How to Make the Austrian Crystal Greek Cross Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to use the Artistic Wire Finding Form Earring Wire Jig to make a pair of simple earrings featuring Austrian crystal Greek Crosses in Vitrail Medium. Choose your favorite color of Greek Crosses and Artistic Wire to make these earrings your own.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and artistic wire ear jig and this is the q mark so it's gonna come out looking like a little bit of a question mark so I wanted to first start off by talking about the jig itself before I dive into the project now if I can draw your attention up here I have 18 gauge wire 20 gauge wire and 22 gauge wire and I made some samples here just for you to see for this project I'm going to be using the 20 gauge wire and you can see that it's a nice thick wire the 18 gauge is a little bit thicker now this does work you notice that I did clip it a little bit closer to the top so that's just sort of a preference thing how you want your ear wire to look but mostly I wanted to clip it a little bit because this is gonna be really thick in your ear so an 18 gauge does work and it's really nice and thick and stiff but it might not be as comfortable as aware artistic wire it recommends for the jig tool to use a 20 or a 22 the 22 is a little thin however I'm going to show you how to work harden whichever wire you decide to work with so the it will have a little extra stiffness to it but for this project I'm gonna go ahead and use that 20 gauge wire so let me talk a little bit about what I'm gonna be doing here you can see the finished earring here so this is what we're gonna be making I'm going to show you how to use the ear wire jig and how to attach a Sourav ski crystal to the top just for a little added embellishment and then add on that Greek Cross now the artistic wire jig does come with a pusher tool and I'm gonna show you how to use that and I did want to pull out some of the other Greek cross colors just so you can see if you wanted to vary it up I'm gonna be using the vitriol MIDI excuse me I'm going to be using the vitriol medium for mine but we also do have crystal silver night we have jet crystal and crystal a B so the other tools that you're going to need to complete this is a wire rounder tool you're going to need a hammer you can use this type of hammer or you can use a matte type of hammer I have a pair of chain nose pliers round nose pliers cutters as well as wire straightening of nylon pliers and I also have my wire whacker plates here that I'm gonna be using so if you have everything ready to go let's get started so to begin I'm gonna take my 20 gauge wire and I'm going to sort of pull off and you can just kind of eyeball this you're gonna need about four inches now leave it on the spool and use your wire straightening pliers this will kind of have you add a little bit of extra grip to it so you can go ahead and kind of just pull it off just like that because if you cut it before hand you might end up having trouble trying to grip it as you straighten it so there we go nice straight wire and you don't want to go over it too many times cuz you're actually gonna work harden it so I'm gonna go ahead and clip that off and I can set my wire aside so now to use the wire jig tool you're gonna go ahead and put about a half an inch to an inch and go ahead and bend it down somewhere where you can kind of hold it on the back so it's coming through the front there now you see this little triangle plate right there go ahead and Bend that wire around and you're gonna just want to push it down with your finger to make sure that it is kind of coming in there and you're going to wrap it around that first peg just like so wrap it up and around and now kind of holding it down on this side you can see it's kind of popping out a little bit you just want to wrap it around that second peg and then you're gonna twist and again just kind of holding with your finger and twist all the way down now here's where you're gonna use your little pusher tool to just kind of push that wire down to make sure that you're getting a nice solid loop there just like so there we go alright so now the what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna remove this but I need to bend back that wire and push it through and it'll come right off that jig for me so you can say our jig aside and now what I need to do is I need to clip the wire here to create that loop and I'm gonna make this one nice and long so I'm gonna clip it all the way down here towards the bottom now like I said you can clip it a little bit higher so you can see how that might look but it does create a nice elongated look for something that is as simple as this design so next we're gonna take our wire rounder tool and I have on the smaller size and now you just twist we do have a full video showing you how to use this tool so I'm just gonna kind of work through it in this video here but you just kind of give it a few little twists kind of check the little birds there and this is to prevent it from scratching your ear as you go through your the hole in your ear so this will help get it nice and round just a little bit more there there we go nice and round alright and you can't do it with this edge here what I recommend if you want to do that is just take your chain nose pliers and bend it open just slightly and now you'll have a little space to kind of get that wire rounder tool in just to sort of finish off this side as well it just helps it give it a nice finished look all right there we go so now take your chain nose pliers and just sort of Bend that back together so it's nice and flat and flush and now we're gonna take our wire whacker plates I'm gonna set it inside there and place this one on top now there are two different ways you can do this you can take the tool being careful to watch your fingers on the edges here and give it a good whack and that will help to harden it or if you prefer you can place them on there and again be careful with your fingers kind of tap and you can see that I was moving in a little bit of a circle because I just want to make sure to get all those angles there and now my wires a little bit stiffer so you can see that I'm sort of pushing it together and it's not moving as much as it did when I was holding it earlier so that's a great way to use the wire whacker tools as an alternative you can also just take your pliers here and here nylon pliers and just kind of work harden it by giving it a good squeeze all around just the more that you press it together the more hard it is going to be so that's just what is called work hardening so you can just give it a nice little stiff frame so now that our ear wire is completed I'm gonna start by picking up and adding the round bead to the top so again pick up that 20 gauge wire and for this you're gonna need I'd say about three inches or so take your wire straightening pliers and go ahead and straighten that wire out there just once or twice should be good enough and I'm gonna go ahead and clip that off there we go now for this next part we're gonna take our round nose pliers here and I'm taking about a quarter of an inch or so in on my pliers to create that simple wire loop so you're just gonna bend it around until it comes to meet your wire there just like so and now taking your round nose pliers you're just gonna bend it back to create that nice simple wire loop and just make sure that that wire loop kind of comes down and is touching your wire all right so now I'm gonna flip it around and string on my bead and string it all the way down now the way this particular component is gonna work I have one loop going this way and I'm going to need to flip it so that I have the other loop going the other way so have your work facing like this and you're gonna take your round nose pliers again and Bend it out to the side just like so so that you have this to work with you see our and now move down to almost towards the end of your pliers here because you're gonna want a nice big loop to accommodate that great cross pendant so now wrap it around and around just like so so now you have your loop facing this way and your small loop facing this way take your flush cutters and just trim that okay alright and now we are all set to put it all together so I'm gonna take actually it's gonna be a little easier if I use my chain nose pliers just open that loop there and now I'm going to slide on my ear wire close that loop up and move to the other side here and I'm just gonna open up that loop the same way and I'm going to slide on my Greek cross pendant making sure that it's facing forward and I'm going to just close that up just like so so there you go that is a very nice little simple earring and it only takes three ingredients to make you just need your wire your Greek cross and your pendant so I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and even more videos at you

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