How to Make the Dazzling Austrian Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial video, learn how to make the Dazzling Austrian crystal Christmas Tree Earrings. These earrings feature gold filled findings and beautiful Austrian crystal beads. A lovely holiday present for yourself or a friend.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with astray that we've made suspended within this lovely gold filled finding so the components you're gonna need to make this are these findings here this is a link it's a kite shaped link with two rings so it's got that internal ring as well as the external ring this lovely dramatic earring hook and these are all gold filled then we're gonna use some other gold filled components like a head pin and a jump ring and then really the star of the show here are these margarita beads which we're going to use to form the Christmas tree they are crystal vitriol medium and we got twelve millimeter ten eight and a six capped off with a cute little bicone and a little cube bead for the trunk and then right here I just want to point out that this component set is also available in sterling silver so if you're more of a silver fan then the gold you can buy each of these in the sterling silver as well for tools we're going to use a wire looping plier so it's got that one concave nose and one round nosed we're going to use two pairs of chain nose pliers to help us with that jump ring and a pair of cutters so go ahead and take your head pin and place the cube bead on to it first then you'll notice that these beads are two-sided so you can decide if you want kind of shiny metallic side or more of the crystal side I want this shiny metallic side down so I'm gonna load that on first so we're gonna just stack these graduating from the largest to the smallest and there's our treat we're gonna cap it off with this beautiful little scarlet colored bicone and this is a little three millimeter bicone so once we've got our treat I kinda want to make a whole forest of them we're gonna go ahead and take our wire looping pliers we're gonna grab the wire right after the Scarlet bicone we're gonna squeeze to help make that loop for us bend it down rotate your pliers to the top so you have a nice grip on it and then just use your fingers to go ahead and twist that wire and at this point if you're more comfortable you can release your pliers grab your chain nose pliers to hold that loop and just continue doing your wraps and depending on what look you want you can do one wrap two wraps three wraps also depending upon how much wire you have right there that stem if you gripped it a little bit further above the UM bead so when you're done with your wraps just go up go ahead and try to get in as close as you can to your wraps and trim that tail and go back with your chain nose pliers and just press that tail into the wrappings so that is what we've got right there our little tree and now we're going to open a jump ring this is a four millimeter jump ring and you're gonna grip it on either side of the slit opening with the slit up top and just twist open grab on your tree place it through that little loop of the kite and actually I remember when I was making the demo it's much easier if you loop it through the hole of the kite first and then add your little tree it's gonna close your jump right Micah so the ends meet up again there we go and now we're ready to add our earring hook and what's really nice is the earring hook has a little open loop and you just twist it open slide on that loop at the top of your kite finding and close a back up and you're done and you have a really pretty very beautiful gold filled and Swarovski crystal earring for the holidays I think this would make an excellent hostess gift if you need to do that for a party need to bring something or wear it yourself if you like this video please check out our other videos on our youtube channel as well as at thanks for watching you

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