How to Make the Water Lily Bead Woven Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video tutorial shows you how to bead weave the Water Lily Bracelet. The design features 2-hole piggy beads mixed with seed beads and 2 sizes of round beads. Watch how to create the stitch as well as how to create the bead woven clasp. The project ingredients and information on the color variations shown in the video are available at
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in two different color ways and I'm using a kind of made-up stitch that I did I call this the water lily bracelet because these beads look like petals and I've done in a couple different colorways here and I'm going to do two third color to show you exactly how to do it and we're going to be bead weaving this using the two needle method and as a stitch I just kind of came up with because I wanted to figure out how to use these piggy beads which have two holes that are off-center drilled I really want to figure out how to use them in bead weaving so I just kind of started playing and made up this pattern when it's finished I'll show you here it measures well if you count the bead here almost eight inches the design I'm going to show you here but really is more like seven and three-quarters and then two something to kind of keep in mind when you're figuring out how long you want to make this each little cluster if you count a cluster from this whitish color bead to the end of the piggy beads it's about half an inch so that'll give you some idea of how many piggy beads you need and how long you want to make this so without further ado let me show you what you're going to need you're going to need some piggy beads and if you go on to our website butyl Holly comm you'll be able to purchase these and I'll show you the quantity you need you're also going to need some little four millimeter beads I have Czech fire polish you're just going to need a six millimeter round bead I have some source key gem color pearls you're going to need an 11 OC bead try to use a seed bead that's pretty uniform I have a Toho that I'm using here I would not recommend using like a check or a try cut just because of you want it to be pretty uniformly spaced and these are nice and uniform for my thread I'm using wildfire point zero zero six and for my needles I'm using size twelve beading needles you'll notice that I don't have any type of finding on here I actually just went ahead and I made the clasp using the materials I already had I like to do that whenever possible I really like it when a bead woven project has a bead woven clasp so you can see just like that and as we're actually really secure so it's just like I said using the supplies that already had and all I needed then was a pair of scissors so to start with let's go ahead and start making this project and I actually start from this end here - the little extra part here the - a clasp which I add at the end so I've taken two yards of the point zero zero six wildfire thread and I put a needle on each end and now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to pick up eight beads with one of my needles I've got eight beads on there I'm just going to slide those down to the midway point so they're right down at the bottom I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to pick up one of my six millimeter pearls put it through one needle slide it down a bit and then go through the Pearl again the opposite way using my other needle so I'm Chris crossing my threads and I'm letting it slide down to the bottom just like so now I'm going to pick up with my right needle one seed bead and a piggy bead now I'm going to pick up a piggy bead going from the concave side not the dome side and the bottom hole closest to the edge it's real important that you always pick up your piggy beads in the same direction when you're doing this otherwise they're not going to overlap the way you want them to alright so I slid that down and now I'm going to pick up three more beads on my needle slide those down my thread and then go into the hole the top hole that middle hole of my piggy bead and pull so everything I've done so far on this side has been using the right needle only so I'm just going to put that aside and I'm going to repeat that same process on the left side so I'm going to go ahead and pick up one 11o bead again I'm going to pick up a piggy bead and I'm going to go through that that side hole the one that's closest to the edge going from the concave side out to the dome side slide it down now I'm on the outside dome side of my piggy bead and I'm going to pick up three more beads and go through that Center second hole of the picki bead okay so this is what we've got so far now I'm going to take my needles and on one of them on the right hand side you can reverse this if you're left-handed it's not going to really make any difference I'm going to go ahead and pick up one seed bead one of my Czech fire-polished four millimeter beads and another seed bead so I got a cluster of three beads on this needle going to go ahead I'm holding them together because it makes a little bit easier but I'm sliding them down and now I'm going to take my other needle my left-handed side go through all three beads so that my threads crisscross and I want to pull these down towards my piggy beads and I actually want to go back now so you'll see I'm on the right hand side I want to go back down and into that middle hole on my piggy bead with this needle and I want to do that on the other side as well so when you first start this project you just really kind of have to make sure that you're you know paying attention to where your needles are where your thread is that gets easier as you go okay all right so this is what I've got I'm going to pull it and I just made my first cluster now to jump up to get another one of these beads on I'm going to string three beads onto my needle along with one of my middle six millimeter beads pull that down try and keep these needles on the same side so you can hopefully whoops see what I'm doing a little bit better okay so that was just all on the right needle now I'm going to pick up three beads on my left needle slide them down okay and now it's time to criss cross again so I need to go back through that middle bead and pull and we have a cluster so basically at this point we're just starting over so - this little loop that we made to begin with we're just going to start over and we're repeating our patterns so I'm going to do it with you again so you can see so I want to pick up one seed bead on my right needle along with one piggy bead on that outer hole again going from the concave side out to the dome side and I'm going to pick up three more of my toe hose again I'm still using just my right needle and go in through that middle hole and pull okay put this needle aside it helps if you have a beading mat you can just stick your needle in your beading mat and then I'm going to take one bead again pick up another piggy bead always paying attention to that which hole I'm going into now I need to pick up three more seed beads pull it down and go through that middle Center drilled hole okay so this is where we're at so now we need to make the center part again helps if you don't have all these other objects on your work table I might suggest clearing them off but I kind of wanted you to be able to see what we're doing like the finished products as we're in here so I need to make that metal middle section I'm going to pick up a seed bead a Czech fire polish and a seed bead all three of them again are together on my needle I'm going to pull it down my thread going to take my left needle crisscross go through the opposite direction and pull and now I want to go back through that middle hole of my piggy bead now you say middle is just because it is in the middle of the piggy bead it's the second hole it's just the one that's not off to the side now I'm going to do that on the opposite side as well because I got to get on the outside of that piggy bead and pull okay now we need to step up to add another pearl so three-seat beads on my