How to Make the Halloween Skull Charm Chain Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a whimsical bracelet featuring skull charm chain and Austrian crystal beads and pearls. The bracelet design can easily be made using any type of charm chain and any color of Austrian crystals you choose. The finishing touch is an easy to get on and off magnetic clasp.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i'm gonna be using the matte black version of it but it also comes in this wonderful shiny gunmetal silver color and then i'm gonna be using some Shroff's key crystal bicones in tangerine I really like that Orange some white three millimeter Swarovski pearls and gunmetal plaited findings so even though I'm doing the black I'm still gonna pair it with gunmetal which I think will look really nice so I have a magnetic clasp which is a great thing for a bracelet super easy to pull on and off a couple four millimeter jump rings and some head pins now for my tools I'm gonna be using a cutter a wire looping plier to make all my little simple wire loops and a couple pairs of chain nose pliers so let's look at this chain first I'm going to show you both so this is what each little individual skull looks like and they're so cute so you see it there and then also right here so we put it right there against the white so they're really a nice looking little embellishment and I'm gonna cut for my bracelet I cut about six inches and I'm gonna measure it from the actual internal chain link so if you look at how this is constructed these little charms are hanging off of a center row of a more traditional chain I'm gonna do six inches and I'm gonna cut not one of the little skulls but one of the chain links there we go and now I'm gonna just start off by adding the clasp so we're gonna open these little jump rings so they're open jump rings meaning that they are not soldered they have a little slit in them and we're just gonna hold it on either side with two pairs of pliers and twist pick up our clasp and then link it on to the end chain link and then close it on up go to the other side and repeat so the clasp and the jump rings will add about a half of an inch to your design so this is going to be a six and a half inch bracelet if you want it to be longer just go ahead and have your internal chain lengths the skull chain be a little bit longer so this is actually a very cute finished bracelet all by itself you see how that is but I want to embellish it so what I'm gonna do is make a bunch of little dangles so I've already made some and I'm gonna show you how to make one of each and then how to attach them to your chain so I'm gonna take my head pin and I'm just gonna place one of these four millimeter bicones on to it slide it down to the end and then with my wire looping pliers and I love wire looping pliers for projects like this where I want to make quite a few of these little dangles they just saved so much time so I'm gripping the wire right where it exits the bead squeezing it bending it and then I rotate my pliers up to the top while still gripping it and just pull that wire around so it Criss crosses and overlaps and I have a really great little loop and then right where it does crisscross I just cut I'm going to do the same thing with a purl here just slip it down right where it exits the bead place your pliers squeeze you can see is actually doing some of that bending work for you and it's really nice because you can grip it very firmly pull that wire around and where it Criss crosses just make a cut now to attach these dangles you can put them anywhere you like on the length of your chain and you can open up your little loop the same way you would open a jump ring so just twist it open link it onto one the chain links and carefully twist it shut now these are 22 gauge jump rings which is a nice weight for being able to do something like this so we've got one placed on there and you can put on as many or as few as you like and you can just put them anywhere you like there is no right or wrong side to this particular design so you can just start adding I'm going to add a few pearls it's actually a very fun and freeing design because you're not having to be too precise about where you put these guys so I'm just gonna keep adding until I'm happy with how many I have and then I'll show you the finished result all right I'm down to my last two and like I said you can put on as many or as few as you like it's kind of fun to just keep adding them okay one more and I'm just like I said I'm just linking them to this center core chain and closing them just like a jump ring and so let me put this guy on now and I love the magnetic clasp because it just hooks together without any effort so there is my little Halloween themed bracelet with this skull chain little Swarovski 3 millimeter pearls and little four millimeter tangerine bicones just a fun little design quick and easy to make and really something special with this skull chain it really makes it very unique and special thank you for watching this video and please do subscribe and check out all our other videos here on youtube and at you

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