a great way to tie the earring in with the necklace angle that off and wrap use my tool to help me get it around mmm-hmm for my final simple step I'm gonna go ahead and wrap that Braille up for our earring cut another portion of wire here about three inches drink on my bead bring about an inch over to that side angle across into a figure eight wrap with this twisted craft wire I'm angling straight off the top my coil the tail around the base hmm why I broke that I think it's just the right length actually go ahead and tuck maindrian finish my top loop toward me in a 90 degree angle up over and away no again I'm gonna double back over my previous wrap and give it that nice mm artisan feel the nested wrap these cutters are good for a lot but not for getting tied in so I'm gonna pull my other cutters to clip that tail go ahead and attach it to the ear wire and go out to the side whip it on I'm sure it's facing forward which it's not so I'm gonna go ahead correct mm-hmm repite to make the second earring so we've got our ruby wreath set our olivine wreath set and you can find project bundles for both of these at thanks for watching you

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