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hi this is Julia beadaholique to alter and embellish wouldn't disc beads we're going to do that using a gold leafing pen some vintage patina and very degree and some Nunn design brass embellishments so these are little stampings so this is my inspiration and I'm gonna do something very similar but these earrings were created by one of our designers Carlin and she calls them the Juno earrings and they're just really fun I want to show you how to get this look how to paint the patina on the wood and how to go ahead and add the embellishment so for the project I'm gonna show in the video I may use a different style earring hook this is an unfinished ear hook I want to show you how you can take an ear hook like this and really use it to its advantage when using it with something like this where maybe the hole would traditionally need a jump ring but because this is unfinished we can make that loop pretty much as big as we want at the base I'll show you that at the end so we're not going to have to use a jump ring so it's kind of fun little cheap I'm gonna show you in here so you'll need the ear wires you're going to need the disks you're gonna need some type of embellishment patina and a leafing pen and of course choose whatever colors you like and then you're going to need some e6000 glue and in terms of tools you're going to need a paintbrush I just have a disposable one something like a scrap piece of paper or post-its to put you our paint on scrap piece of wire or a toothpick to add your glue and then I have a pair of wire looping pliers these are great I love them but I found nose plier would work as well and a chain nose plier so we're gonna start by painting on the patina part of this design so I've got my verdigris patina and I'm going to shake it up really well to mix it up so now I just need to put a little bit on my scrap paper and then you'll notice I'm also working on just a base scrap piece of paper as well so I'm not going to worry if I get paint on it versus if I was working on my good work table I'm just going to choose wherever I want and wanted to be about halfway and so if you see the orientation of the whole I mean it's easier to show like this so here's my whole and I just want to create basically a line across so you'll notice I picked this up very carefully it did get some over on this side so to make it look nice and tidy I'm just going to paint the edges and set that down I want to see if my line is relatively straight I'm going to come back later with the gold leafing pin and do a line across so I'm not too concerned if this line is perfectly straight I want to be approximately straight but it doesn't have to be perfect so let me do that on the other one as well and I'm gonna paint that edge too now let me see if this is a little easier to pick up with my chain nose there we go that's a little easier to hold on to now because wood does absorb paint and I want to let this dry and then come back with a second coat let me see how straight my lines are and about how to eat there so this one is slanting down a little bit that looks better and this one does look a little bit fuller okay so I'm gonna wait about Oh 15 20 minutes and then I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna go ahead and do a second coat of the verdigris patina oh you can see the paint is dry and ready for the second coat so I'm just gonna shake up my bottle one more time and paint another layer on top of my first coat okay now we'll let that dry and we'll be ready to go back with our gold leafing plan we're just gonna make a very nice straight line for us now that my paint is dry I'm ready to add my gold line so I've got my leafing pen and what you do with this is you shake it up and then you'll notice it has a little felt tip now this one has been used before so it's covered in gold paint if this was a brand new pen it would be a white tip and what you do to get that paint to come down and flow is you just go like that you just press it and you can see when I do that paint comes out so you keep depressing the tip until you'd actually see the gold paint start to bleed from the base and saturate that tip so what you want to do is once you've got the paint flowing you want to make a few practice lines now you'll notice if I use the paint pen sideways I get a thin line if I use it front on I get a thick line so just decide which one you want I think you have a little bit more wiggle room with the thin one because if you do make a mistake you can go over it and try to correct it if you're doing a thick line like that your whole piece might end up gold which is not necessarily a bad thing I mean that's a look so that's an option if you make a mistake and we'll see what I do here but I'm gonna try to go right on top of my turquoise paint and trying to make a straight line so I'm gonna use the side so I just want to get comfortable with it and I'm gonna just try to go straight over it and that's pretty good I have a little bloop right here and I just will touch up so I'm okay with that it's not 100% perfect but it looks pretty nice and now I'm gonna do the same thing over here and you see I did make a boo-boo there's a little bit the black showing so I'm just going to go over it again and try to make it even honestly the more you go over it usually the more jittery your hand gets and you'll end up with a little bit more of a blue pea look so okay I'm gonna call that good and try to leave it like that so I've got my two gold lines and you can go ahead and you can finish it off and try to do the paint along the sides if you want or you don't need to so we are gonna let those dry now so this project doesn't take a long time in terms of the actual work with the project it takes a while is just waiting for each layer of paint to dry so just give yourself an hour so to do this but know that you're not gonna be working a whole hour so I'm going to wait again for the gold to dry and then I'm gonna be able to finish it off with the earring hook and the embellishments well it took several pauses but everything is dry so we're ready to add our earring hook and also our embellishments I'm gonna do the earring hook first actually on this one normally you probably do the embellishment but I don't want to take another pause here so I'm going to do the earring hook first now you'll notice in Carlin's example she just used some jump rings and connected them to an earring hook this absolutely works great I just want to show you another alternative and that is using these unfinished ear wires so we're going to create a loop at the base here that's big enough to accommodate this disc let me use my wire looping pliers for this so what I'm going to do is you'll notice that it has a tapered nose so if I went and I did the loop right up here it would be a very narrow loop a very small one and back here would be a larger one so I want to go somewhere in the middle for this particular project and actually what I'm gonna do for it I can grab this I want to go in the middle and I'm going to be rotating up that's not how I usually use these pliers but in this case it works really well so I'm just gonna go in the middle depressed so you see I've started to curve it and rotate it up and around there we go do that on the other one you see that nice big loop now you could definitely use wire looping pliers for this as well I want to find about the same spot up and around so there we go now I'm gonna take my chain nose and open up this loop the same way I would open a jump ring so just twisting it and then sliding my disc on and closing that loop back up so this really is a great application for these unfinished ear wires where I could make a larger loop than what you would traditionally find in a premade ear wire there we go so now I'm gonna add my embellishment like I said if I was doing this not on camera I would have added my embellishment ahead of time but I just wanted to not pause again so to accommodate this earwire which obviously is causing my disc to slant I'm just gonna put it on a little platform so it's more level there we go and now with the little arrows of course you could use stars or flowers or whatever you want you could put them in whichever direction you like so you they could be going up and down maybe going to the side or whatever you might like here Karl ended them facing each other so I'm going to take a little bit of e6000 glue and put it on my scrap piece of paper and close it back up now I have a little scrap wire and I uses my applicator and I'm going to put some on the arrow now this is really strong glue so you don't need all that much and I don't want it to seep out the sides when I press it into place alright so I'm going to just go ahead and place that on my earring and just press it down so that one is done so to do it where they are facing each other which i think is a really fun idea this one over here I'm gonna do the same thing I did have a little bit to spill out the side so I'm just gonna go in that up a little bit and we're done so now all you have to do is let those dry and then you can enjoy wearing them you can find the supplies for this project as well as many others at you

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