right needle and a pearl slide them down three seed beads on my left needle slide them down and now going need to criss cross again so that my left goes over to my right and pull and we just made another cluster and we're just going to continue doing this for the length that you want your bracelet to be remembering that your clasp is going to add a good half to three-quarters of an inch and that each one of these clusters is about half an inch so that kind of hopefully gives you a good idea of measurements so I'm going to finish this off camera and then what I'll do is I'll come back and I'm going to show you then how to do this part right here and this part right here and you just keep repeating this until you end up with your desired length so I'm almost done with my bracelet here and I'm needing to add the last cluster so I've got the bead the main pearl and I need to do this part up here so I want to show you how to do that so to start is just going to be the same way you're doing all your other clusters you're going to add a seed bead followed by one of your piggy beads same exact direction we've done everything up to this point and add three more beads like so repeat on the other needle so seed bead piggy bead three more beads go through your piggy bead again on that middle Center hole so this is the same that you've been doing the whole time there's nothing that nothing has changed at this point and we're going to add that middle section with the Czech glass bead criss cross pull that down go back through our piggy bead do that on both sides so your needle is coming up the outside of the piggy bead all right so all of that was the same and now it's only at the very end here that we're going to change anything so let me pull the sample back so you can see what's happening so we need to make this arch which is actually going to act as the loop for our clasp and to do that we're going to add eleven beads onto one needle got eleven beads let me just double-check yep all right go ahead and slide that down and what you're going to do is before you pull it too tight you're going to pass your other needle through those beads going in the opposite direction so again you have a needle on each side pull those down now I want you to go back through your piggy bead and through that middle section to the other side and you do that with both needle so you're basically creating a giant loop and that's going to help to really secure these end beads we do that with the other needle as well and I'm just passing through all that Center stuff coming out the other side and pull down and now go ahead you can start to tie off your needle at this point your needle and thread so I'm just going to create a knot right here like so and now I'm going to go back through these side beads create another knot you're just making sure that this is really good and secure I'm going to do the exact same thing on the other side so basically we are just tying off our thread at this point and incorporating the tail into the beadwork now one thing I do want to caution you with this project is you really don't want to have to add more thread as you go in some Buick projects you know that's really easy and it's actually necessary if you're doing perhaps a large peyote bracelet or something like that you just expect that you're going to have to add more thread as you go but because of this double needle method and just the way that the beads work with this stitch it's really hard to add more thread so I would recommend definitely starting with that two yards of thread it should be plenty for you if you are going to make this into perhaps a necklace or something else add more thread before you begin just because I don't want you to have to add as you go it's just not going to really work all right so now at this point I'm just working my tail into my beadwork and I'm just retracing my steps I'm going to do that on both sides and you can do this for as long as you want if you feel more secure tying a couple extra knots or you want to really work this tail into your project go for it that's that's secure but whatever you want to do of course feel free to so at this point I am going to just cut my threads if you have a thread zapper go ahead and use that I just have the scissors on my table so I'm going to use them okay so the main part of your bracelet is done and now what we need to add is the little ball at the end and that is going to be the other part of your clasp and to do that again we're going to use two needles so I'm going to cut myself some thread you don't need a lot of thread because it's going to be a very short little add-on but we are going to want to put a needle on each end all right so before I do this I do want to show you one thing that you could do as a variation let's say you don't want to do a class like this you would rather do like a lobster or another type of clasp all you really need to do would be to capture a closed jump ring inside here as you're doing your stitch before you make you know before you crisscross your threads and stitch it all up on both sides just put a little closed jump ring in there and then what you can do is attach an open jump ring to your lobster clasp or whatever type of clasp you might want to use and then you can secure it that way or toggle there are a lot of options I just really wanted to do this project all with beads and not have a metal finding but you can definitely do whatever you want to add my little ball what I'm going to do is I'd originally started with eight beads here on this outer loop so I'm going to go through two of them so I want it to be even with one of my needles it's a two Center ones so now I've got my two threads and now I'm going to add some seed beads I'm going to add three seed beads to each needle and slide them down now I'm going to add two more and on these two I'm going to slide them partway down my thread and then take my other needle and go up through them so I'm not going in the opposite direction in this instance I'm going in the same direction okay slide those down so you can see I made like a little V and now I want to add my pearl so I'm going to put it on with one needle and again going the same direction I'm going to put my other needle through there slide him down okay you're kind of getting the idea what I'm doing here so now I'm going to go through one more seed bead and again both needles are going to go through it and now just going to loop back around and go back down through my pearl and through these two beads and with one needle come out of this set of three beads and with the other needle come out of that set of three beads okay so I went through two now I'm going to go through the side three one needle and I'm going to go through go back down through that purl kind of doing this upside down a little bit so you can hopefully see a bit better in the video okay so I came out the two now I'm going to go back down through the other side three there we go alright now I'm going to pull because I want that to be nice and tight just like so and now I can start tying off my thread again so again like the other side tie it off as many times as you feel you need to do a little double knot in here and then I'm going to weave back through some more beads make it another little knot okay I'm going to do that on the other side as well I'm just going to go through this bead through my pearl and I'm going to do the same on this side again Criss crossing my threads might take a little while to get used to the double needle method but it's actually really fun especially with these two whole beads you'll find that your projects work up really fast okay so that I feel is pretty secure just going to trim off my thread and we have a completed bracelet and then you just take the ball and you put it through the loop on the other side there you go and that's nice and secure and now to undo it just push it through there and you have a finished bracelet so again this is the waterlily bracelet tutorial and you can find this project and more on you

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